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Chest expander : how to choose , how to build muscle for women and men ( photos, reviews and videos - exercise )

Chest expander - is simple enough, but at the same time an effective trainer, consisting of two handles interconnected by a spring, tape, rubber or any other elastic material.It is designed for the muscles of the chest, back and shoulder area.

most popular are silicone, rubber, spring expanders and an eight.The main advantages of these shells are simplicity of design, ease of use, versatility, compactness and low price.

How to choose a chest expander

The first thing you should look for when selecting expander - manufacturer.The well-known brand - a guarantee of high quality, and with it, and reliability.At the cheaper models may break spring, and it is already facing a host of serious injury.In addition, serious manufacturing companies are responsible for compliance with the prescribed quality simulator of its real properties.

Another important criterion - the stiffness of the springs.The weakest shells - 5 kg, the strongest - 100 kg.Often simulator compression force veiled in numbers: -1 weak,

average - 2, and finally, the strong - 3.

Before you buy a chest expander should try it.It is enough to stretch the shell, in order to test their strength and see all sorts of cracks or white stripes on the rubber.If they are present, then buy a gripper should handles must have a rough surface, and conform to the shape of palms.These requirements rule out the risk that the simulator can fly out of wet hands in busy periods.

safest according to many fitness trainers is a spring expander with a protective sleeve that securely closes the stretch of the spring and thus excludes the owner of skin injury while exercising.

set of exercises for the chest muscles with expanders

order to achieve greater effect, trainers are advised to increase the load gradually.This can be done in two ways - to start training with 1-2 springs, if the shell is designed for the removal of the elastic elements, or with a minimum number of approaches.

  • legs spread shoulder-width apart, straighten your back, look forward forward, arms outstretched with the projectile itself, palms to the inner side.Dilute hand in hand, then return to the original position.Repeat 12-15 times.
  • legs shoulder-width apart to place hands with the simulator pull up, palm outward.Inhale and dissolve hand in hand so that the elastic side of the projectile appeared behind him.Exhale and come back.In carrying out this exercise the hands should remain straight.Make 15 times.Exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the chest and back.
  • legs spread shoulder-width apart, with the toes of the right foot need to deploy the right hand with a trainer at the chest and extend to the right side.Exhale and bend your left arm at the elbow, the right to leave unchanged.On the exhale, return to the original position.Make 10 repetitions for each arm.
  • legs shoulder-width apart to place, right arm bent at the elbow so that it touches the brush arm, straighten your left and drop down the thigh.The shell behind, palm outward.On the inhale to lift your right hand up, fully straighten it, as you exhale to return to its original position.Make 15 repetitions on each side.Exercise helps work out the chest muscles, and internal spinal department.

Video - training on the arms and back for women

From this video you will learn how to use the Expander to work the major muscles of the upper body, namely the back, the chest muscles, shoulders, biceps and triceps.Repeating a set of exercises for a trainer it is important to observe a high tempo and make the minimum pause between sets.When performing these exercises at least 2-3 times a week, excellent results are guaranteed.

Video: How to build muscle using Expander man

inflated body with appropriate relief - a subject of pride of any man.However, not all representatives of manly sex have enough time to visit the gym.Simple push-ups and pull-ups at home do not bring the desired result.For such cases, provided the expander, which allows a short time to pump up the muscles and bring the body in tone.And how do you learn from the following video.


Pavel Kuznetsov: good thing to practice, allows to achieve the desired effect with the right approach.Small footprint, can be trained both at home and abroad.Periodically I do with expanders butterfly to vary your workout.

Olga Potapenko: Convenient simulator, even fits into a small bag.Less traumatic than the weights or dumbbells.Allows you to workout at home.

Michael Kolesnichenko: Simple and compact simulator.It is very convenient to travel when there are opportunities to visit gyms, and dumbbells with a drag is not an option.A worthy alternative Weightstack simulators and exercises with free weights.