October 22, 2016 23:01

How fast dry nail varnish with a home dryer, using cold water and oils , video

every girl familiar with this situation, when an urgent need to do something or somewhere to run, and recently made a manicure as luck does not dry.In addition, one awkward movement and will have to redo manicure.And it still will take a bunch of your time.

order not to waste time simply waiting until the nail polish is dry, take advantage of our effective tips, resorting to that, your nail polish will dry in a very short time.

ways how you can quickly dry the painted nails

If you do not have the opportunity to acquire modern tools that facilitate rapid drying of lacquer, such as a top coat, a fixer or a special spray, then you can resort to a little trick that will initially promote the rapiddrying nail.

Before you apply varnish, degrease the nails with a special substance or ordinary rubbing alcohol, and then wait until the nails dry.Sanding nail plates will make them softer, that provide long-lasting and quick-drying nail polish.Another trick - this before using polish, place it in the refri

gerator for 3 minutes.Cold paint is dry on the nails warm much faster.

Do not apply a thick layer of varnish one, so nails will dry much longer.It is better to put it into three thin layers, after each application of varnish allow to dry a little.If you use nail polish base and fixing the coating, be sure to consider them as a layer.Below we will consider other effective methods of drying varnish at home that will help you in a short time to dry nails.

Hair dryer or fan

Running around the room, waving the newly painted nails, to find a way out of the situation, many girls do not just puzzling question: "whether a hairdryer to dry your nails?".So, hair dryer - this is one of the most effective ways to speed up the drying varnish.The main mode to adjust the dryer on the lowest temperature and put under the cool air of the nails.The fact is that too hot air softens the coating, resulting in can damage your nail art.You can also bring your nails to the fan, it is also accelerate drying varnish.

Cold water or freezer

As is known, the varnish has the ability to dry at low temperatures.Therefore, to accelerate the drying process by using cold water.Before you begin any of the manicure, type in a bowl of cold water and add the ice cubes.Now safely proceed to the nail design, after the procedure, lower the fingers for 3-4 minutes in the water.

can also very quickly to fix nail polish, putting his hand into the cooling chamber.Hold the hand a few minutes, until the paint is dry, and will not stick.

Olive oil

This method is not only effective but also very pleasant.Using a pipette, apply a drop of olive oil on each nail and leave it for 5 minutes.After this time, the oil need to rinse with cold water.Olive oil is not only quick dry nail polish, but also vitaminizes your nails and cuticles.

fast-drying coating

To professional tools include special spray drying and spray for quick drying lacquer.Data tools usually used in beauty salons, as they not only allow you to instantly dry nails, and give the high gloss coating.Spray should be sprayed at 15 cm from the nail and let it dry for about 10 mine.

Beautiful manicure also depends on the quality of the varnish.Therefore, avoid low-quality paints and thickened.In addition, even the most expensive and good for a long time to dry varnish can.If you still want lasting manicure, select 30 minutes of their time to create a beautiful and high-quality nail art.

Video: fastest way to dry a thick layer of varnish on the nails

For example, you can see how you can reduce the drying time of the nail twice.This method is useful when there is not a lot of time and urgently need to make some kind of robot or just run out on a date.