October 24, 2016 23:01

Liquid eye shadow : how to choose and apply the right ( reviews , surveys, sample make-up )

Liquid shadows appeared on the market recently.But it has already become very popular among buyers.They are easy to apply and well kept throughout the day.These shadows will help to highlight and emphasize the eyes, making women look more beautiful and attractive.

Professional make-up artists say that discussed cosmetic product is the most resistant of all existing shades, and, in addition, it is perfectly suited to many different styles of make-up.In modern

stores can find a variety of types of shadows, among them including baked, cream, or other friable.So what do they differ from the liquid?Let us continue.

Article Contents:

• Liquid shadows - that it (pros and cons)
• How to choose - reviews of popular brands
• How to apply for ever?
• Guest buyers

What is a liquid eye shadow?

This kind of shadow is the main distinguishing feature - the high content of glycerin, water and alcohol in the composition.As a result, the consistency they are more liquid and cream-like.Moreover, thanks to t

his feature are characterized by high degree of shade stability.Even after a few hours they remain bright saturated color.For example, make-up artists recommend to select them for long trips.

To more clearly imagine what a cosmetic product under discussion, it is worth discussing the main strengths and weaknesses.


  1. As already multiply mentioned above - is the high resistance of the shadows.This is possible due to their unique composition.In addition to glycerin, alcohol and water, it also includes various vitamins, waxes and unsaturated acids.
  2. Apply this remedy can be including in the hot weather.This girl does not have to worry that the makeup will flow under the scorching sun.But at the same time, it is also suitable for cold weather.Even with the severe frosts liquid shadows do not roll down and do not crack.
  3. Thanks to the wide range of colors and shades of diversity among the shadows of liquid will be able to choose the means and for the evening and for daytime makeup.At the same time look at the image, it would be appropriate and timely.


  1. These shadows are very dry quickly, so can not be a long time experimenting with make-up, changing its shape and style.
  2. If you buy a cheap low-quality counterfeit, it can roll in all weather conditions.
  3. While still in the box means, quite difficult to determine its real color, because it depends on the terrain and the type of skin, as well as other small parts.

It is very important before making a purchase, carefully examine the pros and cons discussed shadows, as well as to determine their relevance for themselves.

Browse popular liquid shadows of different brands

Currently, a huge number of cosmetic brands are liquid eyeshadow in their collections.Sometimes it is hard to find buyers in the diversity of the goods.Assist to do reviews of the most popular eye shadow.Each of the tools has its own pros and cons.

It is also desirable to try before you buy them on the arm to get a more accurate representation of the color.

Bourjois Shimmering shine

Delicate texture shadows, by which is created the effect of stickiness.Manufacturers have developed a new formula, which consists of water and pearl pigments special more than 50 percent.A large number of the microparticles in the composition allows to strengthen the mirror effect and make the eyes more bright and luminous.

Conveniently, the shadow data dries quickly and does not dry the skin surface.It turned out a wide and varied palette of shadows, so the most suitable will be able to choose for themselves among every girl presented flowers.

applicator has a special tapered shape, thanks to which to apply them even easier and more convenient.

Avon Supershok

«Supershok" - a whole collection of different funds from Avon to create a spectacular magical sight.There are a range of products such actual shades, such as "Cold platinum" and "Shimmering Cocoa".

Hold the shadows for a long time - 8 hours maintain their brightness and uniformity.

But you can find a few flaws in the tool.It turned too liquid, so it can be difficult to apply, and, in addition, they long to dry.It is best to use a special application of an anchoring base for the eyelids.

MAC Pro Longwear paint pot

Such shadows are quite expensive, but have a huge quantity of various qualities.First and foremost it is worth noting their resistance.They really stay on the skin for 24 hours, not slipping and not showering.Furthermore, this product - two in one.It includes a base and immediately themselves shade.Therefore, underneath the skin do not have to put anything.

very convenient to use them to make up a multi-level, which uses the shade of several colors.They will not be mixed together.This tool enhances the durability and adhesion with the skin of all the funds to be applied on top.

How to apply liquid shadows - do the right makeup

eyes Just worth noting that, unlike the usual for many crumbly shadows, discussed means to apply much more difficult.We'll have to try and tinker to get really perfect makeup.Women usually have to actively train for a few days, and then fail to understand how to use such cosmetics, fill out and prilovchilis quickly and efficiently apply eye makeup.

Apply can be in several ways - with fingertips or a special brush.It should be flat and not too thick.Also suitable for application sponge.Often convenient accessories that allow you to properly apply the means are already supplied with liquid shadows.

maximum shade will look carefully deposited just one layer.Moreover, they survive much longer in the skin.

If the skin on the eyelid is not smooth, you can first apply a little powder on it.This will level the surface and hide minor flaws.

It is best to choose the color of shadows, depending on whether you create makeup for some time.In the evening and night will be appropriate to look even the most vivid colors.But for day everyday makeup is best suited light neutral shades.

way, liquid shadows can perfectly replace the eyeliner or eye pencil.With their help it is easy to create spectacular arrows of any shape and size.It is best to hold them by the middle of the upper eyelid to the very corner of the eye.To smooth the arrows can be used special stencils.But how to choose a good cream eye shadow and apply them correctly, you will learn in the next article.

Below amateur video lesson


Valya: love liquid shadows from MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot «Let's Skate.This tool can be called the most persistent.If the pre-clean the eyelid skin, the makeup can hold as much as during the day.He really kept as "nailed".Do not fall off, does not fray, does not roll.Sale means a small round and flat jar 5 gram.The consistency of the cream are, but quite dry.Perfect for all the girls who lost a long time at work and do not have to constantly correct makeup.

Xenia: Liquid eye shadow from the summer collection Dior Couleur Eye Gloss Tan 560 first seemed to me too expensive, but then appreciated their elegant colors and realized that they are good value for money.The tube like lipstick.The applicator is small enough, so shade the shadow falls finger.But for me personally it did not bother.The effect is decent.
However, most shades collection was too transparent.From Dior wanted to get something more saturated.But are ideal for daytime makeup.

Nina : I have oily skin, so suitable shade picked up for very long.Usually all means erased with a century in 2-3 hours.As a result, a real boon for me to become liquid shadows «Shimmering shine» by Bourjois.During the working day I looked in the mirror, waiting that is about to be erased agent.Nothing like this!All perfectly lasted 8:00.I have shade 34 «rosé acier».Very bright and saturated.I am sure I will try others.