Pruning cherry summer (scheme ) : how to prune trees + video

  • Pruning cherry in the spring
  • Summer pruning cherry
  • Autumn pruning cherry
  • Rejuvenation pruning

Many experienced gardeners do not give exact instructions on how to make pruning cherries and just meetthat this procedure is no different from other fruit tree pruning.But what if you have only recently become the owner of the garden and do not know much about caring for trees?This issue is important and painstaking theory and practice.Not acquainted with the special literature or videos that you not only do not help the tree, but also do harm to him.Formation of a bush or tree by removing superfluous branches affects fruition: the well-formed krone, the more juicy fruits should be expected next summer.

Cherry - the earliest fruit crop, which is the pioneer of fruit and vegetable season.Some varieties are able to delight children and adults in the spring, in the second week of May.In addition, thanks to the harmonious mix of sugars and acids, cherry berries have a pleasant refreshing sweet-sour taste.Its pulp contains from 8 to 11% sugar and 0.7% acids (malic acid predominates).Appearance, taste and nutritional value of sweet cherry fruit are subject to change.It depends on the degree of maturation and the climatic conditions.

Timely pruning tree - a pledge of rich harvest

If you've decided that you have a sufficient amount of information and are ready to put the theory into practice, take in hand pruner, and go into the garden.Already in the second year of the young tree of life can be a little shear.Keep in mind that you can properly trim the tree, following a set of rules.the age of the tree and the season is also taken into account.In many sources, experts advise to carry out pruning cherry in the early spring or early fall, but experienced amateur gardeners assure that it is better to do this operation in the summer, during the violent landscaping tree.

Pruning cherry in the spring

Planting a tree is dependent on the region in which the garden is located.If you live in the south, in warmer climates, the plant is a tree in autumn.If you are in the northern regions, the spring - the best time for planting cherry.This information is needed in order to properly calculate the time of the first spring crop of young cherries.The main purpose of this procedure in this season - the formation of a beautiful crown correct form.Annual tree needed to adjust the first spring (if the landing took place in the autumn, then shoots cropping occurs and a half years).It is better not to touch the tree, while its height is not more than 70 cm.

  1. first spring should be cut no side branches, as is done in the adult tree, and the central trunk.At the central escape you need to count 6 young kidneys and after cut off the top.
  2. On the second spring is the formation of the lower tier of cherry trees.To do this, select 4 the strongest shoot and shortened every 50 cm. At the central escape reckon 4 upper kidney and boldly cut off from the shears.
  3. third spring is the formation of the second tier, but do not forget about the first.Need a little shortened skeletal shoots, comparing them with the shortest branch.All the shoots that grow inside the crown, to cut "the roots".Proper Crohn formed only from growing up and laterally (angle less than 45 degrees with respect to the central bore) branches.
  4. fourth spring pruning is as follows: the central trunk is cut immediately after the very young side shoots.The branches of the third tier cut off so that they were 20 cm below the top, but they were not longer than 70 cm. The branches of the second tier are shortened only if they exceeded the level of 70-80 cm. Growing up exactly inside or branches are removed.A more detailed diagram is visible in the photo.

All subsequent spring operation right thing to do for the fourth type of spring pruning, but less intensively.Remove shoots growing in the wrong direction.

Summer pruning cherry

summer tree grows especially lush and sweet cherry is famous for its fast pace of growth.Many gardeners on their own experience that summer pruning cherry - a great way to stop the proliferation of fan-shaped and strong young shoots.End of June and beginning of July - the perfect time for this horticultural operations.The essence of this procedure - thinned crown for better permeability of sunlight, air and moisture.

sure to treat wounds garden pitch

procedure differs little from spring pruning in the fourth year of life.Do not forget to lubricate all the "wounds" with pitch or any special putty for trees.Due to the riot of all living things in the summer, cherries have time to heal all of their damage.Summer pruning is not universally accepted by experts, but it is for her to hear positive feedback from truckers.Many believe that all the plants in the spring too weak to recover from cuts.

Autumn pruning cherry

Autumn crop of cherries is less popular than spring, and it has its own reasons.In the fall of the tree is preparing for the winter, which is so very difficult for plants.If you take away part of the tree shoots, it will be busy healing "wounds" to which spend a lot of effort.If you decide to carry out pruning at this time of year, it is better to do it at the beginning or middle of September and not late in the autumn cold.And do not get too carried away: enough to remove most unnecessary, without affecting the main branches.

Rejuvenation pruning

Pruning cherry in order to rejuvenate called sanitary and designed to clean wood of dead branches and bark.On older trees often noticeable peremerzshie shoots, diseased portions of bark or twig nadlomannye that clearly will not bring more fruit.

Result rejuvenating pruning cherry

conduct operations for rejuvenation need in the spring or early summer (the main thing that was dry, warm and sunny).We must ruthlessly clear the old cherry from all increments have appeared over the last 3-5 years.Sometimes removed even seven-year increments.You'd be surprised, seeing how young and strong shoots will release the tree in the same season.Rejuvenation pruning should be performed by following all the necessary rules, and the "wounds" resulting tree during the operation to be processed garden pitch.

Whatever season you choose, follow the rules.Properly prune trees sure to please you rich fruits.Formation of a tree - not an easy task, but with the necessary knowledge and sharp secateurs you certainly will succeed.