How to cut honeysuckle after fruiting : pruning and care

  • How does the bush and berries?
  • When and where to plant honeysuckle?
  • How and at what time of the year is held pruning?
  • How to revive a very old bush?

Can not say that honeysuckle - a common visitor to the garden plots.This wild medicinal plant, which has the form of bushes and fruit-bearing dark blue berries that resemble small plums felts, roofing felts blueberries.It is difficult to overestimate the benefits that can bring the human body, these tart berries blue.Blueberries and blackberries are still far behind in the table of champions on the content of vitamin C and beneficial trace elements.

Agro-Culture is not static and over the years was put a special kind of honeysuckle - home or edible.And for such shrubs, as well as for other domesticated plants need proper care.It is not only in the selection of locations for the bush, right during the landing, but the annual maintenance, which involves cutting and shaping plants.Trim honeysuckle is not as easy as it seems at first glance.Disputes among agronomists occur every year, and so far it is believed that this drug completely bush does not require any maintenance or trimming.But do not let the development of the necessary plants to chance, and follow a number of practical rules.

How does the bush and berries?

Not everyone is familiar with this shrub, so it should be mentioned that the honeysuckle - is not only real "pharmacy" in your garden plots, but also ornamental shrub with bright and beautiful berries.The growth of the decorative and medicinal plant usually varies from 1 to 2 meters.In early spring, just after the winter frosts, this is the first culture is able to bloom, despite the freezing temperatures.The first crop of berries and bring just that plant.

Adult bush honeysuckle

When and where to plant honeysuckle?

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choose the right place - the key to success for the violent growth, flowering and fruiting of any tree or shrub.This drug culture is very fond of the sun rays, and can not stand the cold and wind.Practice has shown that the development and the rapid growth will not take place in places of the garden, where the wind howled in the shade, in the lowlands and on the humps.The best place - a flat surface fertilized soil in the place where the earth is warming up in the sun often.

Regarding the choice of the season, here it is necessary to take into account the time of flowering and fruiting time.Since honeysuckle very early, then it is better to plant mature in autumn, ideal in October or late September (it all depends on the weather and region of residence).Pit into which you drop the pieces of stalk from the ground, should not be deeper than 45 cm Before planting, treat the deepening of fertilizer:. 0.5 kg of ash per bush.Between digs pits to observe a distance of about 2 meters.The main rule - to wait 5 days between digging and planting.

How and at what time of the year is held pruning?

Honeysuckle is a sprawling shrub with thick branches that can form a real ball.That is why it is so important to make timely and correct pruning honeysuckle, without letting it confused their branches.Krone thickened block the path of power, closing by blocking sunlight and ventilation, and necessary berry bushes.These shortcomings are particularly evident after collecting berries, quantity and taste of whom you are very upset.Instead of the usual bucket typed hardly a handful, but succulent and bloodshot berries turn into raisins.

harvest after proper pruning

to make the right care, you need to know all the rules.5, or even 7 first years of life should not violate the honeysuckle development shears bush.The only available intervention can be considered cutting domestic branches right at the base of the column in order to thin out dense crown.Signs of pruning needs will become visible by themselves: Krone thickened, upper branches will gradually wither and die, the harvest will be meager.Then you need to be taken seriously for the rehabilitation of plantations.

In the eighth year of life bush will need rejuvenation pruning, which will give strength and power plant grown old.Before the operation, you need to define the season.It is better to do it in the autumn, namely in November, when the leaves fall off the ground, opening the crown design.If desired, you can do it very early in the spring, when the bush is not yet overgrown with dense vegetation, but the best time - autumn.The whole process of such a procedure is getting rid of old dead tops, which does not bear fruit, and only takes the necessary nutrients in the plant.

1 - overgrown bush 2 - thinned krone

main task of rejuvenating pruning is not a total change in the shape of the crown, and a vacuum branches.The more light, air and moisture to penetrate into the middle of the crown, the healthier bush honeysuckle develops.Do not cut branches at the base, but simply remove the extra branching.After the harvest, you will immediately notice the results.On thinned branches of berries will be more bloodshot and large.A number of berries collected much abundance in volume.If you printed manual seems difficult, it is best to view this video.

How to revive a very old bush?

If you are the owner abandoned the site and do not want to uproot all the old plantation owner, you can simply rehabilitate some of them.Honeysuckle, which grows more than 20 years, and which has not been given a proper care does not necessarily need to dig.For such a case launched applies trimming honeysuckle on a stump.From the title it is clear that almost all the branches will cut off, but only the trunk remains.Measure 40 cm from the ground and cut off all the branches shears that exceed this length.Of the new hemp grow strong young shoots, which are particularly well show their effect after fruiting.

How to make a crop on a stump

Pruning on the stump should not do in the summer, when the plant is rampant and many nutrients flowing in his veins.This is best done in the fall, when the shrub begins to gradually fall into hibernation.Full option - it is March or cold spring.The main thing that has not had time to flower honeysuckle.

As you can see, you can not wage workers garden and a special practice to care for plants on their summer cottage.Since honeysuckle - a wild plant, it and its maintenance is not as delicate as for domestic crops.Properly cut and the bushes can inexpert grower.The main thing is to follow the generally accepted rules, is to choose the time and the type of crop.It is worth doing in the waning of the bush, in the winter, but in any case not in the summer.