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Exercises for losing weight for women hand : the effective range of the best exercises to train the hand (photos and video )

Most of us do not pay the necessary attention to their hands.Everyone is looking for a second set of exercises for the abs or buttocks, neglecting exercises for muscles of hands, regarding them simply unnecessary.However, sagging triceps and hanging skin with hands, no less spoil figures than sagging belly.

Very often women are simply afraid of different exercises with weights to strengthen muscles in the arms, guided by the fact that they can strongly shake hands.But this is a misconception, as the exercises with weights to burn fat and muscle mass set are very different.

Wanting to lose weight in your hands, many make another common mistake, namely the exercises solely for that part of the body.This can not be done, to do a full workout for the whole body while paying a little more attention to the muscles of the hands.

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• What slimming hands?
• A set of exercises - photo
• How to tighten the arm muscles after weight loss?
• Video: A set of exercises for

beautiful hands What slimming hands?

To achieve good results, do not need to sit on a strict diet and is constantly spinning around the mirror, waiting for a miracle.This also applies to other parts of the body.First you need to revise your diet and adjust it to start charging or gymnastics, which is aimed at the elaboration of the arm muscles.

  1. sure to drink a day for at least half a liter of water.If you exercise, then the amount of water drunk per day should be more.Water helps to improve metabolism, as well as save you from a false sense of hunger.
  2. Avoid unnecessary and harmful foods and beverages.In particular this applies to sweet sodas, juices and alcohol store.Firstly, it does not carry any good, and secondly high in calories.
  3. Reduce intake of sweets.Most fitness trainers are advised to completely abandon it, but many people find it very hard to do it, even if they will fight their cravings for sweets, all exactly the risk of early or late break and strongly overeat sweets.Therefore, if you can not do it, then eat in a day 1-2 candies or cookies, only in the morning.
  4. Stop eat fast food meals, fast foods, and various preservatives.
  5. Fill your diet with food containing vitamin A. This vitamin is contained in large quantities in foods such as carrots, bell pepper, butter, and all vegetables that are red.
  6. Begin to eat small meals 4-6 times a day.Despite the fact that the portion of the decrease, 4-6 one-time meal will not cause hunger.Do not forget to chew food.
  7. Sticking to these guidelines is a snap.If you learn how to eat right, eat the right amount of water and engage in physical activity, the beautiful body you are guaranteed to old age.

set of exercises for weight loss hands - Photo

Now we will tell more about exercises for the hands.If you do them regularly, you will notice the good results of the oud in a couple of months.

before performing these exercises, you must first do a light workout.To do this, put your feet shoulder width apart, arms straight lift sideways 90 degrees and hands to make 30 circular movements, first forward, then backward 30.

Then being in the same position, to make 15 circular movements across the arm first forward, then backward 15.

And the last warm-up exercises are jumping on both feet.Do 30 jumping, with his hands imitate jumping rope.

Exercise 1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands with dumbbells print forward, then spread to the sides and lower down.This exercise should be done 14-18 times.

Exercise 2. Feet are shoulder width apart and bend your arm at the elbow, forming a right angle.Now raise your arms bent to the side, to think two and two at the expense of return arms to starting position.Make sure that your elbows raised to shoulder level.This exercise is very effective for the shoulder muscles.Do 16 such repetitions.

Exercise 3. Now go to work with the biceps.Put your hands down, remove the dumbbells, palms forward, keep your arms to the sides and lift the dumbbells by bending your elbows.All you need to make 16 such repetitions.

4. Exercise In this exercise, push the dumbbells to the hips, then bend your elbows, lift the dumbbells up in front of him.Do 16 such repetitions.

Exercise 5. skrestnye attacks and work with his hands.Exercises on foot will cause our body to work to its fullest, at the same time burn more calories.In addition to this exercise on your hands will help to remove the top layer of grease on his hands.And so, we take in each hand dumbbell weight 1-2 kg, do first the left foot skrestnye lunge back with bend arms to the shoulders, then return back to its original position, put the feet shoulder-width apart.Then do the other leg lunge and simultaneously bend your elbows.Do 20 of these exercises.

Exercise 6. For the next exercise you need to drop down to the floor, lie on your stomach and make an ordinary boat.Please raise your legs off the floor, hands with dumbbells rewound back and lift the chest.In this position, pause for 30 seconds.If you can not hold in this position for 30 seconds, then you can start to stay at 10 and every occupation to increase the time.

Exercise 7. For the next exercise, we need one dumbbell.Put feet shoulder width apart, slightly bend at the knees, with one hand put on the belt, and the other with a dumbbell raise up.Then the outstretched arm to inhale bend the elbow, exhale to unbend.Do 10 reps on each arm.

How to tighten arm muscles after weight loss?

Tighten hands after weight loss is possible with conventional push-ups.If you have not played sports, you can begin to start to be wrung out of the couch, a table or the floor, but on his knees.After a while, go to the regular push-ups.First, you can do push-ups for 20-30 times in one go, and then try to eventually increase the number of approaches to 3 times.

Reverse push-ups. This exercise will help tighten the triceps.Sit on a chair, his hands rest against a chair in the sitting, ass print forward and lower yourself down by bending your elbows.On the exhale go up, straightening the arms.Exercise should be repeated 15 times.

Over time, exercise the reverse push-ups can be complicated.To do this you need 1-2 pound dumbbell or a water bottle.We do everything the same as it was described in the previous exercise, only on a basin put the dumbbell.

Video: A set of exercises for beautiful hands

In this video, a fitness trainer shows effective exercises for the hands, which can be easily done at home.In this set of exercises, you can remove the fat from the hands quickly and efficiently.