How to treat dry cough : how to quickly cure a bad cough

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dry cough, as a rule, is the result of a viral infection or a cold.Yet should eliminate TB, Cancer, heart or allergic factor.Using the diagnostic study can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the best treatment.So, how to cure a cough?

Consider the effective treatment of non-productive cough in the most common causes of its development: the common cold virus, infectious processes of the respiratory tract.


treat dry cough should be properly adhering to the professional recommendations.
Drinking warm drinks in large quantities is the key to getting rid of the hated disease.At first glance it seems that the use of liquid - this hackneyed recommendation that no special role to play.In fact, despite the simplicity of this recommendation, plentiful warm drink accelerates the process of transition from a dry cough in the wet.

quickly get rid of dry cough help decoctions of medicinal herbs that have expectorant effect.

Inhalation Inhaled treatments help alleviate dry cough.You can use special inhalers or nebulizers.And what if the house is not an inhaler, and funds to buy it is not enough?Then you can use the old method, which consists in the fact that the patient is covered with a towel, and he inhales the vapor.

rubbing, compresses

First of all, it should be noted that any warming procedures can be used at normal temperature, but if it is raised, then such procedures are strictly prohibited!

After the bath, you can do a drainage massage, after which the patient is wrapped up in a warm blanket.At night you can make a medicinal poultice.In equal proportions take vegetable oil, honey and vodka.All these ingredients should be melted in a water bath.After cooling, the drug solution take a cloth made from natural fibers and impregnated them.Cloth is applied to the neck and between the shoulder blades.Over the cloth need to put cotton wool, and then the cellophane, then a good fix.

Do not make compresses every day, doing enough such procedures once every two or three days

Humidity and temperature

Creating an optimal indoor temperature and humidity is an important point to quickly get rid of dry cough.The fact is that the dry dust-laden warm air negatively affects the respiratory tract mucosa, thus aggravating the situation of the patient.

important to regularly ventilate the room and wet cleaning.The best way to get rid of items that collect dust on themselves.

barking cough in children

What to do if your baby has arisen strong barking cough?First of all do not panic, calm yourself and calm your baby.If the child is worried, it will be more difficult to breathe, and he starts to cough even more.Take the child in his arms, distract him tell the tale.

Clothes should not hamper the chest, or cough will be even stronger

If there was a barking cough, you need to give your child a warm drink.For any disease children always lose fluid, so to prevent dehydration and to liquefy the sputum they should give as much liquid as possible.

If barking cough accompanied by fever, the baby should be given a febrifuge.If the temperature is normal, you can do a warm foot bath, and use mustard.

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important to note that if the barking cough leads to shortness of breath, and the baby is not asthma, use of asthma drugs in aerosols, without specialist advice is not permissible.Of course, the cans will facilitate the child's condition, but do not forget that they differ in the content of potent substances and hormonal agents, so to determine the dosage and in general need of such aerosols can only be a specialist.

If the cause of the unpleasant symptoms - an acute laryngotracheitis, the first thing you need to cough became wet, because it will help to eliminate bacteria from the respiratory system.

Long-term use of expectorants nepozvolitelen since the drugs themselves can provoke coughing.

It is worth mentioning that at absolutely any disease an important role in the healing process plays the work of the immune system, which is why it is important to strengthen children's immunity.

Inhalation couple

Steam inhalations help relieve swelling of the throat.In a saucepan, boil the water you need.There you can add baking soda, chamomile, sage.The child should be a breath of steam.

If your baby is very small, put the pan on the stove and close the kitchen.Let the child sit near the stove and at least get some of the useful steam.

Traditional medicine

quickly overcome the illness can be folk remedies.Unlike medicinal products, traditional recipes are natural and safe.Talk about effective recipes to help you quickly get rid of the problem.

Traditional medicine offers a simple, affordable and effective recipes for dry cough


With milk, you can quickly get rid of the disease, due to its unique properties:

  • helps to reduce the irritation of the larynx;
  • liquefies phlegm and promotes its excretion;
  • has mucolytic, expectorant and emollient properties.

can combine milk with figs, especially for children, it is not only useful but also delicious medicine.A decoction of milk with figs has the healing properties:

  • diaphoretic effect;
  • antipyretic properties;
  • anti-inflammatory effect.

Another well-known but effective recipe is milk with honey.A glass of hot milk, you can drink a bit of sugar with honey.

Even milk can be consumed together with butter.This combination coats the throat, dry cough, softens, removes the feeling of sore and pain.

milk and mineral water Mineral water

perfectly moisturizes the throat.The combination of mineral water and milk softens and soothes the upper airways.

It should be noted that this tool can not be used for young children!
mineral water to be alkaline, and the milk must be heated.Milk will have heats the effect, and mineral water will enrich the body with useful substances.

drug will accelerate the removal of phlegm and also cleanse the respiratory system.

milk and ginger

tool not only has anti-inflammatory and warming effect, but also to neutralize pathogens.

ginger The difference is the high content of ascorbic acid, which helps to strengthen the immune system

Milk and propolis

Propolis contains wax, essential oils, so has the properties:

  • antibacterial effect;
  • immunostimulatory effects;
  • antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

In one glass of hot milk, use about five drops of propolis.

Milk and Banana Banana

should carefully grind in a blender.Then add to it a little warm milk and honey.This mixture can be given to both adults and children.In the morning, the patient's condition improved significantly.

So, dry cough brings a lot of discomfort and can result from a wide variety of pathologies.Conduct a diagnostic study at the doctor, then immediately proceed to treatment.