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Dry skin on your feet : Causes and treatment of severe dryness , itching and peeling feet in adults and children ( video)

Beautiful well-groomed feet - is the pride of each of the fair sex.They are admired by others.At the same time take care of the feet is quite difficult.They often suffer from a lack of moisture, because of which the stronger peeling begins.The less moisturized skin is, the more it is exposed to the negative influence of the environment.Because of this, it becomes inelastic.Then we discuss in detail how to properly care for complex skin dry feet and what tools to use.

Lack of moisture in the horny upper layer of the skin causes a variety of unpleasant sensations.This tightness, dryness and discomfort.There may be even flaking and itching.Causes of dry skin of feet can be very different.Before you start to deal with unpleasant phenomenon, should find them.

Causes of dry skin on your feet in adults

is primarily irregular circulation of blood.To break this process in various ways.For example, wearing tight pantyhose or the wrong size shoes.And it may not only lead to excessive dryness of the skin, but

also to more serious problems such as varicose veins.

Opaque tights do not allow the skin to breathe and affect its water balance.Especially when they sleep at night.That is why the pajamas should choose carefully.It should be loose trousers genuine breathable fabric.

Same thing with the shoes.Choosing for themselves boots or shoes, they should be careful to try.They have to be the exact size or slightly greater.Proper shoes do not compress the foot and does not cause discomfort to the owner.

very harmful artificial tight leggings and high socks.If you wear them too often, it can also lead to excessive dryness feet.

Another reason - the use of feminine hygiene products, as part of which contains a large amount of alkali.Also, more than dry skin on feet becomes older.The same result is obtained and the lack of certain vitamins and nutrients.It is therefore very important to ensure that the diet was varied and nutritious.

also often possible to observe the so-called goose bumps - a phenomenon usually passes quickly, but if present continuously, this may indicate a dermatological disease.

Why does a child have dry skin?

Since the skin kids are not divided into types, it is always dry indicates the presence of a specific problem.The most common cause of this phenomenon is becoming an incorrect level of humidity in the children's room, bad hygiene, inappropriate cosmetics.

To resolve any of these problems in the first place is to adjust the level of humidity in the nursery.If it is insufficient, the need to purchase, for example, a special moisturizer or just put near the radiator with water basin.

With regard to health, it is best to choose not to wash ordinary soap, and a special children's gel or foam.

powder also must be purchased only specifically designed for kids clothes.Most powders for adults lead to the baby's skin dry.

What if the skin is very dry and flaky?

If the problem is still there, do not worry.Get rid of it quite easily.There are a huge number of ways to cope with dry skin feet.Use can be purchased as a special agent and self-made people.

Careful maintenance

First and foremost it is worth noting the importance of thorough regular maintenance.If you do not go about their feet, then after a certain time they are in any case it will look unattractive and even unpleasant.

to always care enough to keep feet clean and choose the right socks and tights.Before going to bed the next day it will be useful to grease them with fat cream for softening and moisturizing.

Peeling skin feet

also important to not less than 1 time per week to arrange for their feet warm bath (can be with different fillings) and process them with a pumice stone or a special brush for peeling.This allows you to remove them from the excess horny skin and again to return the skin smoothness and beauty.

As an additional tool, you can use special ready scrubs and peels.It is a cream or mousse, which contain solid particles capable of removing the top dead skin cells.Make a tool as possible and independently of a large sea salt and heavy cream or sour cream.

balanced diet

to skin receives sufficient moisture, vitamins and nutrients need to carefully monitor their diets.On the day a person should drink about 2 liters of water, eat healthy fats (nuts, fish, vegetable oil), fruits, vegetables and berries.Few people know that potato chips, fast food and other hazards may also lead to dry skin.

vitamins Reception

winter and off-season to get enough vitamins is quite difficult.Therefore it is possible to see a specialist and ask for a special vitamins for ingestion.It is best to choose a set that includes all the essential nutrients and minerals.

Treatment feet dry skin folk remedies

but deliver their legs from dryness can also be by means of special creams and other means prepared independently of improvised ingredients.As a result, they can be obtained not only effective, but also very affordable.

Homemade cream from the red and cracked skin

easiest cream made from fat unsweetened yogurt and a few drops of olive oil.This is a very efficient and effective means.The skin is softened and becomes less dry after the first application.

also cook cream can be of the usual children, adding the 3 drops of glycerin and 1 drop of oil solution of vitamin A and E. In such a remedy will not be exact allergies.

Another effective recipe includes potato pulp.But this is more a mask, rather than a cream.For its preparation mix 2 teaspoons chopped fresh potato pulp, 5 teaspoons of the usual children's cream, 1 egg yolk and 1 teaspoon of butter.The whole mixture was applied to the tops about 15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.Repeat the procedure costs 1-2 times a week.

Foot baths from itching between the toes

itching between the toes often occurs as a result of foot fungus.Therefore, bath, which will help to cope with it is to be antibacterial.This may be a simple addition of water and sodium salts.As well as bath with iodine or juice of celandine.

very effective is water with the addition of apple cider vinegar.Holding the foot in a bath for 15 minutes, they need to wipe the tea tree oil or propolis tincture.

Natural moisturizing oils

very well help to cope with dryness and a variety of vegetable oils.You can take virtually any of them.Even ordinary olive oil, which is in the fridge for many housewives.

Excellent softens burdock, castor, peach and almond oil.Using them is very simple - the means applied to a cotton ball and then they wiped problem areas.Pre will be useful to make the bath with sea salt for feet.

Buy these oils will be possible in conventional supermarkets, pharmacies or specialized stores with ingredients for making homemade cosmetics.


Video tips on skin care Careful foot care is very important both for appearance and for the health of our feet.Specialist talks about the main causes of dry skin chapped feet, as well as how to get rid of this problem.In addition, viewers will get a great recipe for an effective means of oatmeal and butter to soften and moisturize the skin on your feet.