August 28, 2016 23:10

How to pull the mote out of the eye without assistance ?

eyes are very sensitive.Therefore, when a foreign object gets them (midges, speck of dust, chips, grain), we feel immense discomfort.There is a reflex reaction - tears and the desire to rub or scratch irritated eyes.Sometimes the victim fails, so pull out the mote out of the eye alone.But this, of course, provided that it does not hit too deep and hands from the victim sterile clean.

But often the problem occurs during the working process - repair or field work, when the dust and chips flying in all directions.And then, in order to quickly remove chips from the eye need to resort to outside help.And usually the other person picks up a clean handkerchief, someone opens the lid and gently remove the obstructions.

But there is also such a situation, when there's nobody there.Or worse - all, so to speak in the working process and a number of audio sterile cloth.And I do not want to bring an infection in the eye.While the eyes of the pull out the mote?


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly.Then scoop up a h
    andful of water and rinse thoroughly with a person with open eyes.If this is a speck of dust - it will wash off.
  2. Take the mirror and pull the lower eyelid - sometimes a foreign object gets there.Saw?Remove it with a clean, water-dampened cotton swab or the tip of a handkerchief.
  3. If nothing is seen, it means that something has got under the upper eyelid.Remove the speck out yourself harder.But you can try to make it "fell" or even "fallen."To do this, hold the upper lashes and a little podёrgayte for them.You'd be surprised - sometimes she disappears problem because, for example, when you are very trёte eye lashes are folded just there, causing discomfort.After the procedure, they are straightened, and everything falls into place.
  4. If you continue to experience discomfort, then under the upper eyelid something left.Try again, gripping the top edge of a little twist it out.If there is a mote - remove it prepared with a cotton swab.
  5. Finally, you can dial in a small bowl ostuzhennoy boiled water (left suddenly after tea) and plunging into her face, a little missed.So it is possible to remove the speck easy and painless.Unless, of course, it is not stuck in the eye.

metal shavings or sharp object plunged

If the eye was a piece of metal shavings, it is impossible to scratch, rub your eyes, it can pierce deeply.It is better to call someone to see what is mote.If it is not stuck, you can try to remove it with a magnet.But if she was stuck in the eye - it can not be of any help.It is necessary to call an ambulance.At the same time all the time you need to endure to the arrival of the doctor and try to not only touch the eyes with his hands, but even smaller blinking.

Discomfort left

If after successfully managed to get the speck, you still feel that the eye something to eat, you need to drip eye with special means, such as "Visine".Discomfort can occur if you are severely rubbed his eyes until removed that interferes.It's okay, everything behind.It is also possible in this case, wash the eye remains strong black tea - it contains tannins, relieves irritation.Besides, that's that, and the tea is always in the house there will.

precautionary methods

If it's a strong wind, wear sunglasses or lower the head down, turn it to the side so that the air flows were not directed straight in the face.When you see "flocks" midges, mosquitoes, away from them, closing her eyes just in case.Obmahivanie they are of little help, on the contrary, they become more active, and gaining momentum, just fly in the eyes.

doing repairs, protects, even if wearing a headdress with a visor, then dust, whitewash, paint, flying from the top, there will be less exposed to the eyes.Points, of course, protect reliably.They can work inconvenient, but it is much safer.