How to stop being afraid of a fight - the cause of fear and how to deal with it

For someone to fight - not a problem, and labor of love, while others only at the thought of a possible fight hands are cold, and confused consciousness.What could be causing this and how to stop being afraid of a fight?

Any psychologist will tell you that before the fight with fear, you need to find out what it involves and why has appeared.So let's see, why can arise fear of being involved in a fight.

Causes fear

«All fears from childhood" - this statement is in this situation, too, is appropriate.After all, as a child, and children often fight for those who often find themselves in such brawls weak, can be deposited on a subconscious level that there are those who strongly and should not even try to defend anything.In other situation was different: parents always punished for taking part in fights and the child appeared fear of punishment, but it is inseparably connected with the cause - fighting.In the teenage years, the fear of a fight or even more entrenched or passes with the acquired experience.

Also, a person may be afraid of the consequences of the fight - external damage and injuries.Another fear is associated with pain, which during a fight is inevitable.But whatever the cause of the fear, you must learn to stop being afraid to fight.

struggle with fear

Now let us, starting from the identified causes, find out how you can overcome your fear.If it is associated with children's belief that there is a lot more people than you, it is easy to fix.It is not enough that can prevent you from becoming the power of what you have.An exception can only be a serious physical limitations.In other cases, you can start to pay more attention to sports training or any one sport.As you become stronger, and then the fear before the fight would be unjustified.

If you have been taught that the physical effects - it is always bad and should be punished for it, then you need to think about the purpose of the fight.If you just want to behave carelessly and harm others, overcoming the fear of a fight, then sooner or later you will probably have to answer for their actions robbery.But if we are talking about how to protect themselves if necessary, that there is nothing worthy of punishment or censure.

Well, if you are concentrated on the possible pain and injury, then stop being afraid of a fight, you can only when you realize that this is nothing compared to the loss of life.After all, knowing several fighting techniques, you can protect yourself and loved ones, even if a little suffer themselves.And it will be more justified than lose someone or something dear , but do not receive physical damage.

Think about how to overcome the fear that now, at the climax, you do not get confused and can stand up for yourself!