August 25, 2016 23:10

How to get rid of fears, and is it possible?

Do you get scared?Of course, everyone has experienced this feeling.And sometimes the fear - it is one that protects from carelessness in moments of some danger and helps to act prudently.However, prolonged state of fear or panic very strong can deprive a person of rest and cause a violation of his physical condition: weakness, tremors, strong heartbeat, shortness of breath, and even indifference to what is happening around.Researchers believe that even one case in the past experienced a strong overwhelming fear can change the biochemical composition of the brain and cause a decade later, responsive reaction to the adrenaline rush.People who live in fear, experiencing depression and severe nervous exhaustion.Why is there fear?How to respond to what we are afraid of?How to get rid of fears and emotions?

What are you afraid?

First of all you need to determine what kind of fear I feel.The fear is well-founded, when the threat is real, and not justified if there is a fear of apprehension that is not really

harm or exists only in the human imagination.Justified fear can be overcome by taking reasonable measures to protect from danger.For example, do not walk through the dark streets unaccompanied, avoid unpredictable crowd, or, if you are attacked, then give all the wealth - take care of life.If the family you are afraid of becoming a victim of violence, consider options, where you can move to defend himself.Avoid areas where you can become a victim of sexual harassment.You can transfer a lot of different situations, which need to be afraid, but they all have in common is that by reducing the probability of a dangerous situation, you can get rid of the fear.


much more difficult is the case in the event of strong groundless anxiety, called "phobia" - an unreasonable fear of the subject, sense, or any situation.These disease states (anxiety disorders) characterized by 12% of the adult US population.Only one of the four suffering from these disorders calls for help to the doctor, while others still remain without assistance.

All phobias are divided into three categories:

  • Simple phobias - fear of animals, insects, snakes, enclosed space, flying on an airplane.
  • agoraphobia - panic attacks when the patient tries to avoid all places where happened the attack.
  • Social phobia - a fear of embarrassment that occurs in the presence of many people, when it seems that everyone is looking at you.It is the most common type of phobia.

People with social phobia experience severe shame that drives them to the fact that much to get drunk, and thereby stop the torment.Therefore, such a fear precedes alcoholism.It is not necessary to avoid situations in which you feel fear.This path does not lead to freedom from fear, but can create isolation from the people in your life, and loneliness will only exacerbate the problem.How to overcome fear?

We struggle with fears

The first thing that can be done - this is to analyze your symptoms during an attack (anxiety, palpitations, sweating, abdominal pain, etc.) and try not to think that they are noticed by others,because there is no use of worrying about what might happen, but maybe not.It is better to try to ease the symptoms using diafragmentalnogo (deep) breath.Avoid caffeine, eat properly and rest.Over time, you will notice that less worried.

Second, remember that feelings precede thoughts and check your ideas about unwanted situations.Think about whether your identity value is determined only by the opinions of others.Do not attach too much importance to fault or someone else's frustration because of this only a problem in your life.

The third thing you can do - is to analyze how you behave in response to fear.In quiet surroundings, try to imagine yourself in circumstances that cause you to feel fear.The mental picture should be very detailed.If you feel anxiety, you say to yourself that others even if they condemn you, not so much as you think.End of an imaginary scene to confirm your guess.

Sometimes the anxiety turns into panic.Then you can help this advice: just wait until the panic is over.But at the same time, imagine yourself attack, as the appearance of a sea wave, its growth and at the end of the disappearance of the beach.You say to yourself that it's scary, but it is not dangerous for you.Better not to resist his feelings, and let them subside.

cope with their fears perhaps you, too, must come out!