How to get rid of caterpillars on cabbage ( green ) and remove them forever

  • Traditional methods of combating cabbage

word "butterfly" everyone associated with the creation of a beautiful bright, fluttering over the flower beds.But gardeners these insects are known and on the other hand.For them, some butterflies represent a considerable threat.There unloved gardeners view of the flying beauties - cabbage butterfly, or in other words, pierid cabbage.That it gives cottagers trouble, forcing puzzle over how to get rid of caterpillars on cabbage.

In view pierid very nice - light, almost white butterfly with black spots and a black tip of the upper wing.By itself, it is completely harmless but dangerous are her children.Each female cabbage may defer more than 200 eggs, from which later hatch an army of pests of cabbage plants.If such a lovely insect hovers over a bush cabbage, you know, in 5-10 days on the underside of cabbage leaf you will notice the intruders - green caterpillars.

It looks pierid

cabbage caterpillars reach 4 cm in length, they have a nasty scalp.When the cabbage was got only a handful of these insects, they can destroy the whole head out in just one day.Despite its small size, they can not measure voracious.From beautiful grown leaves may be left only the skeleton of living.In addition, if the time to rip the affected head, there it is undesirable.Cabbage leaves are toxic and harmful substances are not so easy to wash off with plain water.

Caterpillar Belyanko

Traditional methods of combating cabbage

is unlikely that anyone will want to spray chemicals on their own garden.Firstly, the solution thus treated cabbage can not be safely eaten, secondly, you contaminate soil chemicals.Do not get excited and go shopping in the agricultural shop, because there are a lot of people's proven methods to get rid of the cabbage.

Chicken eggs

Many gardeners have noticed that Belyanko very stupid.Although, what else to expect from insects?They can be simple to navigate around the finger halves of the eggshell.In the cabbage patch set sticks, which put the shell of an egg white.Tolerant cabbage take an egg for his kinsman, and do not want to beat the already busy to head out.Many gardeners advise this method as the most simple and effective.

¬ęDummy" shell

Help wasps

Dilute in a bucket of water 1 kg of sugar and sweet solutions obleyte received every bush beds.Those who live close to a wasp that far off sweet smell odors instantly fall by the garden and overfishing all the cabbage caterpillars, which they suckle their young.Unpleasant stinging pests are also able to benefit.

Soda Baking soda will also help on the farm, and in cosmetics and in the garden.Generously sprinkle the powder leaves of cabbage plants.This simple method is simple scare butterflies as soda, they can not tolerate.Sam vegetable from soda does not suffer, as people who ate a ripe head.

Sprinkle soda cabbage

Tomato tops or onion peel

Belyanka looking for your favorite vegetable smell, so gardeners task is to remove her familiar scent.For this great infusion of peels of onions.The two-liter jar half-filled with husk and pour boiling water.Place in a dark place for 48 hours, after which the resulting concentrated infusion to add another 2 liters of water.To the solution was kept on the leaves, add the 30g of grated economic, and even better tar soap.Such aromatic infusion is not very like a curious butterfly cabbage.

tomato stems with roots need to wash and finely chop.500 g of chopped herbs should be boiled for half an hour in 10 liters of water.After cooking, the infusion should infuse day.For best results, you need to add 50 g of liquid soap and grate half a bar of soap and dissolve in the broth.This infusion will help not only to get rid of worms, but by aphids.

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An experienced gardener suggested an interesting but risky method to combat caterpillars.Since ants are very fond regale Young butterfly, he proposed to sprinkle the cabbage ground with ants, excavated from the anthill.Little industrious bugs instantly eat worms.But the risk is that in return they can settle cabbage aphids planting.

Ash Ash helps in the fight against many pests in the suburban areas.Half a kilo of ash should be diluted in a bucket of water and add a solution of 50 ml of liquid tar soap or shampoo.You can finely grate bar of a conventional tar soap and dissolve in water.Sprinkling such solutions cabbage, you can not only get rid of harmful insects, but also fertilize the soil.It can be easy to fall asleep ash bushes, but the solution is more effective.

In addition to these methods, you can try to drown out the flavor of cabbage a pungent odor.Many gardeners offer between the beds to plant vegetables onions or garlic, which have a sharp flavor.Also fit chamomile, sage, rosemary, mint and dill.These precautions do not guarantee absolute protection, but it can help to significantly reduce the number of unwanted guests in the beds.