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Running shoes for running on asphalt with a maximum amortization : how to choose and which model is better ( photos , videos, and reviews )

To seriously address the necessary run correctly matched shoes.Cross-country running shoes prevent possible injury, fatigue in the legs, and everything else give pleasure from sports.For jogging in urban areas, need shoes on the asphalt.

buy special running shoes are not such a problem.The problem lies elsewhere - how to choose the right running shoes specifically designed for running among the huge abundance of brands and models on the market of sports goods.

How to choose running shoes on asphalt?

order to buy different shoes for jogging on a paved road must first visit a specialized sports shop, where sales consultants will show the appropriate model for the "urban running."But do not just buy your favorite shoes, measure, all carefully to find out and then compare the prices of other specialty stores and online stores, and you will always find a similar model at a lower price.

  1. Buying good and expensive running shoes should pay attention to shock , in fact it makes the usual pair of shoes i
    n the know-how and, of course, increases the price tag.The right choice - it's shoes with Air coded (compressed air), Gel (gel), Grid (Grid), Wave, etc.These markings are applied to the place where actually is a shock absorber - in the toe and heel.Some shoes have a shock absorber on both sides, the other - just one.In the latter case it is necessary to pay attention to what the region has to foot landing.
  2. Choosing good running shoes need to determine categories - Neutral or Stability .The first focused on the people whose feet while jogging are parallel to or slightly inward (clubfoot).The latter are designed for those who throws his legs forward and to the side (ballet running).This category of people much less fortunate, because when running their legs get tired very quickly, and joints - are violated.Stability shoes just compensates for excessive "reversing" stop.
  3. better if selected model will be present tandem - leather and textiles.In the first case, the frame will keep the shape of the shoe and prevents its deformation.Textiles, in turn, will allow air to give legs to breathe, which is important during training.
  4. Sole must be securely fastened to the frame, and removable insoles easily.If the junction could be seen the remains of the glue, the shoes made at the "fast" hand, which significantly affects its quality.The sole should bend in half and be strong, and do sneakers should not be ponderous.

What running shoes with maximum cushioning better

main task, which must handle the good running shoes on a paved area - to turn off the blows.While running on the legs and spine account for a staggering burden far in excess weight of the person.In order to extinguish the punch shoe sole manufacturers equip an additional layer of special material, which as time and eliminates this burden.

Each company uses different inserts for depreciation, information on which can be found on the label, which is usually located on the bottom or in the instructions.

While running, loaded not only heel, and toe, so it is best to buy these shoes, where depreciation is located in two places, especially if the person is running very fast.

Running shoes Asics (Asics)

In the production of running shoes Asics involving advanced technology and modern cushioning system so that this shoe is used in sports medicine.

The top is made of a modern material that protects against the weather.Feet comfortable, besides the system, the distribution hit in the sole, supports them and gives the right direction.Front gel provides cushioning, but by asymmetric lacing stop is fixed properly.Soft material between the insole and the lower zone of shoes prevent injury and the emergence of strains.Running sneakers in such a smooth, but fast and without impact.Feet in them do not feel tired even overcome long distances.

Nike (Nike)

Today, many manufacturers produce sports shoes for men and women running shoes and Nike is not an exception.The firm has long proven the reliability and quality of products.The model number of running shoes by Nike incorporated the very latest technology, so that they are applicable not only in the field of amateur sport, but also professional.Nike meet all requirements to the best running shoes.

elastic and soft sole has a thickness of 20-30 mm, it is easy to bend in the toe area and the heel - hard.Anatomical instep hardly felt.No twisting possible to prevent sprains.Sides are made of breathable material, solid backdrop.In the manufacture of the soles of Nike used foams, and in the heel area provides transparent cylinders.The Nike shoes feet do not feel fatigue and shock.

Adidas Energy Boost

These professional running shoes designed for athletes with a standard foot, prefer a good shock absorption, and are accustomed to achieve results.Weight Shine is only 300 g, and the difference between the toe and heel height -. 10 mm.Though this superudobnaya model and produced for heavy runners who need more support, it provided a perfect run many runners testers thanks to modern granular intermediate layer at the bottom, provides comfortable support when walking.Energy Boost - a great choice for regular marathon training.


sneakers in the firm successfully combines comfort and convenience.Reebok sit perfectly on the leg, imitating the shape of the foot and talk about good taste of the owner or the owner.

outsole sneakers soft, well bent, the top has a stylish design from breathable matter - all this provides ease of movement and comfort.Anti-slip shoe sole is made by molding foam, it provides a perfect grip and adequate cushioning.These sneakers are the most lightweight in comparison with many other models.Reebok Leather Weight is reduced almost 20%.This shoe is comfortable and beautiful, also is quite reasonable money.

Video: How to choose the right shoes for asphalt

today to pick a good running shoe is not a problem.There are offers for all tastes and color among bogatogoassortimenta represented in the market of sports shoes.Manufacturers have long taken care of material, form and functionality, can only go to the store and make a bargain that will make exercise more enjoyable.What shoes are suitable for running to tell the video.

It should also be remembered that not only is it important to choose good running shoes, but also to properly care for them.After all, if care is wrong, then the product will last long, respectively.In the next article you will learn how to properly wash sneakers in stiralka so they last a long time.


Senchenko Elena: When it came to selecting a good running shoes for running, to keep your feet for a long time did not get tired and sweating, the store advised the firm of Nike, they are light, "breathe", and they have elastic sole.Who do every morning, very comfortable in the sports shoes, there is no unpleasant smell after workouts.

Anton Ostapenko: I run regularly in the morning and then take a shower and go to work.Previously involved in running shoes Nike, Reebok and now acquired, they were more comfortable.

Osadchuk Irina: ran into Reebok sneakers, these are my favorite, they are practical and beautiful, I recommend.