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Exercises for the pelvic floor muscles how to exercise (gymnastics and yoga )

pelvic floor - a muscular lining, on which depends our overall health status of the genitourinary system, and rectum.These muscles are located between the pubic bone and the falcon.If the muscles are toned, they prevent the omission of the genital organs, which can lead to hair loss.In addition, the weakened muscles can be the cause of inflammatory processes of the vagina.

Basically this problem affects women, as during pregnancy and childbirth the pelvic muscles strong stretch.Weakened muscles lead to stress incontinence is when during a sneeze out a few drops of urine.Statistics show that about a third of women who have recently given birth to a baby, faced with postpartum urinary incontinence.

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• Gymnastics and charging for
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Gymnastics and charging for

home To achieve good results, you need regular exercise.Some people need eight to twelve weeks in order to achieve the first positive results.But in most c

ases, after two weeks you will notice the result.

When you do exercise, it should be to ensure that between the reduction of muscle you have reached their complete relaxation.In addition to comprehensive exercises you can further train the muscles, namely stretch and compress them when laughing or coughing.

all the following exercises to be performed at least 10 times.When a person grips the muscles, that should fix this position for ten seconds, then relax.If you are unable to keep the muscles in a contracted position for 10 seconds, then hold them at 5. After a few weeks of regular exercise you can do even more time to detain the pelvic floor muscles.

    1. Take a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart, then put the hands on the buttocks and maintain them, it will help you keep track of, so that during the exercise the buttocks were not involved.Then try to draw the muscles of the pelvic floor and fix this position for a few seconds, then relax them.

    1. Get on all fours, put your hands on the floor and push them down.In this position, try as much as possible to draw the muscles upward.
    2. Take the prone position, bend one leg at the knee, put his hands behind his head.Now draw the pelvic floor upwards inside, lock this state for a few seconds.Then relax your muscles.
    3. To implement this provision need to lie on your back, bend your knees and spread them to the width of the shoulders.After that, try as much as possible to draw the necessary muscles and relax them.

    1. Sit on the ass, cross your legs and your back straight.In this position, repeat the drawing and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles.
    2. Take a standing position, rest against his hands on his knees and straighten your back.And now alternately tense and relax the muscles.

look at how to strengthen the thighs and buttocks at home and in the gym.Free photos and video tutorials.

Yoga for strengthening the pelvic floor - Video

In yoga, there are many exercises that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, or else give them tone.They are also recommended to carry out in case of problems with the bladder, uterine prolapse.Very effective yogi for those who are planning to conceive a child.It promotes a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

And so, the most common exercise in yoga for these muscles is Mula Bandha.It is built on it all other exercises to train the pelvic floor muscles.To perform Mula Bandha is necessary to sit on the floor cross-legged and hands stretch to her knees.Then it is necessary to reduce perineal muscles, with no use other muscles.

Then you need to learn the various breathing exercises, as during muscle contractions person involuntarily starts to hold your breath, what not to do.Therefore, one of the exercises of yoga Kapalabhati teaches.
How to perform another effective exercise with yoga for the pelvic floor muscles you can see in this video.

Kegel exercises - how to do?

Kegel Technique is very famous and very popular among pregnant women.The main difficulty of these exercises is that many women do them incorrectly and thus they do not get the best results from them.Therefore, we will describe how to perform them correctly and with maximum benefit to your health.

slow compression. This exercise should be done slowly.To start straining muscles as much as possible and count to three, then slowly relax them.Do 10 such repetitions.Over time, clamping time should be increased to 20 seconds.

To slow compression also provides exercise "Elevator".Optionally, you can alternate between these two exercises, or else stay at a more convenient for you.Here it is necessary to repeat the effect of the elevator.That is, first squeeze the muscles of the pelvic floor on the first floor, lock the position of up to three seconds, and then tighten the muscles stronger, reaching the second floor, again, count to three, and then continue on to your maximum limit.

Abbreviations. you need to quickly compress and relax the muscles, while adhering to the proper implementation of technology.Watch out for the power compression and breathing.For example, inhale squeeze the muscles on the exhale relax.

ejection. Take sitting position and moderately potuzhtes as is usually done in a chair or childbirth.Do five repetitions of these, every day increase the amount of ejection.

These exercises are convenient because they can be performed anywhere, such as sitting at a computer, lying in bed, walking and transport on the way to the robot.

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