August 26, 2016 23:11

How to stop thinking about the man if he does not go out of my head

Such is life, sooner or later, a large percentage of the relationship (whether it be friendship or relationship between the sexes) is destroyed.Some of them are fleeting and left little trace in the heart and mind, and some vice versa is not possible to forget for years.What to do in such a situation?How to stop thinking about the man who used to be a part of your life?

Memory can not be killed ...

Memories and thoughts are very difficult to control, but there are situations in which only learning to pick off any thought in my head of a man from the past, it will be possible to go through life without it.Yes it is difficult, but through the tears and the pain, but it is necessary to survive, and will not give up, and in the difficult struggle with myself.To facilitate this process, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Find a replacement.Not a man, of course, and thought about it.If you use mental abilities in some particular direction, then they will supersede those thoughts in which brains were
    centered before.For example, you can carefully plan your time so that as much as to be surrounded by people you can: go to visit, sign up for a circle or courses, attend recreational activities, learn a new language - in other words, distract yourself for the first time particularly intense, and then the thought ofman will visit you less and less, and they shall not affect the heart as before;
  • Avoid contact.Although you may feel that you are able to control themselves and chat with a person who has been part of your life, does not cause you anxiety, it really is not.Therefore, at first, try not to cross, do not call and do not write it.Also dismiss his desire to communicate, if it is;
  • Do not focus on the bad.Some adhere to the following point of view: to stop thinking about the man must constantly analyze its shortcomings, in order to gradually start to think about it negatively and, consequently, do not have a reason to believe in a positive way.Although sometimes it seems reasonable, in fact, there are more effective methods.Even thinking about the negative in a person you go back into the past;
  • Share with feelings.It is useful to have a friend who is always ready to listen to you, but it may be time to stop so you do not become overly sorry.This is very important, because I always sympathetic friends only aggravate the situation, rather than contribute to its solution;
  • Help others.When one delves into other people's problems, supporting, his personal problems become less important, and sometimes he does understand that they are not essential to the background of what is happening with other people;
  • Learn to forgive.Whatever grievances per person, in any case they chafe heart over and over again.Therefore, to stop thinking about it you need to forgive and let go mentally.Then it will be easier to live on;
  • Give yourself time.Emotion, developing for a long time can not disappear in a moment and you can not argue with that.So do not beat yourself up for what is sometimes the memories come back, and try to focus on what you have been able to achieve.