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Walking for weight loss : fast walking , Nordic Nordic , downhill and other effective types (video and photo )

Most people who dream to lose weight, begin to torment himself a strict diet, as well as enormous physical exertion.But it is not only at times does not lead to the desired results, but also very harmful for the body.Get rid of excess weight can be more gentle methods.For example, taking up walking.

This method gives the body the necessary load and allows to lose weight, while not applying excessive force.In addition, it is available to everyone.

Article Contents:

• The health benefits of walking and weight loss
• Different types of walking for weight loss
• Hiking
• Nordic Walking
• Walking on
stairs • On-site
• On track downhill
• Fast
• using
weighting • What should be the pulse?
• Reviews

as walking affects weight loss - whether useful?

discusses a method can be called only allowing lose weight even in the absence of regular exercise and a strict diet.It is necessary to remember that the more meters will be completed, the more impressive the number of calories to spend.Furthermo

re, in the cells get enough oxygen, which also contributes to fat burning.

Experts have found that in order to achieve the desired result, an adult will need to take a day about 100 thousand steps.So it's best to stock up on a pedometer.

Walking unlike jogging allowed everyone.When walking at a moderate pace and on a regular basis, it will not only reduce weight but also have a healthy effect on the total organism.

Different types of walking, which helps to lose weight

important to remember that different types of activity under discussion will give different results.For example, an ordinary walk through the square allow to spend far fewer calories than the special classes in race walking.Therefore it is necessary to choose for themselves the kind that will suit slimming in all respects.

Long walking

This walk should last at least 30 minutes.A great way to take care of your health and figure for beginners.In addition, they also allow to reduce blood cholesterol levels and will be an excellent prevention of such dangerous diseases such as osteoporosis and heart problems and blood vessels.

Home go to such a trip is not on his heels and long dress.You will need sports clothing that does not hinder movements and allows the skin to breathe.Walking should be done with a straight back and straightened his shoulders.Chin - raised.If you hold the breast correctly, the process will be strained even the abdominal muscles.

Methods, techniques and rules of Nordic walking with sticks

During a walking person will need to pick up a special stick.From the side it resembles skiing.In addition to the process also involves the legs back and legs.This makes it possible to strengthen and train the load in the overall level of endurance.

interesting that during such workouts a person does not blush, so even the street people will feel comfortable.

During the discussion of the form legs walk require slightly bent.In the process of steps descends to the foot and the heel-to-toe moves.The body is constantly tilted slightly.

sticks are held in the vicinity of the body.Hands are not worth much to raise the side.In general, they are required to match the movement of hands and feet, as well as to draw in the process.It is convenient that the hands are fixed straps, so you can not be afraid to drop the accessory during class.

can simply shorten slightly and use the usual stick, if desired.To determine the desired height, height is multiplied by 0, 68. But it is easier to buy the props in a sports shop.Due to the sliding structure of most of them, adjust the size is easy.Furthermore, such a stick having a minimum weight.

Educational video lessons

The video showcased all the basic techniques of Nordic walking, which is becoming more popular every year.Total of four techniques.In addition, viewers will be able to learn how to choose a special stick and fix them on the hands.

health benefits and weight loss

Discussed view walk is suitable even for those people who are not allowed to run.Indeed, in the process of training stress on the joints, the heart and the spine will be significantly lower.In addition, it allows you to quickly and painlessly strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and torso.

In combination with the correct healthy diet this type of load will give significant results.The more that can be engaged at any time - morning, afternoon or evening.

Are there any contraindications?

have a walk there are no contraindications, and it is allowed to all - even the elderly and children.Unlike running it can be safely begin to engage, without seeking medical advice.

With the utmost care to go in this way is only for those people who in the recent past have been traumatized legs or arms.

Walking up the stairs - steps also burn calories

Climbing stairs up allows you to train the gluteal muscles and the front of the thigh.If it is carried out at a rapid pace, in addition to burning fat more efficiently and training the cardiovascular system.

Descend the stairs gives less stress, but also useful for the figure and health, because these movements allow to maintain the tone of the back of the thighs.

It is important each time slightly increase the load, for example, add the number of passed steps.The first training session may last for 10-15 minutes, but the following should be up to 30-40 minutes.

Before you start walking up the stairs need to perform a slow general exercises - inclinations, swings, etc.This will allow the body to tune in to the gym.To increase the load after a few months, you can take weights.

On-site home

If the possibility to go to the park, in the woods or just on the street for no school, you can carry out at home workout.Movement on the ground leads to the same results as the walking on the pavement.If you choose a more intense pace, and then you can burn more calories.

Shortly before the beginning of training should drink a glass of water.To set the mood, you can play cheerful music.

Lane downhill

If classes are held in the gym on the treadmill, it is best to choose the mode of "the hill".This will ensure an adequate level of load, which is required for proper effective workout.Most current paths can be easily installed in various locations, including at an angle.

Brisk walking

Brisk walking is the most effective for weight loss.It is best to combine different types of walking, adding in his daily training, including training for 5-7 minutes at a fast pace.This interval walking the most efficient and useful.

Using weighting

So how to achieve tangible results need to constantly increase the load, then over time instead of increasing the training time and mileage, you can simply use the weights.It sports or special covers with a certain weight, which is put, for example, on foot or a normal backpack.You can just pick up the dumbbells and walk with them.All this contributes to greater weight loss.

What is normal pulse when walking?

walking to bring the body to exclusively benefit, you need to carefully monitor their status, well-being and pulse during exercise.To determine the upper limit of the normal heart rate, subtract 180 from the need to his age.It is this figure and will be maximum.

believed that the heart rate does not exceed 100 beats demonstrates excellent physical shape, but exceeding 120 beats indicates that the person is ill-prepared for such loads.

This rate depends on the age and engaged.If in 25 years allowed rate can be 140 beats, the 70 - already 110.

feedback on the effectiveness of this type of weight loss

Nikolai: engaged in Nordic walking for three years.The only regret is that did not start earlier.Already after the first two weeks of classes began to feel much more energetic and active, he left drowsiness and weakness.

Eugene: For me interval walking - ideal sports load.Because of problems with the heart gym and jogging banned me.I go through the day with her husband.This is a pleasant walk and at the same time training.

Elena Osipovna: Engage sports walking doctor advised me.I work at the computer and rarely do sports.On the recommendation of the doctor started to go to work on foot.I take from a shoe, a little warm up before going out and forward.At work, I change shoes and change clothes.No discomfort, it does not deliver.Now the whole day feel cheerful and fun - just a great mood.I attached to the walking of all family members.