How can I get rid of tobacco dependence and ever quit smoking?

nicotine - a drug, albeit weak.And, like any drug, addictive.And quit smoking, not everyone can.Rather, each may, but does not want to, affection because nicotine is not only chemically but also the psychological level.

As the morning begins the smoker?He got up, smoked a cigarette - good!Ate, smoked - again good!At work, all smoke, go for a smoke together.The holiday meal - again want to smoke after the shot glasses!There are patterns of behavior, habits, rituals associated with smoking.So how do you break this vicious circle?

First, let's remember: quit smoking for good can a person only when he wants it.You can not force it - does not work!Just volunteer to lead to success.Let's say you have decided to engage with tobacco.Where to begin?

It is best to leave.Then it is easier to part with familiar situations, when people are programmed to join the smoking process.So leave.You leave - no matter where: in Sochi, the Maldives, to his grandmother in the village.Smokes do not buy in store.Was finishing the last pack and all ... Well, if it happens at night, before bedtime.So, you put out the last cigarette and went to sleep ...

Life without cigarettes

morning begins with a search of cigarettes.But you remember that you are tied, so longingly eat breakfast and go to occupy myself with something.It is best if this occupation will be interesting for you - then you forget about tobacco faster.And if you still want to smoke, you tell yourself that you just have to suffer for two days.Already the two-day, you will be able to, right?

the morning of the third day you wake up and find that you are still alive.And so persuading himself to suffer for another two days.Small two Springtime!After all, you could do without cigarettes for two whole day long!By the way, these are the first two days - the most difficult.During this period begin to break chemical bonds in your body with start to get used to not smoking in the next two days, and it's beginning to like you!

In the remaining days of vacation you hook success, rewarding yourself with something interesting.Just do not try to "mark" your achievement alcohol - tipsy brain can remember the old and cause you to smoke!

Upon returning home, and to work calmly announce to everyone that you no longer smoke.Avoid situations where only smokers around you.Ideally, of course, it would be to change jobs, though this is sometimes true, out!At the new place you no one will call for smoke breaks, and you will not fail.

And finally, most importantly - never attempt to try to smoke even "one zatyazhechku"!Things can go back to business as usual for one minute and throw again may not have enough willpower!It is better to endure, if there is a desire to avoid a recurrence.And then you will only be able to breathe clean air!