October 19, 2016 23:03

California highlights on dark hair : what it is, execution and how to make home appliances ( photo and video )

Many girls are trying to constantly experiment with their own style - they adjust the hair color, lighten strands, changing hairstyles and haircuts.One of the most relevant types of staining is a California highlights.This is a rather interesting procedure that allows you to get a surprisingly smooth and gradual change of tone.

To the result was the most accurate and natural, it is best to turn to professionals.However, some women are successfully meeting the staining yourself.

What Californian highlights or color stretching?

aim of highlighting the Californian is to obtain a gradual transition tones from dark to light.As a result, possible to achieve a so-called streamers of color.Depending on the starting tone tresses professional master chooses the color for painting.Also of considerable importance is the skin tone and eyes.

more saturated dark shades gradually transformed into light, and it is in the direction of the tip.At the same time there should be no obvious color transitions.To the fi

nal results were ideal, should turn to a professional.

highlighting California has many advantages:

  • It is the most gentle type of staining, because during the procedure the hair roots do not suffer.
  • This technology is perfect for girls who want to grow their locks in natural color.It is suitable for any length of hair and hairstyles with bangs.
  • Effect burnt strands does not require a monthly correction.No need to constantly dye roots.
  • procedure has a positive effect on the appearance of the girls.Due to such staining each of the fair sex will look amazingly fresh and attractive.

Technique highlighting for brunettes (video)

To achieve excellent results, it is necessary to entrust their hair master professional, because this highlights is a rather complicated process:

  1. Staining is carried out in several stages.For the gradual color transitions require special skills, skill and patience.Dark locks can be painted in beige or golden tones.Not less successful solution would be shades of cognac.
  2. To get the desired result, it is necessary to take 5-6 kinds of paint.Therefore, the master must have the skills mix of different products and know the basic rules of color combinations.
  3. Professionals often mixed the dye with a thickener.This ensures a high precision coating.It should be borne in mind that this kind of dyeing requires the use of special equipment.
  4. With ordinary lightening will not be able to get the desired hue.If you have a fairly dark or previously painted strands, with the help bleaching procedures can not be achieved without a light-colored yellow impurity.
  5. Dodge kept on tresses usually within 10-30 minutes.For the duration of this procedure affects the results you want to achieve.Process master should control professional to avoid damage curls ammonia contained in the paint.
  6. then curls tinted masks, soft dyes or balms.It is imperative to take into account the fact that the latter is not as durable, but because the dye will wash off with the passage of time.

procedure is performed in a well-ventilated area.Foil use is not recommended.Only in this way will be able to achieve the desired result - smooth transitions tones.

After staining strands usually shift a special paper that they touch and managed to get the desired effect of burned hair.More staining technique is shown in the video:

How to weave at home

Do not try to change the natural shade of hair more than three shades, as this procedure can bring real harm.How to perform a Californian highlights at home?

  1. To begin with the head should be washed with a mild shampoo.In this case the mask or air conditioning use is not worth it - better to apply similar means after staining procedures.
  2. Post strands to dry naturally.Do not use a hair dryer for this purpose, as it will make the hair more porous, and paint them much harm.
  3. Mix paint.For this purpose, it is recommended to use only professional dyes - they can be purchased at specialty stores.
  4. Apply paint from top to bottom.For this purpose, you will need a comb with fine teeth.After application of the composition should be wrapped with foil strands in random order and left for 15-40 minutes.Duration of treatment depends on the type of hair and dye colors.
  5. If you plan to paint the shorter strands, use the foil will not work.Professional masters recommend to use common pins, so the paint does not hit the extra strands.
    Also, stylists operate such a term as highlights in accordance with the square technology.In this case, the roots were stained strands.
  6. After the required time, the foil can be removed and washed her hair.For this purpose, be sure to use special shampoos that are usually attached to the paint.Then, the strands can be treated with either air conditioning or a mask and leave to dry naturally.

Photos before and after hair dyeing California

Doing this kind of highlighting allows to achieve amazing results - hair burning.Long hair dark acquire separate locks of golden, cognac and beige shades.Numerous photos after this procedure, confirm the fact that this staining technique gives every girl a fresh and updated look.

Reviews Venetian highlighting dark hair

Inna: decided to make their own Venetian highlighting, following step by step instructions for coloring the hair by this method.The result was stunning - hair style has become more voluminous, and hair look just fine.

Marina: a long time could not decide on curls painting, because she was afraid to spoil the locks.Eventually he performed Californian highlights and is very happy with the result.I was able in a short time to change its image and not to spoil the hair roots.

Victoria: Through Venetian highlights I could do my hair more interesting and modern.Independently make this procedure I, frankly, was afraid, because decided to turn to a professional.The result exceeded all my expectations.