How to get rid of a phobia - classification , symptoms and how to deal with fears

The problem of help to get rid of a phobia, customers are turning to social, and clinical psychologists to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists.It depends on the type and forms of phobia, its stability and its progression during their lifetime.

Phobias, traditionally characterized by vagueness their causes, that scares the person who can not afford, and others to explain why afraid to go outside or up to your floor in the elevator, why there is panic at the sight of a spider, or a state of shock, if necessary, go toIn the underground.

Classification of phobias

  1. Simple phobia - irrational fear of various phenomena, objects.
  2. Social phobia - persistent fears of people of different social status: superiors, colleagues, crowd of strangers, individuals.
  3. Agoraphobia - fear of unfamiliar places, events.
  4. Mixed phobia - a few phobias phobias or dependence from each other (for example, a phobia to receive a value judgment by an unknown person, which combines simple and social phobia).

Attributes phobias

  1. Uncertainty causes panic fear anything.Common fears are due to any reason that people remember or can recall with little volitional effort: bitten by a dog as a child, so I'm afraid of dogs;I saw the woman drunken beating, so afraid of drunk.
  2. human impossibility to get rid of their own phobias.This is due to the fact that the reason lies in an unconscious person, or in a distant period of childhood, when consciousness has replaced those memories, buried them under a layer of other life events, but left emotional footprint, a symbol of fear.Get rid of the fear of possible eliminating chilling object of their life or illusory defeating him in their imagination.To cure panic disorder can help a specialist who knows how to get rid of phobias, and apply special technology work.
  3. phobias Stability in all situations, anywhere where symbols phobia manifests a person experiences or emotions, like weathered the moment of panic at the first phobic condition.
  4. Phobias are characterized by fear to experience fear, ie,man thinks in advance of the meeting the situation with his fear.Advance begins to fear that contributes to heighten fear and its manifestation in the form of phobia.

All human phobias associated with the fear of death, so the observed already after 3 years, when the child becomes aware of the limits of life and death, begins to fear of losing his life.If the phobia appear at an earlier age, they or genetically transmitted from parents, or the child learns to respond to life situations of the type of parents who suffer from phobias.Those.he learns to feel anxious fear from close adults.It infects them.

Common fears are divided into normal and abnormal.Normal fears - this is the fear of death, which perform a protective function: the fear of strangers and the fear of losing his mother at 7-9 months and others.Phobias do not know the age limits, and normal fears turn into phobias, an adult who is experiencing them like a baby: helpless and panic in response to the danger of the object.

How to eliminate phobias

specialist (psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychologist) primarily starts with the search for the causes of phobias.Due to the fact that the cause is in the sphere of the unconscious man, using all methods that help to penetrate into this area of ​​the mind and decipher its symbolism.This may be a dream analysis, association method, dip into childhood, an analysis of childhood memories.

necessary to find the traumatic situation , which became the cause of the phobia.For example, a difficult birth, baby jam in the birth canal, can later become the basis for a phobia of closed tight spaces.It is understood that an adult can not remember this situation, but it can be restored in the study of history of early childhood, with the participation of parents.

Stress pregnant woman in a certain period of gestation, according to the French psychoanalysts and F.Dolto K.Elyacheff can create a phobia or a painful condition in the same period, but when the child's life.If the mother tried to commit suicide in a period of 8 months pregnant, in 8 months of a child's life when there are complex emotional experience of the type of phobia - fear of losing their lives.Such emotions can not be sufficiently experienced by an infant and most often expressed in disease: acute indigestion or as bronchitis, asthma (depending on the type of suicide).Phobia is formed later - during the realization of the life of the border.

Freud , deciphering the symbols of the unconscious of every person having a pathology, proposed to realize the identified problem "here and now", to look at it from the side, as if this phobia did not appear at his patient, but someone else.Patients are asked to make a series of recommendations for those whom he sees in his submission.It is clear that in a situation of lack of stress in the presence of a doctor, one can safely speculate that the problems that are peculiar to infants as something different must be experienced by adults.Joint search advice most successful works, as they appear in the mind of the person who really needs help.

CG Jung expressed doubts about whether it is possible to get rid of phobias consciously experiencing a traumatic situation.He proposed another technique: a conversation directly with the unconscious man with the help of the symbols that appear in the drawings of the patient.For example, when a child draws aggressive fish trying to eat little girl jump over the river on horseback, the author proposes to talk about the fish: the reasons for its aggression, danger to the girls and the ways of escape from this fish.At the same time, in his opinion, phobias disappear faster.

Phobias are always associated with severe stressful situation, so they can not be ignored.Phobias do not disappear by themselves.It requires an active work, not only professional, but also the person who is subject to a phobia that prevents him normally adapt in society, develop professionally implemented.