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Lose weight with the help of the rope ( skipping seriously ) : is it possible and how to do it ?A set of exercises ( pictures and videos ) .

Most people do not even know what kind of thing we are so loved and could not spend a day without her in childhood, it is a real boon for our figures.Catching up on a regular basis on the rope at home, you can safely abandon the fitness center, as the effect of it will be no worse than that of the gym.

Even 5 minutes a day jumping able to reduce your waistline.If we increase the training of up to 30 minutes, then soon you will be surprised stunning results.In addition, while jumping rope improves lymphatic flow, with the result that you can easily get rid of cellulite.

Article Contents:

• What is skipping seriously and what is its use?
• How to jump rope helps to lose weight?
• How many calories are burned?
• Slimming
Exercises • How to choose
• Are there any contraindications?
• Video: Effective exercise with rope

What skipping seriously and what is its use?

skipping seriously the Word was from the English language, in translation - jump, jump.No one could have thought that the usual jum

ping rope skipping seriously called.In the 80's began to develop as an independent sport in the United States and Europe, skipping seriously.In Russia, skipping seriously began to gain popularity in the 50s.But hardly anyone would have thought that jumping on a conventional rope, he has been skipping seriously.While children are practically on every corner from morning to night jumping rope.

Today, many athletes begin their training with jump rope.For some, it is an indispensable inventory during the actual workout when they alternate between cardio and power load.Use skipping seriously is that some simple jumping develop endurance, helps strengthen cardiovascular and respiratory systems.In addition it strengthens the muscles of the legs, the back, making a shape slim and accurate.

How rope helps to lose weight?

Primarily jumping rope will help you quickly remove excess fat on the thighs and buttocks.If your goal is to quickly achieve the desired result, the experts advise to alternate jumping rope riding a stationary bike.But even if you're just jumping regularly, after a couple of weeks you will notice the good results: the muscles become tighter, will increase their density and, of course, decrease the volume of the thighs.

Rope exercise helps to improve the cardiovascular system, they are also a good preventative remedy for varicose veins, preventing stagnation in them.In addition, during the jump exercise the muscles of different groups, with the result that you will always be in good physical shape.

To achieve good results, namely to throw off excess weight and increase muscle tone, you need to perform the exercises on a regular basis, rather than a case by case.Best of all in a day, then your muscles and body will be able to recover and be ready for a new load.

If you are new to this business, you can train first 15 minutes, then gradually increase the time to 30 minutes, then to 45.

After the initial training may begin to hurt leg muscles, buttocks, thighs, but it does not havescare and not in any way alienate from training.After a few sessions the body will get used to the load, and you will be surprised at the way that your body.If during a jump you have a severe shortness of breath, you can slow down or make a small break.

Just 15 minutes a day jumping help to lose about 250 calories.Also helps to lose weight effectively water aerobics, the benefits of which will be discussed in the next article.

How many calories are burned?

Jumping rope really help burn more calories.For example, a woman weighing 60 kg per half hour 300 jumps can burn calories is 5 times greater than during normal walking.

A total of one hour of training a person can lose between 400 and 600 calories.It depends on the intensity and speed of jumps.

man with the weight of 70-80 kilograms per hour of a workout can burn 540 - 630 calories.And needless to know them, the higher the weight, the more calories a person loses.

Exercises with rope slimming

Jumping rope can be of different nature, it all depends on your desires and fantasies.First, you can start with a normal jump, then change legs alternately.For example, do 10 jumping on both feet, then 10 on the left and 10 on the right, and then start the exercise from the beginning.Also, jumping rope can be combined with conventional squats and exercises with a hoop.

  • Simple jumping.These jumps are known to us from childhood, and there is nothing serious.Main bounce on your toes and also land on your toes, legs at the same time should be slightly bent at the knees.For each rotation of the rope make one jump.
  • Change feet - while jumping leg change.
  • Double jump. Each rope rotation do two jumps, the rate must be low, so you can catch your breath.
  • Jumping back and forth .Jumping up, try to move the body forward, jump to the next attempt to take a starting position.

How to choose a rope

To not make the wrong choice, you need to take the ends of the rope in your hands and feet get in the middle of a.Then stretch your arms along the body, the hands should stay at the level of the armpits.

In no case do not buy a short rope, because while jumping constantly have to draw in the legs, with the result that the exercise will be carried out properly.Ideally, when the diameter is 0.8 - 0.9 centimeters.

Very convenient to jump rope with a built-in calorie counter.You only need to measure the weight before training and at the end of it on the display will show the number of calories burned you.

Are there any contraindications?

Every sport has its contraindications, and skipping seriously is not an exception.And so, let's see what has contraindications this sport:

  1. In no case can not engage in this sport during a migraine attack.
  2. also recommends to refrain from jumping rope to those who have problems with joints and intervertebral cartilage, as during landing joints experience a load of two times more than the weight of a person.
  3. People with heart disease is also contraindicated in this sport.
  4. full stomach.
  5. pressure jumps.
  6. weight exceeding IM norm.

Video: Effective exercise with rope slimming