October 09, 2016 23:04

The patch of corns ( dry, wet and ingrown ) : choose the best (for a review , reviews )

Every woman wants the skin on all parts of her body was soft, smooth, velvety.But in some places, to keep it can be difficult.

So often formed calluses on the feet and the fingers, on the feet, elbows, knees and other areas that are periodically rubbing against rough surfaces.After all, in these areas the most delicate sensitive skin.

protect corn from further growth and development as well as contribute to their healing helps special patches.Should choose them according to the type of damage and the skin area on which they appear.

What are the patches from corns?

To patch was effective and efficient, and also worsened the situation, it is necessary to choose correctly.All the diversity of modern adhesives can be divided into two main types - protective and curative.But, moreover, they differ in, for what kind intended calluses.

from calluses and corns

Many patients find that corns and calluses - are one and the same.In fact, these skin lesions differ in appearance and the area affected.Corns -

are small bumps on the fingers or feet.

Modern pharmacies can find special patches that are intended specifically for such damages.They do not allow the liquid protect the skin from the tissue pressure from the outside, and actively fight bacteria.

best to choose these patches, which in addition to treating also gently soften rough skin during the entire treatment period.

Protective patches to dry calluses

To protect yourself from the appearance of painful calluses dry, it is better to stock up on silicone adhesives and stick them on the places that are usually washed skin.They have adhesive surface, so you can fix such products directly to the shoe.

thickness discussed patch is minimal, it has a transparent surface, so practical imperceptible and invisible.You can even use it to open the elegant sandals.In the latter case it is better to choose the patch is not round, but particularly elongated shape.

From calluses ingrown

Such problems often arise because of improper selection of poor quality shoes.Do not wear model, inappropriate size, or purchase boots or shoes, in which the finish is of a very rough rough material.

At the beginning of ingrown corn does not cause discomfort, but in the future it starts to cause the patient pain.It is very important time to begin treatment.

Today the market can find special patches that can affect the invading mature corn.In most of these funds has a special insert with salicylic acid, which disinfects the problem area and the skin softens injured.As a result, reduced pain, and corn gradually heals.If necessary, after softening it is fairly easy to remove.

Before paste, a patch is required to warm thoroughly.For example, just to hold it in the palm warm for at least 1 minute.

sale will be able to find these patches of two basic forms - for fingers and the spaces between the fingers.

For wet corns

Treat wet corn can not be on the basis of solid.We care for these injuries has its own peculiarities.Therefore it is necessary to purchase a special adhesive that is made for the treatment of corns is wet.The sooner it is used, the effect will be achieved faster.

This patch is able to: relieve pain, to neutralize the wound and protect it from moisture and external influences.It must be made of a hydrocolloid material.Such types differ only in size of the patch.

paste it only to clean and thoroughly disinfected skin.

Browse patches from corns

Before you purchase for yourself or that patch should examine reviews of the most popular products, to familiarize themselves with all their pluses and minuses.This will make the right choices, and quickly get rid of the problem.

Silicone plaster Kompid (Sompeed)

Kompid released patches for a variety of corns.There are among the company's model range for wet, for ingrown, for dry models, as well as protective silicone.

paste it should be on clean skin.Also, it is best to pre-disinfect.It operates a patch like a second skin.It is not felt on the surface of the skin.

Kompid corn protects it from contact with moisture, and from mechanical impact from outside.This tool instantly relieves pain and accelerates healing

salicylic plaster Leiko

This patch has an unusual design.He is a thin adhesive strip, which is located in the middle of a small plastic membrane of healthy weight.It includes salicylic acid, which neutralizes the damage and accelerates healing.

strip is made of 100 percent cotton, so it allows the skin to breathe.But the plastic membrane, which is located on the corn, is moisture, so do not allow damage to soak.

Available in individual cardboard package, which includes 6 patches of the same size.Their parameters 2 to 7 centimeters.


This patch allows you to quickly and easily get rid of calluses.This strip, which are coated with a mixture of specific therapeutic agents.Among them, the sulfur compounds and salicylic acid.

This combination not only allows the wound to disinfect and kill germs, but also to heal it quickly.

This tool helps soften keratinized tissue, as well as their dissolution and the emergence of new healthy skin.It is forbidden to use it for the children, as well as in case of allergic reactions to any of its components.



saw an advertisement patch Kompid, decided to try.This new product I really liked.Plaster hardly felt on the skin.Very gentle, pleasant and, most importantly, effective.I had a very painful big toes.It has become much easier as soon as the patch is pasted.Now I stocked just 4 packages, one of which always carry in her purse.

Anna Gerinova

I liked the patch against calluses Dr. Plast.Most importantly his dignity lies in the fact that it is perfectly on his feet.All previous means of the tried unstuck after a couple of steps.I advise everyone who saves his legs.


I continue to experiment with Chinese funds.At this time I chose a pepper patch from the manufacturer in China.I bought it in an online store.A paper packing slips 6, in the middle of each of which is a circle with the ointment.It consists of phenol and salicylic acid.

Pasting patch needed after wash his feet and rubbed them gently with a pumice stone.Hold the patch is required 24 hours.I was looking forward to the end of this period.She took off the strip - under her soft skin.After the second use of corn is completely gone.Excellent powerful tool!