August 24, 2016 19:44

How to get rid of hair on the chest (remove all )

  • Shaving creams depilatory wax strips
  • epilator
  • Laser Hair Removal Electrolysis

thick chest hair Men have long been considered a sign of masculinity.This statement has some truth.Rather, it is a sign of the high level of the male hormone testosterone.Oddly enough, but the hair on a woman's breast - a rare, but occurring phenomenon.This is associated with certain chronic disorders or hormonal levels is the result of a sharp rise in hormone levels.

Every man must make a choice: leave the vegetation on the chest, or get rid of it.If you do not want to keep up with fashion and chose the second option, you should learn how to get rid of chest hair painlessly and effectively.Some men who are accustomed to shave the only person who may not be aware of the variety of hair removal options.

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Razor - not the best choice for this purpose.Daily shaving is exhausting, and the bristles will become tougher and tougher.

If you decide to get rid of hair on his chest, consider the following options:

  • shaving;
  • use depilatory creams;
  • hair removal using wax strips;
  • use the epilator;
  • laser hair removal of hair;
  • electrolysis.


Using good old razor - the fastest and easiest way to remove excess hair on the chest.Shaves his face, a smooth transition to the neck, armpits, and switch to the chest.However, this special version is left on the "bench".Its advantage - instant result.If you urgently need to put on a new shirt with a plunging neckline, a treacherous hair knocked out from under the clothes, you can use shaving foam and machine.Disadvantages of this process are evident: the next day, the chest will be scratched, and new hairs will grow, forming prickly stubble.

depilatory creams

cream must be chosen, taking into account the type of your skin.If you notice a rash on the body frequently, choose a product with a camomile.If the skin is sensitive, you can pick up a depilatory aloe extract.The procedure is simple and does not cause too many questions, even those men who are trying for the first time to remove the hair.The cream is applied to the chest area with a thin layer.Dwell time on the body - about 20 minutes.After this cream fallen away hairs removed from the body of a special spatula (spatula), which is often bundled with depilatories.

Forget irritation

Plus this method is: you will not cut yourself, the next day will not start "mange", as after shave standard razors will not start burning from the irritation and redness will not occur.But do not forget about the shortcomings: a day or two hairs start to grow again, because the cream removes only the top part of the hair, not acting on the hair follicle.It is worth noting the high cost of the cream, if using it on a daily basis, it will hit you can afford.In addition, daily use of this tool in some cases, cause allergies.

Wax Strips

independently carry out a very difficult procedure, so the men better contact to the salon, where a trained professional will do everything better and less painful.The essence of the procedure is that the hair is smeared with a special adhesive, is applied thereto and the fabric strip off sharply on hair growth.Thereafter, the patient screams, and the hair remains on the strip.

sake of effect can be patient: after removing hair by using wax skin will stay smooth for about a month, and the next hair will be softer and less.In addition, the skin eventually becomes accustomed to the procedure and the next hair removal is not so painful.The main thing is to make yourself decide to take this step after the first waxing.The only negative: hair removal below the belt by means of a beam abrupt pulling terribly painful.


It is more painful than using wax strips.epilator mechanism captures the hair at the base and pulls it straight from the root.For this procedure, it is not necessary to go to the salon, you do not need to use creams, lotion or foam.The first advantage of such a procedure - cheapness.The second advantage - the long-term result.

Among the minuses is worth noting pain, low-quality result and irritation.To remove all hairs, you will need at least half an hour.The risk of missing the individual hairs large, so carefully inspect the chest before going to the beach.After using the epilator can go irritation.In this case, the skin are advised to grease the baby moisturizer.

Laser Hair Removal

If your goal - to remove all the hair on his chest, then laser hair removal is the best fit.This procedure is absolutely painless, sometimes you can feel a slight tingling sensation.Waxing requires a rather big costs and carried out exclusively in specialized centers.After the first hair removal you come to the reception after 30 days, then 90 days, six months, one year, and then forget about visiting the salon.Laser "kills" the hair follicles and the skin on the breast becomes soft and smooth.Laser hair removal does not suit blonde, because the laser does not work on blonde hair.

After the first treatment of laser hair removal

Electrolysis Electrolysis - the most expensive and effective procedure.Due to the high cost patients start getting rid of the hair with a laser, and complete the process of electrolysis.On the hair follicle acts weak electrode, killing her.One procedure is enough.

cost depends not only on the time of the procedure, but also on the density of vegetation on the back or chest.

Before you decide to shave your chest, carefully think things through.Perhaps your manly chest hair like your girl and your spontaneous decision "to bare" do not have it to their liking.If you have decided exactly, use one of the following methods.