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Does the hoop remove belly fat and lose weight : types, how to twist exercises

Hoop is one of the most effective sports equipment for weight loss.Most effective it is for the waist, sides and buttocks, as these parts of the body is actively working time while working with a hoop.In this article, we will discuss how to twirl the hoop for maximum weight loss in the waist, as well as tell you which one is best to choose a hoop for home occupations.

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• What types are
• How to turn the
• Complex
exercises • Contraindications (Video)

What kinds of hoops come in?

Before you go shopping, you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with the hoops, they differ in their purpose and what material is made.And so, let's take a look at the most common types:

  • Hoop normal. Each of us are familiar with this model of the hoop from childhood.Often it is made of plastic or aluminum.
  • folding or disassembly hoop. Very convenient model as an exploded view of the hoop is easy to store in a small apartment.And also it is easy to transport, it can be easily put the bag
    .It made it out of the plastic.In some stores you can find disassembly massage hoops.
  • weighted hula hoop.Due filling inside the weight of the model is from 0.5 to 2 kg.This type of hula hoop makes it easier to burn fat on the waist and hips.Compared with a conventional hoop, it is much more efficient and allows you to throw off excess weight faster.
  • Massage hula hoop. This model is the most common, as it is at the same time struggling with excess fat and thus has a massaging effect on the problem areas.There are several types of massage hula hoops, they differ among themselves - massagers.
  • Hoops equipped with a counter. With this hoop, you can control the load, because the counter indicates the number of turns made and the number of calories expended during a training session.

If after this description, you still can not decide which hoop is right for you, then you should pay attention to the level of your physical fitness.For example, a person with a weak physical training best suited hoop weight to 1.5 kg.If you are familiar with this shell and have engaged with him, you can safely buy a hoop weight of 1.5-2 kg.For trained people who are used to a good physical exercise should be chosen hula hoop weight of 2-3 kg.If you choose a hoop for a child, then this projectile weight should not exceed 1 kg.

If your goal is to maximize the weight loss, you'd better pay attention to the hula Huppah with massage elements.Through massage balls and suction cups, this model allows you to quickly achieve the desired results.

How to twist the hoop right?

If you are new to this business, start with a light pattern and hoop initially limit your daily five-minute sessions.At this stage, your main task - to learn how to twirl the hoop and let your body get used to physical activity.

Effective weight loss starts when the time of your workouts with the hoop to increase to at least 30 minutes.As you become accustomed to the load you must increase the training time to 45 minutes.At this stage, it is sure to change the simple hoop massage.It will help you better work out the muscles, causing you to lose an active volume on the waist.

To increase the load, the legs should be kept together.Do not forget about the correctness of the movements.Try to make small circles the waist and at the same time try not to involve other body parts.

achieve good results you will be able to if you can every day for 40-45 minutes easy to twist a hoop.During the month of exercises you can lose 3-4 kg, in addition to tighten the abdominal muscles and buttocks.If you exercise with hulahupom alternate with jumping rope, you will be able to two times faster to achieve the desired results.

set of exercises with a hoop

Before you begin any exercise, you should do a little warm-up.To do this, place the hoop on the floor, grasp it with both hands and turn in different directions, with the hula hoop rolls.Do 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions.

Exercise 1 .Alternately rotation.First you need to rotate the hula hoop to the left around 30 turns, then change direction and do 30 rotations to the left.All you need to do 2 sets.

Exercise 2 .During rotation of the hoop, try small steps to move around the room.Do 3 sets of 8 minutes.

Exercise 3 .First loosen the hoop, then try to sit down and stand up straight, and you have to rotate the hoop around the waist.All you need to do 3 sets.In one approach try to do 15 sit-ups.

Exercises 4 .Rotate the hoop, lunged back onto his right foot, then on the left.Do 15 lunges on each leg.Number of approaches - 2.

Who should not twist the hoop - Contraindications (Video)

First hulahup contraindicated in pregnant women because it can harm the developing fetus.In addition, in the first months after birth, doctors forbid women to twist the hoop.

Before you start exercising with hulahupom consult your doctor to know if you have any special contraindications to it.Also strict contraindications to the hoop are diseases such as uterine fibroids and retroflection (ie bending of the uterus).

Contraindications for training with hoop are also diseases of internal organs.It goes without saying that primarily provides hoop load on the abdominal cavity.And if a person, for example, inflammation of the kidneys, no additional load is highly undesirable.

The next in the list of contraindications are problems with the spine.If you have been moved spine fracture or displacement of the vertebrae, as a minimum, this requires a doctor's advice.