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Shorts with tights : Is it possible to combine them and what is best to wear summer and winter photos

Almost every young girl has this thing in the locker room, but not everyone knows how to combine it with other things.Many women's forum one of the most widely discussed topics is «Do shorts worn with tights?» .Opinions about this issue are quite different, someone thinks that this combination is a complete lack of taste, someone on the contrary, stylish and chic.To date, all inhibitions and preconceptions in vogue faded into the background and modern fashion today is on the side of the second option.

Popular designers in their fashion shows combine original shorts with black tights.Among the Hollywood stars, this trend is also well entrenched, many famous stars are very often allow themselves to go in tights under shorts.Yet, as with any clothing there are some restrictions, which is to adhere to, so as not to look ridiculous.It is these rules we will discuss in our article today.

Article Contents:

• How to wear denim shorts with tights?
• What to wear in winter?
• What to combine the summer?
• Girls in shorts and tights - photo
• Video Tips: What to wear

How to wear short denim shorts with tights?

Almost every woman loves to wear denim shorts in summer and autumn when it's very hard to part with their pets jeans.But to date, this is not worth doing, because the fashion was at its height, is now a trend to wear short shorts with black tights!

After putting shorts on transparent black tights and a blouse on top, you will look stylish and original.In this way you can go almost anywhere, for a walk with friends, a date, a party or just to go shopping.Image s shorts and tights can be a variety of other parts of the wardrobe, and thus adapt to any occasion.

When the sunny days are over, is not denim shorts stuffed away in the closet.You can hook them under warm black tights, boots to put on top and throw on a cardigan.In fashion there are no clear rules that you create it yourself.

Experiment, create your own image.In cooler weather you can combine this thing with boots, high heel shoes, sweaters, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, coats, jackets.

To create a laid-back image, choose shoes with high heels on a stable, top or t-shirt with interesting colors and a jacket.

If you want to stand out at a party or event, then give preference to shorts with holes or ragged with rivets.The clothes should prevail black.By the way do not forget to pick up accessories and stylish bag.

Do not forget that the luxury denim shorts, you can do it yourself.We have no doubt that you can go to the store and buy them.But if you are not willing to part with their loved ones and well-fitting shorts, why not turn them into your favorite shorts!

What to wear shorts in the winter?

It's no longer a secret that the shorts are not only a summer wardrobe.Today there are many models of the things that are made of fairly heavy fabrics, they include velvet, tweed and corduroy.Shorts of such material can be safely worn in cooler weather, but still in the bitter cold from wearing this stuff is abandoned.

autumn and early winter this part of the wardrobe you can easily combine with black woolen tights or leggings that will look relevant and appropriate.By the way is also great fit turtleneck and fur vest, or the cardigan, sweater or jacket.

Shoes can be worn as heels or without.Well look shorts in winter weather with conventional boots, high boots, fur untami and even boots.As outerwear can be put on a coat or short jacket, winter - brief coat or sheepskin coat.

Wearing shorts with tights, you can create a more classic or street style.It all depends on the color of tights.If you want more street style, then do not limit your color tights.They may be maroon, brown, gray or even white.

With the combination of these two things should adhere to the following rules:

  1. summer shorts of cotton or delicate fabrics is strictly not necessary to wear with tights;
  2. almost all the shorts combined with a flesh-colored tights;
  3. finding the right pantyhose density: under denim shorts go tights 20 den, a wool - 40-60 den.

What combine shorts in the summer?

In the summer a lot easier to pick up things that would be perfectly suited to the jeans shorts.You can wear blouses, tunics, shirts, all kinds of tops.If you are going to the beach, by the way T-shirts fit on thin spaghetti straps, but if you plan to take a walk with friends in the city, then it is better to prefer the closed top with a short or a long top.Pick up shoes to your taste, it can be as platform sandals, and a low move, for example, dress shorts with sneakers, sneakers.

tips that will help to choose the right jeans shorts

    1. Going for purchase, taking with him a couple of your favorite summer tops, which you will wear this thing.If you do not like to fill blouse, you will notice that they are not fully covered shorts.In order not to seem that you forgot to put on the bottom.
    2. For petite girls fit denim shorts with a high waist and the sandals on his heels.Long pants and models with wrapped edges are only suitable long-legged ladies.
    3. Buy only those shorts that sit on you perfectly and does not need a belt.That both tighten the belt attached shorts baggy look.

Girls in shorts and tights - photo

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