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Expander butterfly : how to use for women abdominal exercises , legs and arms ( reviews, photos and video)

Our life is changing rapidly, people now spend more time at work.And in this regard, to carve out a couple of hours on the trek to the gym or fitness room is somewhat problematic, but it is a reason to cancel the exercise and "pull the plug" on his body.

Especially on the market of sporting goods, you can find a huge number of devices that help keep muscles toned, practicing at home.One of these compact and effective simulators expander is "Butterfly," which allows you to completely train all muscle groups.

How to use the expander butterfly: User

Exercising with "butterfly" you must observe the following rules:

  1. Exercises with expanders should be regular and then they will bring some results.
  2. training should take at least 30 minutes a day, while the load can be divided into a number of approaches in the day.
  3. number of repetitions to be calculated individually for each.However, the last 2-3 of them needs to be done by force.
  4. Along with the training you need to eat right, because healthy food -
    an essential condition for a beautiful figure.

Exercises with expanders butterfly for women

1. Exercises for the thighs and buttocks

body Lay on your left side, with his left hand to prop up his head, put right next to each other near the chest.Expander placed between the legs so that its wings abut against the internal surface of the thighs, and it opens itself towards the stop.Squeeze legs, trying to keep her knees together.Then slowly return to the back.Repeat 40 times for each side.

Sit on a chair, put your feet on the floor, knees bent at an angle of 90 °, to straighten the spine.Simulator positioned between the legs so that he opened up his arms to hold the edge of the expander between his knees.Gently bring your knees together, trying to fold the "butterfly" in the crease and slowly return to the starting position.

Sit on the floor, the foot lock under the sofa for ruggedness, will put his feet to the side and slightly bend the knees.Keep your back straight, do not slouch and do not bending the spine.Clamp the gripper between the thighs so that it opens in the direction of the stop.Slowly squeeze the "wings" knees without using their hands.At the same rate back to unclench.

2. To press

Lie on the floor, press the foot to the floor and knees bent.Expander placed between the knees so that one of his "wing" was located about halfway between the thighs, and the other - in the face.Raise your legs, clutching a simulator, then slowly return to the original position.

3. For the arms and chest muscles

Take expander so that the base was at chin level and the "wings" looked at the floor.Base encircle wrists and forearms to put on the "wings" of the butterfly.Slowly compress the expander and just let go smoothly.For the first 20 lessons enough repetitions.

Video: how to deal with expanders butterfly

Principle "butterfly" is based on the compression.It's pretty simple and compact simulator, but with all this it helps to effectively work out all the major muscle groups.How to work the muscles in the classroom with expanders and how to use the simulator for the training you will learn by watching the video below.

Photos before and after regular classes with trainer

Every woman wants to look perfect and normal desire sometimes turns into a whole struggle with himself and preferences.After all, many of us are so fond of all the sweet and tasty.And the classes in the gym have neither the time nor the energy.The only way out - to study at home.Through regular training with expanders "butterfly" Any girl can not just pull up your body, but also to make seductive forms, and confirmation photos of satisfied women who shared their pictures taken "before" and "after" training with expanders.


Kolosov Natalia: Expander long time collecting dust in the closet until recently.Seemed useless thing, but work out one day, the next morning felt that the inner thighs strongly hurts.Some time later, the regular training of the problem significantly tightened, the result exceeded all expectations.After a while, he has acquired more and chest expander, exercise has become more effective.

Senchenko Anna: Expander proved very effective trainer.Santimetry hips went quickly, with the stronger leg muscles.

Sheba Marina: This simple and affordable treadmill and uses all muscle groups: hips, breasts, ass.The effect is noticeable within a few days.It looks pretty solid, so it will last a very long time.