How to choose a mattress for a double bed : tips for choosing the size and hardness ( videos and reviews )

man holds in his sleep almost a third of his life, and at this time the body has to fully relax and recover.To do this, just need to ensure decent conditions, at least pick up a comfortable and safe bed.Choose a mattress for double bed - not an easy task, since we are talking about health.Improper foundation will not support the spine, making it difficult to rest and causing discomfort mass.The choice should be made aware and on the basis of the specific requirements of the mattress.

What are mattresses for double beds

essence of any mattress - it is "filling", ie the fact that it provides the basic functions.Today, manufacturers offer two types of products - all without the spring and spring block.Within each type has its own variety of mattresses.Knowing the characteristics of each species, to make a choice will be much easier.

«Bonnel" - variant with springs

mattress type "Bonnel" is a unit of the same spring stiffness, which element is connected to each adjacent.The result is a system dependent, it is homogeneous and therefore has a number of features.It is a simple system that does not have any orthopedic effect.Under load spring is compressed, and is pulled by the elements to which they are attached.Thus, the mattress sags like not keeping the anatomical position for a comfortable position of the spine.Also, the problem is that when two people rest condition when one weighs considerably more, will inevitably second "roll" to it due to the deflection produced by the springs.

design of this mattress is so simple that does not even require special certification, as they do not incur any additional functions.This is the easiest and, alas, not the most useful option.For daily use is not recommended, you can save only if a mattress is purchased for questioning or other infrequent use.Independent springs

The basis of this type of mattresses is also spring system, but unlike the above-described species, here springs spaced apart from each other and placed in a special case.Thus, the spring is compressed strictly in accordance with the load distribution and easy to take the shape of the body, providing a comfortable sleep.

However, such models are quite expensive, and the price is higher, the smaller in diameter than the springs and, respectively, there are more.The spring unit top and bottom "neutralize" special coatings-duct.Mattress for independent springs are considered more durable during use there is no slack effect.These products are necessary for the beds, which are used constantly.

Springless type for everyday use

in the variety of spring mattresses are not generally used as a basis here are the layers of different materials, such as coconut (coir) and latex.Mattresses on natural materials last longer than artificial (holofaybere, synthetic latex, etc.), but they cost more.Select the structure of the mattress, depending on its destination, the intended weight load and the desired rigidity.Options without springs are well adapted to the contours of the body and are also suitable for daily rest.Specific materials have their advantages:

  • latex, made from the sap of the rubber tree, hypoallergenic;
  • polyurethane (analogue synthetic latex) - and it does not cause allergies, having similar properties to the natural product;
  • with husk (eg, cedar shavings) - very good for your health, but they can not be restored after sleep, so they need to shake up, etc.

In order to achieve this effect, orthopedic mattresses can be divided into zones with different degrees of hardness to ensure optimal unloading of the musculoskeletal system during sleep.

How to choose a mattress

Experts recommend all people to give their preference to orthopedic mattresses, as back should rest solely on a flat surface.Among the recommendations to the compulsory acquisition of the utility model can distinguish an active lifestyle, systematic exercise, pain in different parts of the back.Orthopedic model not only adapt to the anatomical shape of the human body, but also to support the spine during sleep, it is better offloading.Based on the main purpose of the device, it must be selected taking into account such factors:

  1. optimum stiffness;
  2. weight of a person;
  3. normal levels of moisture exchange and air permeability;
  4. ecological purity materials, their safety and hypoallergenic.

Please note that during the recovery postoperative recommendations regarding the parameters of a berth can only orthopedic surgeon.

Which hardness to choose the product for a good sleep

parameter rigidity - one of the most important issue in the mattress of choice for permanent sleep on a double bed.If the stem is too tight, it faces the wrong weight distribution and, as a consequence, the emergence of pain in the hips and shoulders, as these places are experiencing the greatest load.At the other extreme - too soft mattress - it is also bad, because with such a bed the muscles simply can not fully relax.Usually, based on weight, age, and personal experience.For example, children and adolescents is best to buy a model without soft springs, people aged - medium hard, if you have problems with the upper spine - hard mattress.

If you can not decide what kind of stiffness most comfortable to you, then give preference to bilateral mattresses that are due to different filling on both sides have different degrees of hardness.

consider the maximum weight on the bed

For the selection of a mattress is also necessary to consider the ability of a particular model to carry a particular weight.If you choose the wrong option, you will either be uncomfortable to sleep or base very quickly will become worthless.General recommendations by weight are as follows:

  • people weighing up to 50 kilograms can sleep on soft mattresses;
  • and weighs up to 90 kilograms that, that is, on average, and the average stiffness is needed;
  • for people weighing more than 90 kilograms that, you should pay attention to the most rigid model.

Determine the size of the mattress on the double bed

In general, when buying a bed you need to focus on its own growth.The minimum length of the product is considered to be a comfortable height of the individual plus 15 centimeters, less is not worth buying, but more - on request.It is best to buy and bed, and a double mattress to her perfectly - from a single source.Minimum parameters double bed - a 1.4 m by 1.9 m, a comfortable double size is considered to be 1.6 m to 2 m thickness at 16-18 cm for models without springs is considered normal, 18 to 25 cm. - The norm for spring.

Before you go shopping on an existing bed, you must remove her measurements.If the bed has a non-standard size parameters, you have to make the basis for the order, which is undoubtedly more expensive, but after no problem with the fact that the chosen model small or too large.

Manufacturers of quality products

Mattress production involves not only tailoring and shaping product, because it all starts with the calculations and research to create the most comfortable and safe options.Any type of mattress is a buyer, as some species have their positive qualities.Today the market offers products from different manufacturers, it is best to give preference to models from the double:

  • Akant - offers versions with sewn pillow, zoning areas with different stiffness in order to achieve the orthopedic effect;
  • Ascona - mattresses on spring blocks with different rigidity orthopedic properties;
  • Hönnemed - German production, implying the use of natural materials and unique technologies;
  • Dream Line - Russian company offering double orthopedic model type for the most comfortable sleep;
  • Comfort Line - the company models take the form of the body, completely repeating all the contours, while promoting weight distribution.

Video tips from experts

Choice mattress - responsible occupation, so you need to approach it thoroughly.Finally, in order to determine exactly what you need to help the video - tips and advice from experts on choosing the best mattress for sleeping.


Vlad: I love to sleep on the hard, so bought a mattress without springs.For use over a year, I have got a very high quality model - nothing falls through and not pressed.

Marina: We have double mattress of Ascona with different hardness zones.It is convenient and comfortable to sleep, back hurts, stiffness chosen medium.In general, I like everything.

Oleg: Let independent springs are expensive but they are worth it!Mattress as accurately repeat all the contours of the body, sleep on it - a real pleasure!My best purchase.There used to be a normal spring mattress, and it was a nightmare for me - constant pain and a feeling of bruises in the morning.