August 24, 2016 19:44

When the end leaf birch ?

Birch - is a genus of deciduous shrubs and trees Birch family, which is spread almost all over the Northern Hemisphere.It includes about a hundred species.Almost all of the plants anyway used on the farm: birch bark, bark, wood, and even juice.

We birch is better known as a tree up to 45 meters in height and girth of up to six meters.However, in our country it is quite common and bushes, barely raised above the ground.For Russian birch - tree of worship.Remember how he loved him Yesenin ...

trees in autumn is very beautiful.Yes, many of us do not like this time of year due to persistent rain and slush, but without a doubt - early autumn is very beautiful by changing the color of the trees.In fact, the leaves begin to change color slightly before September comes, that is, long even before the first frost.For example, the same birch begins to change color around the 20th of August, although, of course, depend on including the weather.Incidentally, we often do not notice the change, because the chan

ge is gradual color scheme and the first change is visible only when the krona has become almost yellow.

Listopad birch begins approximately in the first half of September and it lasts for another 20 days, there is a tree falls down completely by the end of September to mid-October.Earlier completely resets foliage aspen and linden, poplar and oak laid bare after a further 7-12 days.At the same time resets the birch and maple leaves.

However, again, it all depends on the weather in the region.If for some reason the weather has changed so much, that the usual 20 ° C temperature dropped to -5 ° C, the leaf begins almost immediately with the first frost.The only exceptions are the young trees of some species such as poplar.

Remains of leaves, which may remain on the trees even in the case of an active leaf fall, usually fall off after the third or fourth severe frost and this applies to the majority of the trees.

And finally remind you, dear readers, that is associated with birch several people's will, knowing that you can predict the weather for many months in advance.Thus, if the spring birch gives a lot of juice, so summer will be rainy.If birch is dissolved before the alders, the summer will be dry, and after - wet.Finally, when the leaves begin to turn yellow from the top, then spring will come early, and if below, then later.