How to survive the death of loved ones ?Practical recommendations

Death ... It's hard to imagine what could be more tragic termination of human life.Probably only the fact that this life could belong to families and friends of the man for us.It's no secret that not everyone copes with the loss, so learn how to cope with the death of loved ones is very important.

How would people ever dreamed to live and not die, they are not able to achieve the desired, although the study of the topic ever popular in recent years.Therefore, death should be humble like the inevitability that everyone can comprehend.And it is given very difficult, especially if the death of a loved one was a surprise.But in this case, you can help yourself.

Practical recommendations

  1. correctly perceive their feelings.Psychologists say that in order to survive the death of a loved one to pass the so-called "7 stages of grief."These include denial, anger, guilt, depression, acceptance of what happened, and the revival of a new life plan.As a rule, a person can not go to the next step if the previous one did not survive.In this regard, have to struggle with a variety of feelings, a change which can buffet.But we must understand that this condition is normal for a person who is experiencing the loss of a loved;
  2. not turn in on themselves.Perhaps follow this advice will have through the power, literally forcing myself, but it should be done.It would not have wanted to be alone, you need to allow your friends to be around.Indeed, over time you will want to share their feelings and well, if they will be able to listen to and share the loved one;
  3. not take decisions.At such moments, when the soul is engulfed by grief, both positive and negative emotions can lead to unwise decisions, with the consequence of which will have to live.To these solutions are not harmed in the future you personally or your family, try to postpone them for a while until you will experience the pain of loss;
  4. exercise patience.This quality is necessary not only to correctly relate to the words and actions of others, but also to have a normal view of themselves.Be prepared for the fact that at any moment, even if after the funeral will take a lot of time, erstwhile bitterness may surge again;
  5. monitor their health.Severe emotional distress, physical activity, sleep deprivation and other factors related to the death of a loved one does not pass without leaving a trace.Therefore, you need to take care of the required amount of rest, good nutrition and regular physical activity.All this will help to quickly recover from the loss and find the strength to go on living;
  6. Keep a daily routine.When your forces will be partially restored, it would be nice to go back to your schedule still life: go to work, to cook, to shop and carry out other duties;
  7. Avoid alcohol and sedatives.These substances affect the consciousness and are able to slow down the reaction to what is happening.It does not help to cope with their grief, and only exacerbate the problem, so that it is possible without assistance, you do not cope;
  8. Solve issues as they become available.Excessive concern you right now to anything, so do not try to solve everything at once.Repelled from urgent cases, and solve minor as far as possible;
  9. not forbid myself to think of the dead.There is nothing wrong with that, in some of the evenings reminisce or look at pictures together.Most likely, it will cause you tears, but there is nothing wrong with that.Right to remember the past and not to live it;
  10. Do not compare yourself with others.Each in its death takes a loved one, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that one cope with feelings in a few weeks, and the other for it takes years.If you succeed, even if they are small, it is a good thing, even if it is not like the others, but these are your feelings, and you have a right to them!