August 27, 2016 23:10

How to quickly remove flux in the home ( for a day to get rid of the house)

  • antiseptics rinse
  • anti-inflammatory pills
  • Soda
  • Antibiotic therapy
  • treatment ointments and gels
  • packs

Flux - an unpleasant disease that can manifest appearance of swelling in the gums, painful sensation and accumulation of pus.Illness can occur when untreated caries, as well as a result of damage to the gums.How to get rid of flux?

The first is to understand that it is absolutely necessary to treat any disease with the help of a specialist.Treatment at home in most cases at a time to facilitate the clinical picture of the disease.

not forget that self-diagnosis can only make the problem worse, because the flux can be easily confused with other diseases.The flux in the purulent inflammation stage can not be treated independently, should immediately see a specialist!

It should not be forgotten that any disease is easier to prevent than to treat it, so it is important to strengthen your gums.This will be a good prevention of flux.But what if there was a problem, and the ability

to seek health care there?Can I remove flux quickly, without leaving your home?Yes, and this will help drugs from your kits and medicinal plants.

antiseptics rinse

Let's talk about the simple, cheap, and most importantly, effective medications that can be used to remove gingival swelling.


solution furatsilina should rinse your mouth.This will help get rid of the uncomfortable sensations.To conduct such a procedure should be every two hours.In one glass of pure plain water is necessary to dissolve two tablets of the drug.

Furatsilin effective in flux gums thanks to its unique properties:

  • antiseptic effect;
  • analgesic effect;
  • removing edema.

As an alternative, you can use furatsilina hlorofillipta solution.
drug solution for rinsing should be at room temperature and should be used only boiled water.

In no event should not be heated flux!


drug is alcohol tincture of the following herbs:

  • calendula,
  • daisy,
  • yarrow.

Rotokan effectively combats inflammation, relieves pain and reduces swelling of the gums.

Rotokan One teaspoon should be mixed with a glass of water and rinse two to three hours.Rinse Rotokanom should continue and when the inflammatory process was sleeping.This period can rinse three times a day.

It is best to rinse your mouth after a meal, and not before!It would be nice to rinsing at least in the first half hour the patient did not use any food or liquid


Malavit help get rid of the flux on the cheek of the day.Why you can say with certainty?The drug has the ability:

  • antibacterial effect;
  • preventing the development of infection;
  • struggle with pain and swelling.

The Family The structure includes not only extracts of natural herbs, but also copper and silver ions.Rinse

The Family made up to seven times a day.The plain water should be diluted ten drops of.

rinse should continue until complete recovery!

anti-inflammatory pills

are reading: How to treat abscess folk remedies?

is interesting that this group of drugs, not only reduces inflammation, but also struggling with swelling and pain.

Sometimes these drugs even relieve fever.

important to understand that such tablets in the home should be used under specialist supervision.They may have their contraindications and side effects.

Let's talk about the most popular and effective drugs.


Medicines based nimesil have a pronounced analgesic effect.The substance effectively fights inflammation at all stages of the disease.


drug has an antihistamine effect.What does it mean?Simply said, we are talking about anti-allergic effect.The fact that histamine - a substance produced by the body which provokes the production of biologically active substances.These substances are the cause of the inflammatory process.A diazolin prevents the development of histamine.In addition, the drug relieves severe swelling.


drug has potent anti-inflammatory effect.Diclofenac helps relieve dental discomfort.


To prepare the drug solution should take a teaspoon of baking soda and dissolve it in a glass of boiled water at room temperature.In the acute phase of rinsing should be done up to ten times a day, and with the weakening of the symptoms - a little less often (4-5 times).

Plain baking soda - it's reliable, safe and effective means of flux.She quickly eliminate the swelling, pain and inflammation

Antibiotic therapy Antibiotics

impermissible to assign yourself.It can only make a specialist.

Before the appointment of the antibiotic to the patient is made crop on sensitivity.Only after the survey, you can assign the necessary preparation that will give a good result.

In the early stages of development of flux antibiotics can prevent further infection.

If an abscess has formed, the antibiotic therapy is administered after its opening in order to prevent the development of complications and a speedy recovery.
When choosing a particular antibiotic specialist considers various factors:

  • age;
  • weight category;
  • general condition;
  • stage of the inflammatory process;
  • presence of intolerance of certain drugs.

Only a doctor can determine the right dosage and duration of antibiotic treatment!

treatment ointments and gels

Local treatment of flux will help to achieve the following results:

  • rapid extinction of the inflammatory process;
  • effective healing of damaged tissues;
  • effective elimination of pain.

ointment Vishnevsky

product has unique features:

  • removal of swelling and pain;
  • antibacterial action;
  • increased blood flow to the injury site;
  • presence in the castor oil increases the penetration of drugs.

Vishnevsky ointment can be used in the initial stages of the development process, and at the stage of opening the abscess

Used vehicle as follows: Vishnevsky ointment is applied to the sterile cloth gauze and apply on problem areas.Napkin should be carefully lock and leave for a couple of hours.

Vishnevsky ointment must not be used when the presence of an abscess, otherwise may develop serious complications.


ointment composition is truly unique.Its main components are a broad antibacterial spectrum substances.Levomekol contributes to the rapid recovery of damaged tissues.

Even at the stage of development of pus ointment does not lose its unique properties.That is why in those cases when it is not able to avoid the stage of suppuration, Levomekol be effective.

Levomekol Use it also as the above-mentioned ointment.Using drug gauze is left on for two hours.

If there was an autopsy ulcer, the ointment can be administered directly in a cavity.

Levomekol should be used to full recovery!


Medicinal compresses harmful to pathogens, they effectively reduce inflammation and pain.

packs based Dimexidum

Dimexidum - is a unique tool that penetrates directly into the very center of an infection.Substance detrimental effect on pathogens and enhances the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics.

important to remember that dimexide - a concentrated substance, which in its pure form can cause skin burns.Therefore, it should be diluted with water at the rate of 1: 4, respectively.

gauze should be wet with a solution of drug and attach to the sore spot two hours.Repeat this procedure should be used twice a day.

compress based on salt

Sol - is a product that is available in the kitchen each family.Many people know about salt only that it adds flavor dishes, but few people know that this product has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

To prepare a compress should dissolve two teaspoons of salt in a glass of water.Next, take a cotton swab that is soaked in a saline solution.The compress is applied between the gum and cheek.

It is best to compress to take sea salt, because it contains iodine components, effectively fighting inflammation.

So, despite the fact that the flux - is a serious disease, you can get rid of it, not even leaving home.Consult a doctor and treated at home!