August 25, 2016 23:10

Why yellow tomatoes ?

came the last month of summer, and it means that the time has come gardeners tomato harvest.Alas, not all they grew well and pleasures, who is still lucky, tomatoes may have a slightly different appearance than expected gardeners, for example, have turned yellow.With what it can be connected?Here's what experts say on this subject.

Firstly, the reason may lie in the damage the root systems of tomatoes that have been prepared for the transplant - in this case to the stem with an inadequate amount of nutrients, and fruits are not colored as they should be.Do not forget the insect such as cricket, which is also not averse to eat plant roots.If all the fruits were exposed to yellowing, experienced gardeners recommend to process the tomatoes one percent salt concentration - they must be sprayed every day until such time as yellowing of the stops.But if yellowness covered only the lower tier of the tomatoes, then they should not be touched - the plant is likely to cope with the illness itself.

possible and diseases, such as fungal disease called Fuarioz - it contributes not only yellowing of tomato, but they wilt.If you look at a plant, it seems that it is simply not enough water - it seemed to be wrinkled.Also, when the disease is sometimes observed symptoms such as blackening and cracking of the stem.Treat the disease is hard enough, so it is better to prevent.To do this, you must handle your plant biologics.

not be discounted and the lack of nitrogen, however, this leads to the color of the lower leaves of the plant, rather than its fruit.Get rid of this shortcoming is easy enough - it is necessary to feed the tomato nitrogenous fertilizer or manure usual.

And yellowing leaves and desiccation may cause other disease - late blight.That is what is very difficult to cure.It is believed that its pathogen lives deep in the soil, and even in the winter does not die in the spring hitting young shoots.It is therefore recommended prevention of this disease: it is not desirable increase in humidity, proximity to the family Solanaceae (eg, the same potatoes), but biologically active solutions can go for good.If the disease has already begun to develop, without chemicals do are unlikely to succeed - you can use, for example, Bordeaux mixture.

We hope that our small tips will help lead to a sense of your tomatoes.