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How quickly bring bruise at home ( on the face and body )

  • In what cases can not do without the help of a specialist?
  • techniques to combat the problem
  • Diet
  • bruises on the legs
  • bruises from injections
  • yellowness
  • Methods of dealing with different diseases
  • black eye

bruise is a subcutaneous accumulation of blood that formed after injuryaccompanied by rupture of blood vessels and subsequent hemorrhage.

In what cases can not do without the help of a specialist?

Before display the bruise, you need to find out the cause, which is directly and causing his appearance.If you understand that the bruise on one hundred percent is the result of mechanical damage, then it is not necessary to see a doctor and get rid of a bruise, you can at home.

In the following cases, hike to a specialist is a must:

  • no apparent reason, which caused bruising;
  • hematoma tends to increase in size;
  • bleeding persists for a week or two;
  • constant characteristic appearance of small bruises that disappear on their own.

techniques to combat the problem

Display bruise can be a variety of ways.If the factor that provoked the emergence of problems served as a blow, but you need to eliminate puffiness and reduce hematoma in size, will help the following methods.

cooling effect

Ice advisable to attach to the damaged area in the case since the strike was only a few hours.The fact is that if the cool fabric, it will lead to a narrowing of blood vessels.As a result, internal bleeding is reduced, and hence the size of the hematoma will be much less.

Such cold procedures can be carried out every two hours.To prevent damage to the skin should apply a cold no more than ten minutes.

effect of warming

If applied to a hematoma warm heating pad or a pepper patch, it will help to improve blood flow.Accelerated blood flow - is the key to a speedy recovery.

Misuse pepper patch can lead to burns.


Quickly remove the hematoma on the body to help the ointment, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.It is important not to forget that before the use of such funds should consult a doctor and carefully examine the instructions, because ointments can have their contraindications and side effects.


Quickly remove the problem at home can help compresses of onion.Onion juice should be applied to the hematoma before her disappearance.


get rid of a bruise on the face help masking agents.Of course, we should not expect that the foundation, concealer or powder resolve the problem, but still they are able to disguise it.

above methods, of course, are effective, but for the period of recovery will take at least several days.And how to appear in public with such a problem, and on the face?That is why the make-up is an integral part in the fight against hematoma.

can use some tricks.If, for example, there was a bruise under his eye, it can be due to a red lipstick to transfer the focus from the eye to the lips.If

left a dark spot, the correction means can also be a little bit "to brighten up" the problem.


Sometimes factor that provokes the development of hematoma, a shortage of in the body of ascorbic acid.In this case, enrich your diet foods rich in vitamin C:

  • cauliflower;
  • broth hips;
  • citrus;
  • parsley;
  • onions;
  • strawberries.

Lack of vitamin C should not replenished medicines, vitamin should be injected into the body in its natural form.

Ascorbic acid should be introduced gradually and in small doses, otherwise it will increase the need for vitamin

If the appearance of bruising due to a lack of vitamins, in this case, their stock should fill with the following products:

  • dairy products;
  • greens;
  • seaweed;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes.

If the problem is related to the low strength of the connective tissue, it is necessary to use supplements that contain these vitamins: E, C, F, K

bruises on the legs

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Let's talk about the most proven methods of removing a hematoma on her leg at home.

iodine treatment

Application iodine grid will help to quickly deal with the problem.And at the same time it will be a good test iodine levels in the body.


Folk remedies - this effectively, and most importantly, naturally!As such means can be used aromatic oils of rosemary or lavender.Also help decoctions of calendula or St. John's wort.

bruises from injections

Get rid of the hematoma, which occurred after injections in the arm in a vein in the home, you can use these tools:

  • troksevazinovoy use of heparin or ointments;
  • compress Dimexidum.Place the injection should be lubricated with fat cream.On top of the cream should impose a napkin with diluted tenfold Dimexidum solution.The next ball is a food film, and behind it - a bandage.This wrap can be left on all night;
  • food foil.The foil is tied to the problem area and leave for a long time.

yellowness yellowness indicates the healing process.Yet, during this period the body needs help.It is important to use this period of foods rich in vitamin K: yolk, spinach, fish oil, broccoli.This vitamin plays an important role in the body's clotting abilities.

Yellowness and old bruises help clean and traditional methods:

  • calendula.From herb infusion is prepared, which is applied to the patient in the form of lotions or compresses;
  • potatoes.You can cut the vegetable into two halves and rub in yellow.Then pribintovyvayut potatoes to the damaged area and allowed to stand for several hours;
  • onions.It is necessary to make a paste of onion.To this is added the crushed dried leaves of plantain and a little honey.The resulting mixture is sent to a water bath.After cooling compress is applied to the hematoma.

not get rid of the hematoma in one day, so be patient!

Methods of dealing with different diseases

bruises Treatment may vary depending on the presence of pathological processes.Let us explain this in more detail.

hemorrhagic vasculitis

During treatment with these diseases, the problem go away by itself.In the early stages of the disease can be dispensed by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.The most effective treatment with plasmapheresis, which purifies the blood plasma.Also it is necessary to adjust the diet.

Hormonal disorders

bruises associated with elevated levels of estrogen, are removed after the appointment of drugs that strengthen blood vessels.Sosudoukreplyayuschee funds can only assign a specialist!

Varicose veins

In this case, no comprehensive treatment of the problem is simply not enough.Sport, wearing proper footwear, walking in the fresh air - all this contributes to the treatment of the disease.By eliminating the problem itself, you can get rid of a bruise.

black eye

First Aid is in such actions:

  • cold, which is applied every ten minutes.It is important not to put pressure on the eye area;
  • receiving analgesic medications;
  • not need to open his eyes.Usually, the appearance of hematomas accompanied by the appearance of puffiness.Once you have confirmed that the injury is not damaged vision, the eye can not open for a few days;
  • compliance with safety regulations.Even after recovery, you should use glasses when engaged in activities involving a risk;
  • check the severity of the damage.It is important to see a specialist, which will eliminate the presence of traumatic brain injury and damage to the eyes.Blurred vision, double vision, loss of feeling - all these are good reasons to seek an ophthalmologist.It is also danger signs indicate the presence of pathologies, are vomiting, dizziness, headaches, numbness of the face.

So, bruising can occur for various reasons, to be seen.It is best not to self-medicate and consult with a specialist!