August 24, 2016 23:11

Why yellow Thuja ?

Tui (sometimes read as thujane) - a plant genus of the family of conifers Cypress.It represents a evergreen shrub, rarely tree.Maximum height - 60 meters, trunk diameter - up to 6 meters.However, in most cases, there are ornamental shrubs, whose growth is several times lower.The young leaves of the plant, needle and soft, while the large scaly.

most common garden shaped arborvitae, which are often used for landscaping areas.They are cultivated in the open ground, is well tolerated even strong smoke of cities, undemanding to the conditions for growth, as well as look great.

The wood contains a lot of essential oils with a pleasant smell.Also, oil is obtained from the distillation of the leaves of plants, it contains a lot of different substances: resins, tannins, tsedrol, thujone, Pill, sesquiterpene alcohol, sesquiterpene hydrocarbon Fidra and so on.

Reasons for yellow Thuja

As we mentioned above, this shrub is very popular among gardeners and among ordinary people who become fifth to create a

landscape.However, those and others may encounter a problem when the plant begins to turn yellow.With what it can be connected?Let us understand this issue.

  • Experienced gardeners say that the most common cause of yellowing and leaf fall - improper planting shrubs, if, for example, was exposed root collar.
  • Another reason - lack of care.So, immediately after landing fifth pritenit necessary, and the soil around it zamulchirovat.Also do not forget to water it properly and needle spray water.It must be remembered that excessive waterlogging also to anything good will not - the root shrubs system may simply die.
  • Quite often the cause of yellowing may be a fungal disease peculiar to this type of plant.In order to get rid of them, carried out treatment, and twice a difference of ten days.
  • Also do not forget that at some point in the bush can change their color - if you look at it from the side, it may seem that Thuja simply died.But actually it is not - darkening is a kind of protection from the cold weather.By the way, feed the bush before the winter in any case can not, because at this moment there is aging shoots.And if you start to feed it, then there is the growth of shoots, which in the cold simply perish.
  • By the way, in the winter they are encouraged to cover the protective frame