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Exercises with gymnastic ball : complex for strengthening the back , abdomen and buttocks slimming ( video tutorials )

name of this simulator are increasingly sounds like fitball.Initially, this invention is used exclusively for medical purposes.But in the process of its development, it was found that the Swiss ball (another name gymnastic) can be used for their own purposes and pregnant women, and healthy people and willing to adjust its own figure.The reason for such popularity - a convenient application and effectiveness of the impact on absolutely all muscle groups.However, exercises and methods of application of the ball on the line depend on the purpose pursued by man.

What exercises with fitball effective for the back?

answer to this question will provide several variations of that for effect should be performed in the complex and on a regular basis:

1. When scoliosis should perform a basic set of loads that will have a therapeutic effect on the stabilizing muscles of the vertebral:

  • belly to lie down on a Swiss ball.Hands at the same time emphasize the floor at a right angle, and part of the legs fro
    m the knee to the foot - with a focus on the ball.In this position, you need to move forward and backward, but to do it by hands;
  • the previous starting position, you need to try a few times to be wrung from the floor;
  • turned over on his back and his hands clasped behind his head lock should make a few ups upper torso;
  • lying on the back, go to the feet of ups and perform as many times as far as the physical condition;
    number of the following will be useful not only for those who suffer from scoliosis, but also healthy people.They are aimed at normalizing the functions of the back:
  • after a short rest, is again roll over on his stomach, but your feet should now rest against the wall, his hands folded in the lock and the divorced parties - to stay in front of chest.From this position, it is necessary to slowly raise the back, but the head remains bowed down.See ourselves strictly prohibited.The housing is fixed in this position as long as there will be no strength to endure the load.
  • breath, you need to slightly change the position by putting socks on the floor and hands behind his head sending, without opening the lock.The body must be placed so that the body is almost clung to the ball.Then start lifting the body up to the peak of their capabilities, a few seconds to hold the body in this position, and begin the descent to the starting position.
  • for the last exercise useful additional subjects, ie dumbbells.Their weight must be large.

2. Kneeling, fitball put in front of him, and the body set up on his hands with dumbbells dissolve on the sides at the highest-possible distance.The head is lowered.From this body position, it is necessary first to straighten the head, and then the shoulders and arms, but it must be done so that the position of the waist is not different from the initial position.And only then begin the body turns.

performing all the above steps, people can return to their movements looseness, and relieve pain in some places.In the initial stages of the disease called scoliosis, exercise helps, but in advanced cases - only facilitates pain.

Video: how to strengthen the spine on the ball for fitness

demonstrated on a variety of options exercises using fitball.Performing these exercises at least once a week, you can forget about the pain in the back and waist, strengthen the muscular system.Systematic exercise will not only feel better, but look more slim and fit.

set of exercises with gymnastic ball slimming

addition to therapeutic effects on the body, fitball able to provide all possible assistance in losing weight.The main figures of the virtues considered the lack of fat and nice press.These two parameters and classes to hone Swiss inflatable ball.However, the figure is not based solely in the abdomen, there are important and other body parts.Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between objects exercise their influence.

Slimming Belly

  • man lying on the floor and his feet are arranged on fitball.Hands straighten toward the ball along the body.From such a position convenient to fix the ball between the legs, but the emphasis is calves.Hips rise slowly and gradually his knees pulled to his chest.After waiting a few moments in this position, slowly sink down.
  • Kneeling, left palm on the gym ball and your feet slightly to place.Popa rises so that the body was at an angle in the tensioned position and the abdomen as much as possible to draw a.The essence of the exercise is in the shallows of the hands to the elbows.Inverted belly in no case does not relax, that this situation is the guarantor of elasticity for the press.Actions prodelyvat very difficult, but the effect will not become weary in expectations.
  • Belly left on top of the ball, and the final stretch to the floor.Then start the main action - should be slowly moving through the palms forward, to move the ball from the belly under the hips.Legs with the rise.toe the line body and the stomach in stress state leads to the fact that work is absolutely all muscle groups.Bending his knees, the projectile is pushed first to one shoulder and then - for the second, the body is fixed for a while.

All of these exercises are suitable for employment in a specialized institution or at home.

for buttocks and thighs

entire sugar on fitball workout for glutes and thighs is that all the muscles come in tone, but their weight will not increase.This set of exercises will not only lead to normal weight, but also improve the coordination of a couple with poise.

  • his back leaning on gym ball, it should be under the shoulder blades.Knees bent and feet are not disconnected, the body is raised so as to be parallel to the floor.Hands for convenience, you can put on the hips.While not in the usual position, the body tightens and starts to move down, which is fixed in a hanging position.Zealous with the number of approaches not worth five times will be enough to get rid of cellulite.
  • attach a Swiss ball against the wall, take her back to him, and his legs aside one step ahead of him.The ball is sandwiched between the back and the wall, and the head - line.The knees at the moment are in the upright position.Start with exercise should be bending the knees.Gradually reach the situation in which the legs are bent at a right angle, and priest poised in the air.The essence of action is that when the body moves, fitball followed him.For the convenience of hands can facilitate the implementation.

To strengthen the muscles of the hands

hands are involved in almost every exercise on the gym ball.However, the most successful for the growth of their power, the following actions are recognized:

  • fitball is at the back, in each hand dumbbell weight of twenty kilograms, hands raised up.Next hands divorced in the sides of at least twenty times.After a short rest, repeat the movement, but in the direction back and forth.The back should not repeat the movements of the hands and feet are on the floor and do not participate in the process.
  • lay down on his stomach on the ball, raise legs perpendicular to the floor and stretched out his hands to rest on the floor.Then slow down with palms on the elbow position.Thus, exercise hand muscles, forearms and shoulders.
  • initial position does not differ from the previous one, only the right hand must be placed on the left shoulder and the left - on the right.We obtain a kind of cross.From this position and should start tilts the body.Exercise beneficial effect on all groups, but the greatest impact is on the muscle mass of hands.

Video: training on fitball for all

Fitbol body can be used not only to strengthen the spine, but also to train all muscle groups of the body.The video provides a set of exercises that can be performed easily at home without going to a gym.This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen the muscles, tighten them, to give your body harmony and relief, emphasizing the natural beauty.

Tips: How to choose the right exercise ball

To make your choice of the most profitable, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. joints must not be apparent.If they show through too much, then the maneuvers with the ball will strongly rub the skin in certain areas, because may be reduced and the efficiency of employment.
  2. Inflate it should be so that the air inside was distributed evenly.
  3. If the ball is warm, it will tell about its high quality.
  4. is necessary to pay attention to the material of which is made fitball.If antistatic agents are added to it, then the actions with them do not lead to allergic reactions.
  5. Availability "antirazryv" function increases the operational lifetime of the device.