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How to get rid of a hickey on the neck quickly and get them using soda

  • How to deal with traces of passion
  • medication or folk remedies?

passionate feelings and seething passion often leave traces on the body of people in love.Drinking this "love marks" all different: someone considers it a proof of love and fidelity, and for some it's vulgar and demeaning.In any case, it is necessary to know how to get rid of Suction within a few hours or even a day.

hickey - a kind of hematoma caused by bursting of small blood vessels and capillaries.He disappears in 10-12 days as a normal bruise.Next Suction from being a manifestation of passion and love, very often puts people in an awkward position, regardless of age and status.Teens fear the punishment of parents and students are looking for ways to

hide the traces of the tumultuous embrace vigilant and strict teachers, and adults visible hickey on the neck makes blush in front of your boss or co-workers.

How to deal with traces of passion

much easier to prevent the occurrence of hematoma than looking for ways to bring a dark spot on the chest or neck.If we apply cold to the point Suction soon as it was put, then the next day you will find that the skin is practically unharmed.You can use ice, snow, frozen or chilled in the freezer spoon.Keeping them on the site of the kiss should be not less than 20 minutes, but note that if you want to remove a hickey on his chest, then using cold to do so is strictly prohibited.

In a fit of passion lovers rarely think about the consequences, and few people want to escape from the embrace and race for a piece of ice or a bag of frozen peas in the freezer.Most people looking for a way to get rid of Suction on the neck, when it is bright and eye-catching.

Masking can be considered a convenient way to deal with traces of a passionate kiss.Women can dissolve the hair, covering their neck portion.If it's winter, you can wear a sweater with a high neck or a scarf to cover the neck.Men often molded plaster on his neck, giving the affected area for a cut while shaving.Many try to hide a hickey creams, but The wrong tone you will only aggravate the situation and pay extra attention to the strange yellow-green spot on the neck.

medication or folk remedies?

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Since hickey is a subspecies of the usual bruising, remove it help pharmaceutical creams or ointments from bruises ointment or warming up after injuries.Medications can quickly, and most importantly, high quality to eliminate all traces of the stormy night.The most popular drugs are:

  • Heparin ointment;
  • Bruise-off;
  • Troxevasin;
  • Lioton gel;
  • Dolobene;
  • larkspur;
  • concoctions.

All these ointments are very effective in dealing with traces of kisses, but the purchase of some of them costs a pretty penny.Much better to know the secrets that can help you get rid of a hickey at home.

Heparin ointment - one of the cheapest and most effective means

Before the emergence of special ointments and gels, eliminating bruises, people have learned to deal with them folk remedies.Many of the tools that are suitable for removal of hematoma, and perfectly suited to deal with traces of passion:

  • toothpaste;
  • soda;
  • raw potatoes;
  • cabbage leaves;
  • iodine.

Toothpaste gel instead of hematomas

Toothpaste especially effective against fresh hickey on his neck.But if the time missed and passionately has finally settled on your body, you need to take action.White toothpaste should be applied a thin layer to the affected skin and leave to dry completely (10-15 minutes).After this wipe with a damp sponge.This technique is contraindicated if there is damage to the skin (scrapes, bites, wounds).The procedure was repeated two or three times until the hickey will not become less noticeable.


What not only helps to fight and soda at home, and in medicine and cosmetology.It turns out that with the help of a soda can remove the track from the rough kisses.It is necessary to dilute the thick slurry (1 ch. L. Of soda diluted with 1 tbsp. L. Of water) and apply to the hickey.Especially good soda fights with fresh traces of lovemaking.

Raw potatoes

A favorite root vegetable is often used in cosmetics to deal with bruises under her eyes.Its properties are somewhat similar to plantain.Already more than 2 centuries made use potatoes to combat hematomas.a medium-sized potato Wash, peel and cut in half.Place the cut must be applied to the affected area of ​​the neck, chest or other body parts.Every 20 minutes, it is recommended to change the "compress" juicy piece fresh root.

Cabbage leaves

Sheets fresh cabbage, just removed from the garden, well help disperse bruises and hematoma.Why, then, do not try to fight with them against the hickey?Cabbage leaves must be applied to the site of the bruise.If this is the neck, it is desirable to tightly wrap her scarf, clutching the cabbage to the bruise.Every 30 minutes, change the cabbage leaf.This tool is very effective and quickly helps to remove the consequences of careless love games.

Iodine Iodine Mesh

iodine mesh remember everything from my childhood.It helps not only to cope with colds, but also resolves the place of injuries and bruises.Therefore, drawing on the spot iodine Suction improve absorption of blood and relieve you of visible spots on the neck or chest.Drawing mesh, do not overdo it, do not apply too much iodine to the skin, as you may cause yourself harm and cause a burn.

None of the proposed funds will not help you get rid of Suction an hour or even a day, but they are efficient and fast as possible.The only way to avoid the appearance of bruises on the neck - it does not allow her to his partner.If tomorrow you will be a very important business meeting, the best way will still be camouflage Suction.