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Exercises in water for weight loss : water aerobics for the legs, buttocks, thighs , abdomen, and press ( pictures , videos, and reviews )

Everyone knows that water is the source of life.The man himself is 80% of the liquid.In addition, since the conception of the person is immersed in water, spending 9 months of my life.That is why doctors recommend that people pay attention to this sport, as every person at birth have a predisposition to it.

In addition, water aerobics to bring more benefits to the body than the range of sports on land.In addition to the positive effects of physical activity on the body, the aqueous medium itself helps to keep our bodies.Effect of exercise amplified twice.

Article Contents:

• Use aqua
• What types exist
• A set of exercises for the legs in the pool
• For the buttocks and thighs
• For abdomen and press
• Strength training in water with dumbbells
• Classes with noodle
• Breathing exercises
• How many calories are burned
• What's better fitness or aerobics?
• What do the exercises in the pool - video
• Comments about aqua aerobics for weight loss

benefits of water aerobics: what is it an
d what is needed?

benefits of water aerobics is very big.Let's start with the fact that this sport is suitable for all people, regardless of age, even if you do you can not swim - it does not matter.In this case, you can always give a special belt that will keep you on the water and you will never stumble.Very often the elderly exercise contraindicated because of the risk of injury, then the only salvation for them ceases to this sport, which has a minor stress on the joints and thus increases the load on the muscles.

doctors also recommend the water aerobics for people who have problems with the cardiovascular system, as through the exercises in the water, the blood circulation is stimulated.In the presence of varicose veins of the people should pay attention to this sport.

At constant stress water aerobics will be indispensable, the exercise will help to relax the body, and the water of the nervous system.People who are overweight is a sport will help you easily lose weight.Water, putting pressure on the skin will help to cope with cellulite.In addition, you will not be embarrassed in front of others because of their completeness, as the water can not see overweight.

What types exist

in aqua aerobics are four main types - it is improving water aerobics, athletic, and therapeutic application.

By improving water aerobics implied general health promotion, removal of emotional stress, improve physical performance.Activities in the water and have a tempering effect, helps the body cope better with stress and enhance human performance.

Sport aerobics .This trend is increasingly being used as an accompanying training during the training of professional athletes.Performing the exercises assigned to them, allow athletes to improve their coordination, endurance, increase strength.It is also a good way to relieve stress and relax after a strenuous strength training.

applied orientation. It is used to ensure the psychophysical readiness of people who are engaged in a particular activity.There is a view that people after monotonous or hard work necessary emotional charge, and provides that this kind of direction in the water aerobics.

Medical. This type is used in the treatment of obesity, as a tool to enhance and improve vitality, as well as for rehabilitation.

set of exercises for the legs in the pool

With exercises in the water, not only can improve your health, but also get rid of the extra kilos.For those who have decided with the help of aqua make the figure more slender, we describe in our article about effective exercises for the legs, which will help achieve the desired result.

leg exercises in the water, which will help to lose weight:

Before you start the exercises, it is necessary to do a little warm-up.It needs about 3-4 minutes to run in the pool at a medium pace, helping himself with his hands.

  1. Immerse yourself in the water, hold hands on the basin rim and lying on the water, on the "one" breed and "two" is reduced legs.With this exercise in the well-developed inner thighs.The number of repetitions - 25 times.
  2. Mahi foot forward.Take a standing position, stretch your arms forward and hold them at chest level.On "one" raise one leg forward, trying to get his fingertips the other hand, on the "two" through lower leg.Perform 15 repetitions with one leg, then the same amount of another.
  3. Steps to water.Extend your arms in front of him and in turn high lift legs bent at the knees.This exercise helps to effectively tighten your thighs and buttocks.Doing this exercise for 20 minutes a day, a week later you will notice results.
  4. Take a vertical position in the water, keep your back straight, tighten your buttocks and the knee bend in turn first right, then left foot.Doing exercises, try to get to the buttocks.
  5. Jumping back and forth.At every jump try to withdraw more leg forward, while for each account change leg.Hands should work protivohode: this means that if the right foot is forward, you will be ahead of the left hand.We need to do a total of 20 jumps while changing legs.

for buttocks and thighs

  • effective exercises in the water to the thighs and buttocks will run on Mete.Immerse yourself in the water up to his neck and turns bend your knees, trying to get the buttocks.With the help of hands trying to balance on the water.Exercise need to perform 20 times.
  • next exercise involves not only the muscles of the buttocks, and biceps.In turn lift the knees bent legs while doing boxing movements with his hands.The number of repetitions - 20 times.
  • We turn the wheel.Lie on your back under the head Put inflatable pillow and in a position to imitate start cycling.Thus, you not only zadeystvuete leg muscles, and back muscles, including the press.

to the abdomen and press

There are a number of exercises for the abdomen and the press in the water.In this article, we will discuss the most effective to help pump up the body.They are particularly useful for those who have back problems, weak abdominal muscles, as well as women who have recently given birth to a baby.

  1. Turn back to the pool, grab hold of the ledge and pull up information with legs to the chest, then turns to the right and to the left side.On each side to do 10 repetitions.
  2. continue to hold on to the basin rim and begin to simulate cycling.First pedal by themselves then on.The number of executions - 15 times.
  3. The following exercises will help pump up the obliques and get rid of the hanging sides.Sit on a chair, keep your back straight, your knees and put straight, shoulders relaxed, begin to perform alternately turns to the left, then to the right.Make 20 turns in each direction.

Power exercises in water with dumbbells for muscle

Akvasheyping - a complex of sports exercise, during the performance of which is operated special equipment (rubber dumbbells, akvapoyas, flexible tube).

- Take the pound dumbbells in your hands and start walking in place, lifting knees high.In this hands should be moving, for each account attempt to lift them to the armpits and lowered.On the exercise is given 2 minutes.

- Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands to the chest press.On account of "time" dramatically worsening throw hands with forward and at «two» return back.Running time 2 minutes.

- Tilt body slightly forward, put his feet shoulder-width apart, right hand to pull the dumbbells forward, left back.On the count of one, two, trying to deal with water resistance, changing the position of the hands underwater.The number of executions - 15 times.

- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, legs slightly bend at the knees, body slightly tilted forward, hold dumbbells straightened his hands in front of chest and do rotational movements, first forward, then backward.Make 15 repetitions in each direction.

- Jumping with dumbbells.Legs keep together, pull the hand with a worsening of the parties.On account of "time" to make the leap, trying to get the chest and knees at the same time try to keep your hands so that the dumbbells beneath socks touching.At the expense of "two" take a starting position.Do 10 jumping.

Classes with Noodle Noodle

- this special flexible stick with which, firstly, you can diversify the exercises in the water, and secondly they help maintain balance in the water.This equipment is used, as well as for training the abdominal muscles as well as for the arm muscles and back.

- Hold both hands on the stick and try to force lower it into the water.In this way you will strengthen muscles of the arms and shoulders.

- Holding hands on the noodle in front of chest, tighten the legs bent at the knees to the chest and straighten them to the left, then again tighten the legs and straighten them this time to the right side.Every time me by straightening the legs.Make 10 rectified in each direction.

- Take the noodle so that it supports the back, as shown in the picture.At "one" lift straightened his legs to his chest and at the same time lift the body, trying to get the tips of his fingers heel.At the expense of "two" take a starting position.

- Lie back on the stick, hold the hands of its ends, on the set once or twice bend and unbend your knees, pulling them to the chest.

Breathing exercises

Swimming is a great sport that can be used not only to improve the physical condition of the body, but also to develop the work of the respiratory system.Breathing exercises are designed for people with low or moderate level of fitness, after a long break for one reason or another.

For the breathing exercises you will need to place the pool, where the water comes up to his armpits.

Take a vertical position in the water, feet shoulder width apart.First 5 straight arms make a circular motion forward, then take a deep breath, lower face in the water and make a slow exhale.After exhalation straighten up again, take a deep breath again and again breathe in the water.Next, make circular movements 5 straight arms back and inhale and exhale again in water 2 times.The number of repetitions - 3 times.Each time, increase to 10 times.

In the early stages of working out breathing exercises in the water, the number of repetitions should be small, somewhere on a couple of times.After a few sessions, you can increase the number of repetitions.

With this video you will learn visually, some breathing exercises there are and how to fulfill them.

How many calories are burned during aqua aerobics

One of the benefits of water aerobics is that during training it consumes a large amount of calories.On average, an hour spent 450 calories and weighs 60 - 70 kg, if your weight is 90 kg and above, you will spend about 700 kcal.

What's better fitness or aerobics?

Many women before you choose your sport, faced with such a question, it is better to choose aerobics or water aerobics.The answer to this question is that, for what purpose you are going to work out.

If your goal - to lose weight, it is better to choose aerobics as during active sessions a person weighing 73 kg per hour to spend about 530 kcal.With the same body weight, only an hour water aerobics classes a person consumes 400 calories.

Of course, people with significant overweight is better to do water aerobics, as in the water a person loses about 40% of the weight, which reduces the load on the spine and joints.For them, this sport would be less traumatic.Also, exercise in water help cellulite, water aerobics classes in a month you will see results.

If you set out to strengthen the muscles, then you better opt for aqua aerobics.The fact that resistance to water is 12 times larger than the air resistance, resulting in movement of each person several times longer have to make an effort.Thus, you can well pump back and hands.

What exercises to do for aqua aerobics in the pool

During exercise all muscles, you must first start with a warm-up should be involved.This includes running water and Lap joints legs.Then proceed to the elaboration of the abdominal muscles, exercises for the buttocks and thighs, arms and back.

How to properly and more accurately perform the exercises, you will see in the video below.

reviews about aqua aerobics for weight loss - of those who have tried

Light: I water aerobics is best suited, have been doing for almost six months.The body was taut, and I began to look much better.The workout go with pleasure, thanks to all the good coaches, which charges us with positive energy.

Katya: Aerobics itself takes about 3 years, but last year decided to try water aerobics, and realized that this sport for me.Exercises in the water make the figure more relief.In addition, water can work out all the muscles of the body, causing the muscles are always in good shape.

Violetta: swimming pool every Tuesday and Friday, madly in love.After training, sailed seen incredible energy.Physical health was much better, and it has been depressed!I recommend to everyone!!