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Exercises for the inner thigh : how to strengthen the hip at home or in the gym (photo and video )

In everyday life, inner thighs is not activated.Therefore, even in the super hudyshek this part of the body may be the most problematic area.Get rid of excess fat accumulation and tighten inner thighs, you can use regular exercise.Do they have to be three times a week, otherwise the desired result you achieve.It should also be remembered that regularly perform the same exercise is not necessary, as it also does not bring good results.

well developed legs at the gym on special simulators for the feet, which we'll detail below.Also, if you want great pull and pump up the inner surface can be at home.

Article Contents:

• How to pull?•
home exercises • Training in the gym
• What simulator used

How to pump and tighten the inner thighs?

effectively tighten the inner thighs helps exercise "scissors".It can be performed in three ways.The first option is suitable for those who are not yet ready for large power loads, and who have little physical preparation.The second option is more complicate

d than the first, because there is in addition activated abdominal muscles.A third option for people with a good physical fitness and endurance.

  • 1st option.First you need to lie on your back, hands put under the ass while his back pressed firmly to the floor.Then, lift your legs up to 30 centimeters from the floor, legs apart in hand and follow the crossing of legs.Keep the inside of the thigh was strained.Exercise should be repeated 20 times, and then make a 20-second break and do another 2 such approach.
  • 2nd version.In the supine position, stretch your arms along the body, head and shoulders slightly lift.Loins should fit snugly to the floor.Foot lift at 30 degrees from the floor and follow the crossing of legs.Do this exercise about 25 times.Then take a 30 second break and repeat the exercise again.Number of approaches - 3 times.
  • 3rd option.Lying on your back, lift your legs 90 degrees and make divorce in hand.First widely legs apart while the torso and arms do rise up as if to deflate the press, slide your legs and torso simultaneously put on the floor.Exercise is done 20 times for 3 sets with 30-second break.

Alternatively, you can do the exercise "scissors", but do not cross legs.Legs should be raised by 30 centimeters from the floor, with arms straight at your sides.First, spread legs wide apart, and then pinch them together, but not until the end.Leave a gap between them of 20 centimeters.Must be 20 such repetitions.Thing to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions of the exercise.After performing these exercises will effectively do the exercises for the pelvic floor muscles.

exercises for inner thigh that can be done at home

To remove fat from the inner thighs tabs to start to do a little warm-up, only then proceed to performing the following exercises for inner thighs.First make a little workout in the likeness of that which we carried out in the school.This will help avoid injuries and sprains.If you have a private house that cardio is best suited 10-minute jogging or jumping rope, so you start your metabolism and give a boost to burn fat.

Exercise 1. plié squat.

This exercise helps not only tighten the inner thighs, but the quadriceps and buttocks.

Standing straight, place feet wide, remove the foot break and keeping your back straight slowly squat.Crouch need until you feel a strong tension of the muscles and hips line will be parallel to the surface floor.At the bottom of the squat, squeeze your buttocks and straighten.The back should always be straight.

Exercises done for one minute, and then make a 20-second break and do another 2 such approach.To obtain a greater effect of exercise, take in each hand dumbbell.

Abolition 2. Lunge to the side.

Standing exactly lunged to the right, with the left leg should be straight and taut.The pelvis has to go back, be sure to follow the knee, so that it formed a right angle.Lunged, pause for a few seconds and return to starting position.Then make a lunge left foot, redirecting the weight on his left leg and forming a right angle at the knee.

on each leg make 15 attacks, only 3 sets.

Exercise 3. Mahi thighs.

Take a standing position and slowly lift your right leg.Leg thus should be tense and hold back straight.For balance, you can hold on to his chair.First one foot to do 15-20 swings, then another.All you need to do three of these approaches.

Exercise 4. Mahi leg with dumbbells.

In a standing position bend the right leg at the knee and below the knee put a pound dumbbell.For balance, you can keep to the left hand on the back of a chair.At the expense of time lift your right leg bent at the knee with a dumbbell at the expense of the two lower.Make the first right foot 10-15 swings, then left.Number of approaches - 2.

Exercise 5. Squat with moves.

Stand with your feet at shoulder level and do sit-ups so as to form a right angle in the crook of his knees.At the expense of just a seat at the expense of the two take a standing position on the count of three, lift your right leg as high as possible at the expense of each side, four legs.After each alternate leg squats.In one approach each leg must be performed at 10 swings.Total take 3 of these approaches.

With this exercise can not only strengthen the inner thighs, but also to pump up the muscles of the buttocks.

Exercise 6.

For this exercise you will need a small ball and a chair.First you need to sit on the edge of a chair, put the ball between his knees and straining internal muscles of the thighs, squeeze the ball as much as possible.Then slowly return to its original position.Do 10-12 reps, then a short break and 2 approach.Do not forget that during the execution of the spin exercise should always be smooth.

training in the gym

1. Exercise the legs reduction in trenazherke .This exercise is performed in a special simulator, it helps to work the inner thigh adductor muscles of the thigh.In addition to assistance during this exercise, train and intimate muscles, which is especially important for women's health.

2. Leg Extension simulator .With this simulator can be well developed quadriceps thighs.This exercise is often used to squat in a warming up exercise.

3. Squats with dumbbells .Spread the legs wide, toes expand to the sides and start making slow squats.Additionally, take a dumbbell in your hands weighing 6-8 kg.Do 15 sit-ups, for 3 sets.

4. Bench with a broad statement of feet.The basic principle of a technology point to where the socks look back and a look at his knees.When bench knees can not fully straighten, they should be slightly bent.

What simulator is used for the inner thigh

To study the inside of the thighs using an expander.There is a huge amount of exercise with this equipment.For example, take a standing position, stand on the expander and do foot moves to the side.First make a smooth 10 swings the right leg, then the left.It can also be used to work out the chest muscles.Next

effective simulator for the hips - a Thigh Master.It can be easily used at home.With this simulator, you can pull up not only the inside of the thighs, and chest muscles and buttocks.