August 24, 2016 19:44

How and where to grow pistachios ?

Nuts - a very useful product for the body, of course, if you eat it in moderation.And they are very tasty, and each person has his favorite nuts: someone loves peanuts, other - cashews, pistachio and others love.From our story you can learn how to grow pistachios and where.

pistachio is called a genus of deciduous or evergreen shrubs or trees sumach family.Distributed tree in Asia, North-West Africa, the Mediterranean, as well as in America (only two).The plant prefers to grow on slopes, cliffs, steppe soils and gray soils, and prefers solitude - around it in a radius of several meters is usually no other tree.He loves the soil in which a lot of calcium, and it is quite demanding on the humidity.On the contrary, no problem can withstand even a long drought.Frost resistance, even tolerate extreme cold (up to -25 ° C).

pistachio tree height can reach five to ten meters.Copies of the above are rare.Life expectancy can be up to several hundred years.Usually blossoms in April, but no earlier than late

autumn you can collect nuts.And there is another interesting feature - a planted tree begins to bear fruit in an average of ten years, with the nuts will be a little.Normal harvest in its volume can wait another 10 years later.This, incidentally, one of the reasons why these nuts are so expensive (this question our site posted in one of the earlier articles).

The fruit is a drupe, which can be up to 2.5 cm. Inside the drupe is the core of a greenish hue, very pleasant to the taste.It is surrounded by leathery shell, the color of which can be different: ranging from yellow and ending with red.When the fruit ripens on the tree, and it usually occurs in late October and mid-November, the shell bursts, and emits a kind of click.This suggests that the nuts can be harvested.True, this is not so easy.After cockleboat opens under the action of ultraviolet rays nuts start to allocate special aromatic oils with such force that the man who is near might start to feel dizzy.But at a moderate dose of these oils are very useful for people.

Can pistachio grow in his garden?Theoretically everything is possible, but in practice you can encounter problems.Firstly, the plant likes heat.Secondly, he prefers the drought, we have the same in the middle lane rains abound.Thirdly, the need to continuously enrich the ground, including adding calcium to it.But how does this affect the other plants?Finally, problems with the harvest - as you may recall, fruit tree begins on the tenth year of life, so that set him today, the fruits, if they appear to be more likely to enjoy your children and grandchildren.

Finally a few tips to eat nuts.Do not forget that they are even and useful, but they can cause serious harm to the body.Firstly, pistachios contain a lot of fat and calories, so people who are prone to be overweight should limit their consumption.Secondly, in many cases, pistachio nuts are sold salt, and the salt in a large amount adversely affects the health, including blood pressure increases.Third, a large number of nuts can cause nausea, which, however, applies to other species.In the rest should not be afraid, only the measure is necessary to know and be all right