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Dresses in the style of boho ( linen , denim , knit and lace ) and how to make their own hands (photo and video )

Dresses made in the boho style is considered one of the most relevant trends of the season.A feature of such garments are unique design styles and unique character.The dress, designed in this style, combines elegance, femininity and elegance with rustic simplicity.

Models dresses in boho style with photo

dresses in boho style may be different - fitting and loose, long and shortened.Each dress is characterized by a completely unique details - pockets, embroidery and lace.

Available models such garments are ideal for full members of the fairer sex.They allow you to emphasize the dignity and hide flaws in this.

In general, the boho style dresses have such features:

  1. Styles often characterized by volume and flared brim.
  2. All models have in common is multi-layered tissue, thereby manage to get the additional volume.
  3. As additional elements designers use folds, ruffles, flounces, drapery.
  4. To focus on the waist designers use belts, shoelaces, leather belts.
  5. outfits presented in a maxi or midi leng
  6. clothes made of natural fabrics - linen, silk, wool, corduroy.
  7. Dresses can be self-colored or decorated with bright prints.Very popular ethnic patterns and ornaments.
  8. models decorated with original decorative elements - beads, stones.

Summer sundresses from flax

Linen dresses in boho style often combines several kinds of materials.Summer styles are different high waistline and the presence of the bottom of the skirt.Linen dress is often decorated with a variety of ruffles, lace, fringe and embroidery.Foundation garments can serve not only linen, and chiffon, silk, jersey.All these dresses are different amazing sophistication and originality.

Denim Dress

use denim to create images in the style of Boho is also not uncommon.Many designers offer to choose dresses of denim - it can be quite long tunics or loose cropped model.If you can not decide on such a bold decision, can be used to create compositions denim vest combined with linen dress.

Knitted models

have fans boho style very popular white knitted dress.They may be associated with needles or crochet.Also in the fashion collections presented and the other colors - it can be naturally-monochromatic versions or colorful ethnic patterns.In any case, all these outfits combines free style, charming naturalness and simplicity.


boho style is characterized by the active use of lace garment decoration.Also in the designer collections can often be seen completely lace dress free cut.When choosing a color scheme of the dress be sure to take into account their age.The young the fair sex are ideal bright outfits - white, red or purple.An excellent option would be the model, decorated with ethnic prints or floral patterns.

Features dresses in the style of boho-chic

Despite the fact that the style of boho-chic part of many different trends and currents, characterized by very specific features to it.Such dresses are distinguished by such features:

  • Stratification .This style combines the clothes of different lengths and highly original styles.Sundresses quite possible to wear with leggings or short trousers.In addition, to complement their permissible jackets and sleeveless.To make your image more bohemian and original, stylists advise to choose all kinds of shawls and scarves.
  • Color solutions.Style Boho-chic dress implies, decorated with unusual and quite bright prints.At the same time, in many designer collections in pastel colors - gray, pink, blue.With these shades you can get very easy and gentle way.
  • Fabrics.Dresses in the style of boho-chic are usually made of fabrics such as velvet, suede, leather.At the fashion shows you can see the dresses of organza, fur, coarse wool, corduroy.This very popular cotton, silk, linen.
  • Decorative elements .Such orders require quite a bright decor.Models in the style of boho-chic made to decorate ruffles, ribbons, ruffles.Quite often you can find decorations in the form of ribbons and fringe.You must be present in the form of items such as floral patterns, folk prints, bright embroidery.
  • dresses in boho style always look very stylish, organic and original.To create a harmonious way and look just amazing, it is very important to consider the composition to the smallest detail.To do this, choose the right accessories and jewelry.

Video: how to make a dress "Boho" with their hands

to sew stylish dress in boho style, you need to properly take your measurements and make a pattern dress.This process has certain characteristics - in particular, thanks to the assembly of the dress, you can not do a great tuck chest.The rest of the features of a pattern can be seen on the video.

Video: dresses in boho style for complete

dresses in boho style - a real godsend for obese women.Thanks to the free cut and layering effects, which are characteristic features of these outfits, each owner of the magnificent forms can look feminine and attractive, hiding some of the imperfections of the figure.