How to get rid of the habit of biting his nails

obsessive nail biting often suffer not only children.All because of - the increased nervousness and inability to concentrate.Man is constantly gnawing nails and sucking his fingers, it looks uncomfortable.But it's not the aesthetic side of the issue.In the hands and under the fingernails inhabit the whole hordes of pathogens that are getting into the intestine, can cause intestinal infections, viral diseases.Therefore, if a child (and in this period, as a rule, and this habit is born) people could not overcome his weakness, then in adult life, it will make it harder.Habit, as they say, second nature.But, having collected all the willpower in a fist and accurately determine for themselves that the nail-biting should not be - it is possible to cope with this unpleasant relationship.

have nail biting, in which the children looked through the roots, has a name - Onychophagia.So, the problem is not the identity, if it was invented by the present medical name as one of the diseases of mankind.And to deal with it must be appropriate means.

Methods of dealing with a bad habit to bite his nails

  1. Lac drug against nibble nails.It has a bitter taste disgusting, therefore, experienced its effect on themselves, many children and adults to successfully cope with Onychophagia.Just produced some reflex and the person begins to associate nibble nails with a bitter taste and unpleasant sensations.Varnish is recommended to apply several times a day, because the tips of the nails he tends to crack and exfoliate.
  2. Take always with a small nail naborchik.Many people are beginning to bite a fingernail or Oblomov appeared burrs, because this defect it does not rest and wait until they are not the right moment.Have always at hand shears or a nail file in time to eliminate the shortcomings and appeared not to resort to nail nibble teeth.
  3. Dear, beautiful manicure.For women, a great way to fight bad habit is biting his nails expensive manicure, which will certainly sorry to spoil their teeth.For example, you can make yourself a French manicure.
  4. Start control.At least a few weeks, take care of yourself and do not let the bad habit to take precedence over you.Eliminate anxiety, relax, go have a rest, spend time with no fuss.

Do not forget that the habit of nibbling nails may obscure neurological disorders.Therefore, you can not get rid of the habit some tricks in the presence of depressive disorders.Get rid of the first depression.