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Furatsilin to gargle for sore throat in children and adults : instructions for use , as a dilute solution , reviews

Everyone knows the symptoms of colds - at first felt a little discomfort and burning, but after two days of severe pain embraces wholeheartedly.It appears severe cough, which further worsens the situation, as well as a feeling of "lump", closing the airways, ie- Inflammation.

Gargling solution furatsilina - effective way, has a strong antiseptic effect.This drug helps to improve the condition and reduce inflammation.

Indications furatsilin

This medication solution thanks to a wide range of effects on a variety of viruses, bacteria and fungi is a universal drug that helps to effectively deal with a sore throat and other diseases of the oropharynx (laryngitis, pharyngitis, etc.), skin,conjunctivitis, and acute bacterial dysentery.

Furatsilin angina

Angina - is an unpleasant disease that occurs as a result of inflammation of the tonsils or tonsils.Inflammatory processes are most often the result of exposure to pathogens, they can also be caused by sudden changes in temperature, hypothermia, lack

of vitamins and malnutrition.The most common remedy for sore throat - it furatsilin.

Systemic treatment with this drug reduces inflammation, cleanses tonsils from plaque and inhibits aggressive microflora of the mouth and throat, which promotes healing of man.Gargle need 5-6 days, since furatsilin unlike antibiotics does not act immediately.

solution of the drug helps to cope with viruses such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella and other germs.In addition, this tool is able to activate the body's defenses to these bacteria and the formation of antibodies.When purulent-inflammatory diseases should not use a tablet, and a special alcohol solution furatsilina.

For effective treatment of angina, furatsilin should be used in conjunction with other medications and vitamins recommended by the attending physician.

When pharyngitis

main cause of pharyngitis - is, of course, the inhalation of cold or polluted air, and chemical irritants (tobacco and alcohol).The infectious form of the disease may be due to the development of various bacteria, fungi or viruses.Often the throat is the result of the spread of infection from the source of inflammation, which is located next to the pharynx.Sometimes pharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, and dental caries.

One of the main methods of local treatment, even in the present conditions is rinsing the oropharynx furatsilinom.In tablet form, contains sodium chloride in addition to the main antiseptic sulfanilamide, which greatly increases the disinfecting and protective properties of the first component, helping to clear the throat by pathogenic bacteria.This drug is not only removes germs, but also promotes rapid healing of damaged mucous membranes.

When tonsillitis

As mentioned above furatsilin is a good antimicrobial, so it is very effective in ENT diseases, including with tonsillitis.This feature prevents the growth of microbes and viruses and kills all bacteria for 5-6 days.

main goals and objectives furatsilina with tonsillitis (angina):

  • wash purulent deposits thus removed from the throat of viral, bacterial or fungal agents that cause inflammation;
  • remove formed purulent plugs, ieto destroy the culture medium favorable for the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms;
  • not acceptable to create an environment for the life of disease-causing bacteria;
  • soften and moisturize the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, reduce the pain and discomfort caused by inflammation;
  • accelerate the healing of damaged mucosa.

Instructions for use of the solution to rinse the throat

furatsilina solution is often prescribed for angina and other ENT diseases.However, not everyone knows how to properly prepare the solution, how many tablets in a glass of water is needed and how to make the most effective treatment furatsilinom?Below you will find answers to these and many other questions, and get valuable advice for a successful recovery.

As dissolve tablets furatsilina for children and adults

To prepare the solution should be diluted with one tablet of the drug (0.2 g) in ½ cup water (100 ml).It can be pre-crushed, then it will be dissolved.In addition, a means to dissolve in boiling water is best.Use ready-made solution is necessary as soon as it has cooled to a comfortable temperature.This concentration is sufficient to irrigate the oropharynx and young children, and adults.The finished solution can be stored at night in the refrigerator a bowl with an airtight lid.

To prepare the sterile solution will require distilled water or saline solution, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.In the absence of those allowed to use ordinary water, but in this case, the finished solution should be boiled for 30 minutes.With

Frc may be prepared not only water but also an alcoholic solution.The shelf life of the drug in this form is not limited.For these purposes will require a net 70% rubbing alcohol and furatsilin in a ratio of 1: 1500.

How and how many times gargle

For rinsing the oropharynx should be applied only to the warm solution.If it is cold, it will further enhance the inflammatory process, and if, on the contrary, - hot, you can burn a sore throat.

When rinsing is necessary to overturn his head back slightly.Water must not fall into the nose.the letter "s" should be pronounced in the process of irrigation.Pronunciation of the sound lowers the tongue down, which contributes to a better washing of the tonsils.

When angina can not do gargle with "gurgle" is more pus will drive deep into the tonsils.Also, do not keep furatsilin mouth for too long, it is better to prepare a solution, and often more than his spit.Rinse furatsilinom should be done at least 4-5 times a day for 3-5 minutes.The course of treatment is 5-7 days.Use the solution should be in the morning, in the evening after dinner and once or twice during the day.

To treatment solution was the most effective, before use of the drug should be cleaned mucus, throat rinsing tspof baking soda dissolved in a glass of boiled water.In furatsilinovoy solution can add about 3-4 drops of tincture of calendula, which would make angina treatment more effective.Often, the finished glass furatsilinovoy solution add 1 tbsp3% hydrogen peroxide, which is also useful in angina.

finished rinsing, to abstain for at least half an hour of eating the food, to prolong the therapeutic effect of the drug.

it possible to use the solution in pregnancy?

Gargling furatsilina solution during pregnancy, typically no side effects.Is that an allergy to the drug may be an exception.In such a situation, it may be a slight inflammation of the skin and it is a rare case.Whatever it was before taking furatsilina expectant mother should consult in advance with your doctor and determine what dose of the drug would be the most optimal.Lactation also not a contraindication to rinse sore throat furatsilinovoy solution.This drug is not absorbed, and therefore safe for the baby.

Video: how to prepare a solution of furatsilina

From the following video you will learn how at home by boiling water and cook furatsilina effective solution for washing the nose, oropharynx, irrigation, etc.

approximate cost of the drug in tablet and liquid form

Furatsilin - inexpensive, but effective medication, one plate of 10 tablets costs an average of 40-60 rubles.Some pharmacies can be found furatsilin more expensive, but the price of the drug does not exceed 100 rubles.The liquid solution (10 ml) can be bought for 40 -50 rubles.


Katerina: Furatsilin right remedy for a sore throat has been taking for several years.It tastes salty and bitter solution, but for medicinal purposes can bear.Quickly relieves pain in the throat.

Tonya Vernina: not expensive and excellent antiseptic.There is always in the home medicine cabinet.Good helper for those who are often ill with angina.When rinsing is better to alternate with salt and baking soda solution furatsilina.

Acne: drug is excellent, the only thing that frustrates - is the price increase before a pack of pills gave 8-10 rubles, now 57. A package of a course of treatment is not enough have to lay out 100 rubles and above.