How to survive a divorce to the woman what to do , so it was painless ?

Experts say that women are going through a divorce is much harder than men.Like, they have children, wilting, loss of breadwinner, and other pressing problems.In fact, divorce - for someone a lot of stress, and for someone strong relief.It all depends on each specific situation in the family.

Someone had protracted conflicts, loss of respect for each other because of too zealous relations, excessive demands of himself and others.For some information about what leaves half, it became news.And if in the first case, everything went to the roundabout and regret, in fact, nothing (although such couples trying to get each other a painful, to turn everything into a tragedy), the other - a collapse of the world, soul-searching, and ... yes still a lot of stress.The result of it - depression.

Let's look at the different situations in order to decide who is to blame and what to do now.In other words, how to survive a divorce a woman, how to find a loophole for the mind to settle down and start living.

Case 1

They lived in perfect harmony.It took 3-5 years old, was born in the family of a young child, her husband reported in 3-6 months, he loved another and leaves.

Possible cause

your spouse does not like responsibility.Maybe he was tired of always tired wife, not wanting sex and forever screaming child, who takes the whole salary.And the nice employee of the eyes to build, the praise, the blouse with a neckline wear.

What should I do?

If the situation has reached a divorce, you've most likely, her husband did not return.Is that: find a hobby, start to be painted, smiling husband, will calm the baby, hover in the house in order, ask her husband to sit with your child for once-another.You also need to relax, follow the figure, attend fitness classes, a hairdressing salon, a girlfriend to go ... At the same time, and will stay in quality men's husband, among them - responsible.

If does not work, do the same thing, sometimes leaving with the child mother, girlfriend, neighbor.So you can quickly and distracted, and perhaps to meet someone more serious, because you yourself become ready.

Case 2

Lived together for 15-20 years.All the time the family had a full understanding, in any case, a woman was trying to please her husband in all things.In marriage there are nearly grown children.My husband fell in love with the young and ... out.

It is possible that ...

My husband midlife crisis.He was tired of routine, he again wants to feel like a brave fine fellow.Too obsequiousness and constant wife bored him.

What should I do?

Calm down.Very often and very quickly "daredevils" disappointed in the young girl, with beautiful breasts, but an empty head, huge demands and the lack of basic respect for the man who keeps them.

husband could return.Leave the door open: do not swear, do not set up against the children's father, but not humiliated, that is, do not say that he can return at any time.Just do not burn bridges.While

get busy: hobbies, work, business, children (without fanaticism).And the rest ... well: meet up with old friends, take a trip, do some yoga or something totally unusual.Try to feel happy - happy women attract men.

Case 3

Everything is perfect: a young couple lives for themselves, do not have children.Money makes the husband, she lives like a princess - gifts, bouquets, candy.All questions are decided by a man.And suddenly one day gone, leaving a note on the table: "Our life was a fraud, I have always loved another woman and leave her."


The man Don Juan complex.He loves to love itself, and not a particular woman.When she tired of him, he feels that he loves (loved) another.He is an actor and poseur.He likes romance, beautiful courtship process itself.In fact it, like Narcissus, loves only himself.No woman does not satisfy him, because he is looking for the ideal.But ideals are changing.

What should I do?


How to stop thinking about the man

This is the most difficult situation to go through a divorce from her husband in this case will not be easy.To begin, you must make sure that the man is really the wind in my head.As a rule, the "Don Juans" meet with several women.Think about whether there were sometimes suspicious of the situation - omissions, strange calls, sudden disappearances, which smoothed gifts and bouquets?Maybe were some things, books, albums from the former.Suddenly there find information.In the end - call to his mother, she was protecting son, tell all.

If everything is confirmed, then: you are very unlucky.There is no point in trying to restore the relationship or worry about them.But you will, and perhaps for a long time.The best thing is to turn to a psychologist.It will help you understand how and why you have attracted a man of this type.

Distracted, find a hobby or go to work in this situation is meaningless: you can finally settle down, once again become a fun and attractive, but after a while you "be attracted" a man of the same type.And you will continue to cherish the belief that all men are eating cabbage.

A few tips for those who have a little different situation

to the most painless to survive the divorce the woman she needed to clarify a few truths:

  • Do not think that if the husband is gone, you will "not so."Suddenly he - "not so."
  • Not necessarily your ex ... ham, may have different views on life, and you did not notice before.
  • Men do not go back to crying women who live without them can not.Do not attempt to hold them, let them go.The more they try to persuade, the more they will run away.
  • Men do not like screaming "drive Housewives": women without hairstyles, make-up, or at least an elementary smile, but with a contorted face from screaming.
  • Men love women who are valued, respected, alongside whom they feel like heroes.
  • Men love women who love other men.
  • Martial, punching men perceive women not as a wife, as well as "the guy."Henpecked wife or bury, or lose one without explanation, without further communication.All things are his wife, the apartment and the children too ...
  • But if you see that it gradually comes to divorce - post it yourself, so you will be easier to survive it, because you save the internal sense of dignity - it's your decision, inEventually.
  • If, after divorce, it hurts to see mate, no need to reopen the wound, it is better to avoid unnecessary meetings.But!Children do with it.Let talk with his father.

Finally ... When he goes, life is falling apart - you have you.