August 24, 2016 19:44

Why did Ivan the Terrible killing his son?

We all remember the legendary Ivan the Terrible from the course of history, which is famous for its tough character.It is also known that he personally killed his son with his staff in a fit of anger.Although from the very moment it's been almost 500 years, this unusual story continues to grow rumors and legends.In fact, until now no one really can not say whether your child king killed or did he himself died.In addition, the date of his death is not precisely defined ...

Nevertheless, let us tell you about one interesting fact.According to experts who have studied the remains of a young prince, his skull was in very poor condition, indicating that talks about a possible violent death of the heir.If the king was indeed dealt with his son (which, incidentally, also named Ivan), for what?Versions of several.Let's talk about them in more detail.

  • Firstly, a banal accident.It's no secret that the Terrible had fearsome temper.At that time, he just got involved in a war with the Livonian Order, but lat
    er signed the armistice agreement, according to which Russia had to sacrifice some of their lands.We prince character was also not easy and he did not want to share the wealth of their land, as he immediately told his father.However, the anger hit him with a stick, but did not calculate the force of impact, which led to the death of a young man.
  • Secondly, the intentional murder.The prince went to his father to discuss the armistice, but a quarrel ensued between them, resulting in Grozny butted his son, because he contradicted him.
  • Third, because of a woman.Ivan was married to Princess Elena.It is believed that the Terrible solicited to it and, moreover, even subjected her to violence, as a result she lost her baby.It is learned prince and came to talk to my father.Here and talked ... According to another version, one afternoon Terrible met Helen in the palace, and he did not like the look of it - it was not tied belt, it was unthinkable for a married lady.As a result, he gave her a couple of slaps in the face and on the same night she loses her baby.The prince goes to his father ...
  • Fourth, natural death.It is said that all the legends about the killer-father came up with a monk, who began to tell them to anyone who can.As a result, the tradition survived to the present day.

What it really happened?Alas, it is unlikely we will ever know