August 24, 2016 23:11

Why do leaves turn yellow in Zamioculcas ?

Zamioculcas refers to the monotypic genus Araceae family of plants, which includes only a single type - Zamioculcas zamielistny, native to tropical Africa.For the first time this beautiful plant was described in 1828 by English botanist Conrad Loddidzhesom.

plant is herbaceous, with a thick rhizome tuber.It has glossy leaves are dark green in color, the length of which can reach a length of one meter.Flower although evergreen, but in the case of drought tends to drop leaves. Until the end of the 20th century Zamioculcas never used as bedroom culture and only in the mid 90s it was used at gardening space.In the indoor environment it is almost never blooms, but very unpretentious - easily tolerates low light, undemanding to irrigation and soil composition.

Causes yellowing leaves

Despite the fact that the plant is unpretentious, though, it may nevertheless begin to turn yellow at the wrong care of them.

  • So, first of all the yellowing may be a reaction to the waterlogged soil, in which often begin
    s to rot the root system of the flower, which, as you can guess, can be very dangerous to his life.However, reduced soil moisture can also cause the problem, but this happens much less often.
  • If you still dealing with excessive moisture, the experts recommend for a time limit watering or make big gaps between soil moisture.This helps to quickly arrive at the plant in the former form, unless, of course, the cause of "problems" identified correctly.
  • often leaves turn yellow in the summer, when the apartment is hot and dry air.How to be in this case?Save is likely only a humidifier, which will certainly be useful and your family.
  • And should carefully examine Zamioculcas from all sides - if you see a thin cobweb, the plant is likely, "a fancy" spider mite.From it you must get rid of as soon as possible, which used a variety of drugs, for example, the type of Orton.However, remember that the new leaves are growing Zamioculcas in a long time.
  • During the emergence of new leaves of the plant can take the life-giving power of the old, so they need to grow, so in this case it is not necessary to be surprised yellowing