October 09, 2016 23:03

Bronzers for the face : what is it and how to use (review powders , bronzers , reviews )

Regardless of the time of year and the weather outside the window, every woman wants to look chic.

And since fashion for pallor gone, all the girls are trying to give your skin tone tan variety of ways, and one of them - the use-powder bronzer.

What bronzer and why is it necessary for a person?

-Powder Bronzer will be a real "lifeline" for those who want to have a year-round beautiful natural tan.This tool is able to enhance the tanning effect on tanned skin and create one on the pale.

bronzer There are two types: matte and pearl.The first texture gives the skin a natural tone and pearl - light iridescent shade.Select the type of bronzer depends on its color: bright shades can be selected with the pearl, but the dark should be matte.

Speaking of powder shades, the blonde girls need to pay attention to such shades of bronzer, like hazelnut or coffee.The darker the skin, the darker the shade should be, but you can not choose too dark colors.

How to apply bronzer?

Before applying bronzer on your

skin, it is necessary to impose on it a tonal basis.It is necessary to remove the greasy isolation and excess moisture.Otherwise, bronzer can go to uneven layer, and spoil the whole make-up.Apply bronzer need on the entire face, but often with the help of funds are allocated only to certain areas: cheeks, nose and forehead.

Thus, bronzer is typed and is applied to the skin in a circular motion or stub.You should begin with the forehead, gradually moving towards the nose and cheeks.The easier it is to be movement, the smoother the powder will fall.At the end of makeup can cause a small amount of bronzer on the chin.

Video: contouring the face with bronzer and highlighter

roller Author teaches you to do your own make-up sculpture, which allows you to narrow or expand the visual shape of the face.This skill is useful to you!

Choosing the best bronzer for the face: an overview of popular brands

To help you make the right choice of blush, we have prepared an overview of the products of famous brands.

Loreal Poudre Duo Glam Bronze

Girls who prefer pearl matte bronzers, will certainly appreciate the new product from L'Oréal Paris - Poudre Duo Glam Bronze.This powder combines the two colors - copper and mother of pearl.

gives the skin an extraordinary glow and the effect of sunburn, it can 100%.Bronzer is easy to apply, holds great throughout the day, as light and delicate texture is very smooth on the skin falls.He

Sun shade that gives this powder, bronzer, without exaggeration, be called perfect.Compact upakovochku quite possible to fit in a handbag.

Matting powder bronzer-Essence Sun Club

relatively inexpensive powder bronzer-Essence Sun Club is able to give the skin a smooth and flicker pleasant tone.In addition, it is perfectly mattes the skin, removing shine.

This skin does not become over-dry and does not acquire an unnatural appearance.Quite a large amount of powder allows to use it every day for a long time.

bronzer has two shades - light and dark, so the blonde and the brunette will get it.The only drawback - the lack of a mirror and a brush.They have to buy separately.

Bronzer Stick BeYu

The manufacturer recommends the use of this product is to give extra shine makeup.Apply in this case the need bronzer on cheekbones, shoulders and décolleté.To give you can use the golden shimmering lips stick in conjunction with any shade of lipstick.

texture bronzer light and creamy.It contains vitamin E, it is beneficial to the skin.According to manufacturers, thereby tics skin beautifully poured in artificial light.Rastaivaya on the skin and spread through it, bronzer forms a "veil" that hides all the flaws.

also advised to pay attention to other types of powders and their reviews: compact, for problem skin, in the beads.


Sophia, 22 years old: I want to emphasize your beautiful summer tan, and so when choosing a bronzer stopped at Poudre Duo Glam Bronze by L'Oreal.I really liked their product.Applied to the skin well, and giving the skin a slight glow bronzer does not create the effect of oily skin.

Julia, 31 years old: bronzers Of all that I had to use, it would be desirable to allocate Poudre Duo Glam Bronze.Powder makes the skin "naturally tanned" and slightly poblёskivayuschey in the sun.Sometimes bronzer from Loreal I use as a blush, what they also do a good job.Separately pleased convenient upakovochka, brush and mirror.

Irina, 28 years: Before, I did not use bronzers - limited only tonalnika or powder.But I had only to try a bronzer Essence Sun Club, as he immediately became my main tool to create the perfect makeup.Now, with him, I emphasize the cheekbones, and every day I hear compliments from friends.Great!