October 23, 2016 23:01

The smear around the nail manicure with water , gradient , Ombre and stamping : how to make a film , video

perfect manicure - is an art to create that, you need to learn simple yet effective secrets and subtleties.Everyone is probably familiar with the feeling when because of one wrong move can be painted near the cuticle of the nail.And what a shame that because of attempts to correct the error inadvertently spoil the design and you have to re-paint the nails.To this did not happen, we'll show you what you can advance to smear the cuticle, to avoid such a situation.

tools to create a film around the nail in the design

There are some tricks and traditional methods, which are able to protect the skin around the nail to create a manicure.Of course, among the effective methods exist and are not very effective, for example, an adhesive tape.Many hoping to keep from staining the cuticle, paste it shut, but in the case of aqueous nail polish it is ineffective.The fact that the exposure to water loses its tape adhesive properties, resulting varnish hits the skin.

more effective methods are PVA glue and rich

cream.For more information how to apply these tools we describe below.

Vaseline and glue for a perfect manicure Water

To create the necessary protection around the cuticle, must be carefully greased it with vaseline.Make sure that when applied to vehicle gets onto the nail plate itself.Otherwise, it will affect the quality of the design itself.If vaseline still hit the nail, remove it with a cotton swab.

If the hand you are not turned petrolatum, can replace it with white glue.To do this, take a thin brush, dip it in glue and gently apply to the cuticle.It is also necessary to be careful not to stain the nail plate.This film creation method is very effective.In air, the glue quickly hardens and forms tonyusenkoy film.To remove it, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water.

cream to protect the cuticle from the nail polish when paint nails

Budget and effective option to protect the skin is a rich cream.This can be a cream, as well as for the hands and face.The main thing that he was very fat, only then can you create the perfect nail decor.Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for creating a gradient manicure or design in the style of Ombre.The fact that these techniques involve lacquering strong staining cuticle itself to create nail art.Therefore, the cream can not cope with so many lacquer.

Skin Defender to create a gradient manicure or Ombre

Skin Defender - is a professional tool to protect the cuticle and side bolsters of the varnish.With this tool, you can quickly and easily create a smooth and neat design of nails.When applying it to the cuticle, it turns into a thin film that protects the skin around the nail from contamination.

Skin Defender has a lot of advantages, so it is widely used in many salons.In addition, many women use this tool to create nail art at home.

Video: how to apply Skin Defender at stamping

Ensure ease of convenient use Skin Defender will help video.For example, you will withdraw, when you create a manicure technique Ombre and water nail design you can protect the lateral nail varnish rollers from falling, as well as how to remove the thin film.