August 24, 2016 23:11

Why ficus leaves turn yellow ?

Ficus belongs to the family of mulberry plants.Some species - deciduous, while others - evergreen.One of the best known members of the genus is the fig tree.Advantageously, the plant grows in tropical countries in temperate climates is much less common.Often it is used as an ornamental plant at home or at the cottage.However, it can give a lot of problems.For example, often have a ficus leaves turn yellow.Why?


Inherently yellowing leaves from the flower can be compared, say, with a cough that began in humans.This is just one symptom that can symbolize about several diseases.The same is true of plants that grow in our homes.

  • First of all we must not forget that the ficus casting can live a certain amount of time.As a rule, it is two to three years, after which they begin to turn yellow, and after a certain period of time fall off themselves.In most cases, this applies to the lower leaves, so if they suddenly started to change color, the fear is probably not worth it.After disappear old l
    eaves, in their place, there will be new.However, this option is not suitable for those cases, when the flower is fully started to turn yellow.
  • Another reason for this development - change of the living conditions of your plant.Think back - every time you move to a new place of residence, we experience stress, fear.The same goes for your favorite flower - for it is a stressful situation and it symbolizes you that due to a yellowish tinge.However, often it is because when transplanting people make different mistakes.For example, some housewives choose a pot too small, others acquire the wrong substrate, the third Ficus watered immediately after planting, it is impossible to do.And yet there is a rumor that the flower is very sharply reacts to change the location of the apartment, it is difficult prizhivayas in a new place.Therefore, if you reinstall the pot from one corner to another apartment on ficus leaves began to wither, put it back in its place - it should help him to come back to normal.
  • third reason - an incorrect watering.Many housewives think that rubber plant should be watered as much and often as possible, but this opinion is erroneous.Even if the land is in the pot slightly moist, it is advisable to wait for the moment when it is not completely dry and only then resort to irrigation.And do not forget to check it on the humidity, not only outside but also inside - use for this long, thin stick.If it so happened that you abundantly watered plants and leaves from him began to turn yellow, then you need to completely stop watering for a couple of weeks.Then, if he continues to wither, it will most likely only transplant flower.At the same time we must not forget to cut off part of the rotten roots.
  • Yet this happens when unsuitable conditions ficus content.Thus, in a room where the plant must be relatively light and heat.Why?Because these flowers to us are imported mainly from the tropics, which means that they are accustomed to the heat.True, the "fry" in the sun in any case can not, because there, in the tropics, they do not fall under the direct sunlight.In winter the optimum temperature for figs - + 18-20 ° C, while it is desirable to remove away from the battery, where the air is not only too hot but dry.In addition, they may suffer from temperature extremes.
  • last possible reason - pests.If you have any suspicions, then carefully inspect the soil and the leaves of a flower.If these pests are detected, you need to buy a special product for their elimination.

A few more tips from the experts:

  • When transplanting plants need to wash the roots of a weak solution of potassium permanganate
  • also for the transplant is recommended to fertilize the land useful elements
  • Follow watering schedule, avoid waterlogged soil