Digital voice recorders can help you get rid of the word - parasites

Word-parasite uses in conversation almost everyone.Well, no way to do without the various "well", "like", "pancake", "so to speak", "type", "in general", etc.It gives the impression that these phrases only emphasize the brightness of emotions with which we tell anything.But is it?In fact, the more words you use, the parasites, the stronger the belief of others that you have a rather limited vocabulary and slow thought process.That is, you can seem narrow-minded man.Is there any possibility to get rid of these "diluents" speech?Of course there is, and not one.

But first you need to identify exactly what the word-parasites are inherent in you.If none of the friends and relatives you can not really tell what extra sayings you love so much to say, then you will have to choose an assistant recorder.Inexpensive priborchik helps better than any human review your speech.Using it, you will need to record your voice and then analyze it to identify obscene words.After all, you need to know your enemy in the face, is not it?And when you find them all, you can burn them on a piece of paper.To start an active struggle against them, try each parasitic word replaced by another.

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said that a very effective method of struggle - mustard.After each spoken word-parasite smear his tongue this product.A couple of dozen such procedures - and the very language does not turn to say something like that.It is also very motivating parting with money.You can, for example, to their struggle podpryach relatives, and even better - the children if you have them.Ask them to submit any alarm immediately, as soon as they hear from any of you voiced your words-parasites.And you, in turn, once the "leaked", agree to pay the penalty in a certain amount.If this does not help, then the same method use at work.Colleagues give money less pleasant than the native people.

can still try after every unnecessary word, for example, or to crow croak.It is said that by using this method to get rid of the word-parasites can be a month later.You could also try this method and, as a knock on an imaginary keyboard.He is the person in the conversation is that it's all the same, that says, picking up on a computer or SMS writing.The second is particularly effective, because in the SMS message is nothing superfluous is simply impossible to write: all short, concise, and, most importantly, understand.Try and talk as well as write in SMS.And another piece of advice: read more classic literature.Notice how there are protagonists of the dialogue, and how the author presents his work.All sedately and nobly.If present in the books of the word-parasites, it is because of them you would have forgotten the tenth page of what was written on the front.And the book itself was ten times thicker than necessary.