How to get rid of underarm sweat - Proven Ways

under the hot summer sun, a rare lucky not to suffer from excessive sweating, but there are people for whom the sweaty armpits are a year-round problem.Increased sweating armpits is a fairly common problem, which has the scientific name - hyperhidrosis.In fact, hyperhidrosis is not something terrible and known to people for a long time.Similarly, for many years people know how to get rid of underarm sweating.

There are many popular ways to help reduce underarm sweating.Some ways to help, some - not.Just below describes the main traditional methods, which are tested by many generations and almost guaranteed to help reduce sweating.So let's try to answer the question of how to get rid of underarm sweat.

Proven ways

  • The first thing to remember - this is hygiene.Clean-shaven armpits smell less and is easier to undergo treatment.One of the most known methods is to treat underarm apple cider vinegar.At night, the armpit should treat cotton swab soaked in 20% vinegar solution.In the morning you must be sure to take a warm shower.Acetic acid protects against sweat during the day.
  • Another way is soda baths.Apply gruel soda on your armpits and rinse off after a quarter of an hour.Sodium helps to narrow pores and, as a consequence, reduce the sweating.
  • Douches relieve tension and improve vascular tone, reducing sweating, caused by poor blood circulation and nervousness.
  • Morning exercise and massage will help to keep the body in good shape, it will also help to anyone who does not know how to get rid of underarm sweating.
  • decoction of oak bark will get rid of underarm inflammation and narrows pores.Wipe this product armpits, and the result will not take long.By the way, for wiping suit and a weak solution of apple cider vinegar.
  • Swim.The swimming pool, if possible, more often at sea.Salt water is perfectly reduces sweating.

The above methods are quite simple and without any cost to help you get rid of sweat under the arms.