August 24, 2016 23:11

How to overcome the fear of driving a car without the help of a psychologist

Fear - is one of the basic human emotions, signaling about danger (real or perceived).Testing fear - that's fine: types, no fear, if such existed, became extinct.The mechanism of the primary fear is simple: to give a signal of danger, the brain, or more precisely, the hypothalamus sends electrochemical impulses adrenal glands, which were immediately injected into the blood hormones - epinephrine and norepinephrine.

This "injection" leads to instantaneous complex reaction of the body, symptoms that different people can proceed differently.In general, the fear can be expressed in the form of an excited, or depressed emotional state.With regard to the driving of the car both condition can lead to a fatal error, however, the reaction of excitation is considered more preferred.

the case of reflex actions with regard to reaction to danger, then it makes sense to work with your reflexes.At the same time, driving fear can be partly social nature: fear of criticism on the part of the instructor, other drivers,

etc.If you have the desire to help you overcome fear.How to do it, it will be shown in this article.

adrenaline, getting into the blood, causes the body to combat readiness.The reaction is rapid response to the danger of Walter Cannon called the "fight or flight".In cocky boys on the break in the school is considered valor to use only the first version of the response.But, if you are driving a rapidly approaching some kind of obstacle, you see, a good solution would be to avoid a collision.After all, fear and cowardice - not the same thing.

Fears related to car

There are a number of fears, one way or another connected with the car.We can not say that all of them baseless, because the car - a means of increased danger and news feeds regularly confirm this thesis.As is known, to name the enemy - is the first step to ensure that its defeat.So, to overcome the fear of driving will help the realization of a particular moment, which causes discomfort.

We will list some of the fears associated with the car and will offer its options to overcome them.

car Fear "in principle┬╗

This fear is irrational and it arises from the mistaken subconscious feeling that the car is like a beast, has a will of its own, and "can travel by itself."The subconscious mind is very trusting, this has a negative (amazing how there has got such nonsense), and the positive side.Last seen in the fact that it can be reprogrammed repeatedly telling the truth about that machine always runs people.

Fear of losing control of the vehicle

like the previous one, although it was indicative of a certain (very lack of) experience.There are three aspects: First, learn materiel.The better you know the car unit, the less you will have cause for complaints about his lack of control.Second, the more driving practice, the better the result.And, thirdly, always make sure that you sat behind the wheel of a working machine.The main thing - the serviceability of brakes, steering, sound and light signals.

fear of oncoming and passing trucks

arises due to lack of experience and lack of a sense of the size of his car.It overcomes the regular practice.At the initial stage - with an instructor and a friend, not a congested route.The author of these lines, many years ago for the first time on their own driving his father's car, breaking the 30 km on the desert track was covered in sweat, but proud "achievement."Dimensions of the car began to realize after the first independent (not very successful) attempt to enter the garage.I would like you to avoid a similar experience with his teaching.Believe me, it is not only possible, but also much cheaper.

Fear of becoming responsible for an accident

know if you have a fear of death, then ... you're all right.But seriously, it can help to avoid an accident practice and confidence.The second increases as the first developments.If you learn to feel positive emotions from the driving process, to overcome the fear of driving a car is not difficult, because negative emotions are always positive overlap.Oh, and one more thing: in the fight against the last of these fears, yet not in a hurry to turn off the mind one very important option - the instinct of self-preservation.

Life without fear

to drive a car, you can take as an exciting game, gradually complicating conditions.First - just driving by polygon, called motor racing track.Then - driving through the city at night, in low visibility conditions (rain, snow, fog).And finally, in the difficult road conditions (ice, rush hour).All this contributes to the wonderful rush of adrenaline and works well, especially without an instructor.The main rule is that such training took place ... on an electronic simulator.

on novice driver at the same time falls an enormous amount of new information.It is required to possess the ability to take a very short time a large number of correct decisions, and, in the correct sequence.In consideration of the situation there is no time.An experienced driver an absolute majority of decisions are made reflexively.Reflexes are known to the trainee.

Study unit machine, raise self-esteem, remember the rules of the road and, most importantly, pay as much time between motor skills.Having learned all this, you will no longer think about how to overcome the fear of driving.You just get rid of it in the process of gaining experience.

Also watch the video from which you learn that actually prevents drive a car: