August 24, 2016 23:11

How to prevent intra- crisis

Relationship between relatives are multifaceted and variable.The couple gradually cool to each other, a strong love and tireless passion give way to respect and habit.But even these adverse effects can be minimized.

first prerequisite disintegrating marriage is decreased sexual desire in its second half, recriminations, lack of desire to look attractive and much more.Noticing disharmony in the family, the absence of all desire happiness should be directed to the bonding relationship with a close friend and former rebalancing.We need time to suppress their desire to reproach the second half, stop exploding over trifles.

Even if the spouse (wife) makes some rash act, it is not necessary to tear down the family, preventing aggression.Feeling that you begin to master the anger and irritation, discontinue temporarily communicating with each other: a walk, read a magazine, take a bath, listen to music.When emotions calm down, discuss the unpleasant moment will become easier, and achieve win-solutions succee

d faster.If the problem still can not solve on their own, it is better to resort to the help of a family therapist, who will find the most appropriate method of resolving the conflict.

Learn to forgive each other.Do not be selfish, accept the fact that you are not the only member of the family, and that there are still people, whose interests must be taken into account in any given situation.Try to negotiate with each other, putting in the top of the common interests, rather than their own.Do not make small quarrel in major scandals in order to avoid the loss of family happiness.

not limit personal space spouse.Do not fall for the phone browsing, notebooks, notebook in search compromising facts.Trust in the second half, because trust is the basis of family values.

Reducing passion in family relationships over time ΜΆ this is normal.The main thing is not to allow a complete lack of intimacy.Diversify from time to time their sex lives, the second half raduyte unusual linens, frank dance or something else.So your intimate pastime will be brighter and will be fun for both of you.

Give each other small gifts, spend their free time together, take care of the second half, say compliments and giving warmth.Just because your union will be strong and happy.